Friday, December 01, 2006

Part I: The Two Faces of Senator McCain: His Background as a Gallaudet BoT

Once upon a time, Senator John McCain was just an honorary board member of Gallaudet. Before that, he was noted for his dedication on introducing bills and helped planted services for the deaf in a legislative level that earned his welcome mat to hop on the Board. I just can't help but wonder what did he really do for Gallaudet after taking the ticket? His decision to neglect the affairs of the turmoil on campus and not to make any effort to show up at the emergency meeting (October 29th, 2006) tells a lot about himself. Why, of course, he has to take priority elsewhere but I beg to ask why bother making a commitment being a member that he is supposed to fully understand and take the responsibility in the first place especially when a crisis is to occur? He could have grabbed the opportunity to witness various issues that the BoT inevitably had to scruntize, discuss and make some difficult but critical decisions. It is not about the fate of Jane K. Fernandes but to take the hands for the future of Gallaudet University. A recent Time magazine article (Nov. 27, 2006) issued about the Campaign 2008: G.O.P. Explorers: THE CONTENDER WHY THEY HAVE A CHANCE John McCain Odds: 10 to 11. He's John McCain! War hero, anti-corruption crusader, George W. Bush's best frenemy in the world. And it doesn't hurt that the press loves him. BUT…. The G.O.P. base doesn't trust anyone loved by the media, and his liberal fan base may offend a few conservatives. Plus, he wants to send more troops to Iraq. More troops to Iraq? Ahh, that’s another article to write about ! Now for this particular decision to make about running an office has obviously been in the back of McCain’s mind and who knows since when he has formulated this plan. It may be just a matter of time for him to seize the moment to announce his resignation from the Board. It is possible that this is a political move on his part that had less to do with being upset over the Board’s decision and more to do with simply wanting to find a way to leave the Board just to carry a clean slate. If that’s true, then his “resignation” wasn’t really a resignation. According to the CNN article, Senator Mc Cain resigned over the Board’s decision to terminate Fernandes. "McCain described the board's decision as unfair in a letter to outgoing President I. King Jordan this week." He said as much in a letter to a local constituent: "I voted for Fernandes because I considered her the appropriate candidate out of the 3 finalists. Now this protest is asking the board to terminate Fernandes. I disagree. I don't deem it necessary for the board to interfere because we made the right choice." You can see how his comments were biased about the termination of Jane K. Fernandes. As a responsible voter, one must analyze a variety of candidates' perspectives and examine holistic views before making a decision. With his history on the lack of involvement and mere opportunities in discussions while serving as a voting Board member, how could he possibly vote without being well-informed? Let’s visualize this for a moment; suppose UFG protest did not happen, would he still resign? Naturally, yes. We all know that for a presidential candidate to engage in a campaign must invest his time, energy, effort and money. He may resign from the Board with grace given the reason for running for President. His track record on the lack of attendance while serving the Board would probably not have been brought up. The Education of the Deaf Act of 1986 (as amended) provides that three members of Congress (one senator and two representatives) be appointed to the Gallaudet Board of Trustees. Senator McCain has created a vacancy slot designated for a “Senator” probably by new victors in the recent Senate elections. The challenge for the Gallaudet community is to include the perspective of the Senator (and Representatives) in the discourse on the future of Gallaudet. After all, the Federal government has every right to provide its input to an institution that it subsidizes. Oh, speaking of President Bush's "best frenemy", Senator McCain, you can see how this picture speaks for itself. There is more juice about him in Part II so stay tuned.

Barb Di Giovanni


Renaissance Man said...

You are making comments with pure speculation. Speculation has no place at Gallaudet. It harms the University in many ways and unfortunately their are people who are thriving on this speculation and believe it as truth. You should only write as to what is the truth. The truth is what many of you bloggers cannot come to terms with.
I am glad you are a deaf person, from a deaf family with deaf children. What does that have to do with the rest of us deaf people who aren't from the same set of family circumstances. It seems you are putting the rest of us down when you boast of your upbringing.
Maybe that's what you like to do! For that I pray!

DeafProgressivist said...

Yes Rman, this is only a blog not a journal. I just write from what I know and feel. Any readers should know better on what to decide to take on that is true or not.

I happen to have a reliable source from Gallaudet who confirmed that McCain did not attend to the meeting. I just try my best to write based on what I know. If you had seen most of my written work, I tend to use source links to support my opinions.

This is America where we can speak and criticize with freedom and that is why I published your comment as you are free to speak from what you think.

I have no intention to bring down the "rest of you" whomever you are talking about. I am just trying to analyze what had happened and be aware of this person whose goal is to run for a president of 2008.

There is nothing wrong to be proud of my background and it looks like you feel intimated about it. I am sorry you feel this way.

Jana B said...

I thought the point of blogging was to be able to post your opinions...

Anyway, your blog is interesting to read. I didn't know McCain had been involved in Gallaudet... now on to reading Part 2!! :)