Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Results of Beethoven's Nightmare poll

Here you will see a video clip of Beethoven's Nightmare and the results of the poll. Thank you so much for participating the poll. Here are the results: Have you ever heard of Beethoven's Nightmare before? 52% said Yes! 42% said Nope! 6% said not sure Total Votes: 65 Have you seen Beethoven's Nightmare play live before? 38% said Yes 60% said Nope 2% said Not sure. Total Votes: 55 Do you think Beethoven's Nightmare should play at major deaf events ? 62% said Yes! 11% said No 27% said It doesn't matter to me. Total Votes: 37

I find it interesting that about 60% haven't seen Beethoven's Nightmare play before and almost 50% have never heard of them before! Didn't you know that it existed for 30 years and still not many deafies know about this band? Why? There are possible reasons.

- Not enough public relations or awareness about this band?

- Not enough consideration by deaf event planners (i.e. Deaflympics) to include them in special events as it requires some money (but it is always made possible if sponsors are asked in advance) ?

- Or deaf people in general think music is for those who have residual hearing and it is not valued?

What do you think?

This is a visual band by, of and for the deaf and everyone, no matter how deaf a person can be, will enjoy the beat and vibration along with songs in ASL. I am just trying to understand why they are not being recognized by this nation, that's all. It is just a crying shame.


Anonymous said...

I guess part of the reason they aren't recognized enough, despite being around for 30 years....they all live in different towns, all have jobs and dont have that daily work where they can be persistant and get word out.

ah...i know them well, and know they DO want to be well-known, but time, money and distance makes it tough

Barb DiGi said...

Yes, these are the factors making it more difficult to have this band being recognized. I am talking about those who already acknowledge the existence of the band have not gone to the distance to include them in entertainment in large deaf events such as Deaflympics. The band was willing to perform and all as they were readily equipped so it is not the issue about them living in different towns or having jobs. As for money issues, I happen to know one of the band members rather well and in my opinion their costs are rather reasonable.

Anonymous said...

One night when they were in town, The Rolling Stones was to be on HBO and the show's to be close captioned. I chose the Rolling Stones since I am familiar with their music for a long time and finally, CC. There is good music and there is loud music. RS, no contest, LOL. BN for later if they swing by my town again. Drummer plays good thou.