Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Whatever happened to Beethoven's Nightmare, the only deaf band in the world?

Beethoven's Nightmare is the only deaf band in the world and they are from our dear USA. See the video clip to watch them play! In the events of the past, this unique band embedded great memories among the audience mostly deaf and some hearing. But has it been adequate for them to perform under a spotlight considering their enriched quality and experience? They had performed from time to time at large deaf events such as Gallaudet Reunion 2001 and Deaf Way II in 2002 so it would be natural to expect them play at Deaflympics but aren't they?

Based on the video, you could see how much fun the fans had and the deaf band members strumming their way in Deaf Way II. I was so sorry that I missed this a few years ago. C.J. Jones signed the songs and the spirit was so alive. They "play hard-driving, rocking music, bending on volume and pulsating rhythm. Deaf Rock Music consists of a heavy beat of bass and drums, interacting with a high level of visual art light work".

Check out their website, http://www.beethovensnightmare.com/. They even made a recent CD, "Turn it Up Louder". They will be featured in PBS documentary; "Through Deaf Eyes" in upcoming March. In other words, they are absolutely amazing!

It is understandable that the drawback involves money to cover for travel, lodging, equipment, etc. but the costs are reasonable, in my opinion. The bottom line is that it's just a shame that they are not going to Deaflympics to perform this time. I feel that this could have been avoided especially when making more effort getting the money with careful planning in advance can be made possible. And it is the Deaflympics for heaven's sake! As I have not witnessed them playing live before, I am just disappointed to miss this event once again.

Just to keep this in mind when having such big deaf-related events that involve entertainment, I strongly recommend for the presence of Beethoven's Nightmare. Your much appreciated support will enable them pursue their goals .

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