Saturday, March 31, 2007

Part I: Through Deaf Family's Eyes on PBS Through Deaf Eyes

Barb DiGi and her deaf children, A.V. and Brianna, share their perspectives on PBS Through Deaf Eyes (Part I of II).


Anonymous said...

unable to play the video since it's private video.

kathie said...

Hi Barb,

Same the first commentor that your video is not working.


Barb DiGi said...

Hmm, I checked several times and it is open to the public. I am not sure why it is like that. Perhaps try again?

Dennis said...

Barb, first two commentors were right. I did check and it didn't work till you commented. It worked. Strange. I enjoyed to watch you and your kids on two vlogs tonite. It was very interesting to see your family's opinion. Keep up with what you find. I enjoyed your past vlogs very much. I attracted to your showing old deaf films that was the most interesting to watch.


David said...

Hi Barb,

Glad I got in yours. I am very impressed with your cute kids. I agree with their comments about A. G. Bell.

You are absolutely correct about lack of history about Clerc, Thomas Gallaudet's Europe visits, Martha's Vineyard Island and so on.

Thumbs up

kira said...

adorable kids! great vlog! good comment! :)

Susan said...

was interested in your thoughts and also your children's thoughts... will be wonderful if you and others can work together to produce a film with all the infos including bibi. Bibi is something that everyone needs to know about, as it's something that acutally WORKS!

Anonymous said...

You know what the problem with bibi education is? I don't think it will be widely adopted BECAUSE many teachers of the deaf cannot sign well. In order to implement bibi educaion, one must be fluent (or near-fluent) in both ASL and English. Remember those comprehension checks that Barb did in her video with her children? She asked them to clarify their meaning - like the horse "carting" something is not the same as a shopping cart - well, that can't happen without a thorough understanding of ASL. Right? It's disheartening.

mochame said...

Right on! I did mention my opinion on my vlog but not deeply enough to explain, I guess i had panic attack (lol). I am sure they puzzled what i am talking about. I give you thumb up (4 stars)that your explain is loud and clear!

ASL Risen said...

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your children's express their feelings! They are so awesome and you, too Barb! I am so grateful appreciated and agreed with your points about many different issues that were missing in Through Deaf Eyes on pbs!

Yes, I agreed with you about one person said that his father's ASL related to no good English that hurt us, too!


Aidan Mack said...

Yes yes! I was disappointed that they didn't mention in the movie that there are ASL users that have skill in English writing. You are right about the director had control what to keep or what not to keep through the editing in the movie. By the way your children are so cute... Keep up good work...


Jessica said...

Yes, the topic was too broad that they had to summarize into 2 hours. they had to touch on as much as possible and be brief and go on to next. So can see why they missed out on some things.

Hopefully, we will see more in the future where they can expand on one part of the history and focus on that. Like maybe Martha's Vineyard only, or Bi Bi Education for Deaf, as some examples.

BTW, by looking at your kids, can see a bit of both their parents in the way they look. One more of one and the other more of the other. Very good communicators!

Michele said...

Yes I'm sure it was a good learning experience for your kids to watch this program. My son (hearing) still cannot get over that Bob Panara was encouraged to meet Babe Ruth to get his hearing restored. Also he was very disappointed that Dummy Hoy was only there for a second -- he did a research paper on him.
You are right that people will have second thoughts about AGB especially when they showed a little girl struggling to pronounce the word right over and over.
Your kids did a great job! :-)

mishkazena said...

yes, we need to get going with our documentary: Deaf Culture and ASL exclusively made by Deaf people.:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb--

That is great you let your children to involve their perspective about the TDE!

Yes, it is true that the TDE gave the missing information about the english and ASL. I wish that the deaf children can show the ability of their writing skills on TDE. That way the deaf children can prove to the world that they are equally to the hearing's writing skills.

I believe that the producers did not get the whole information about the preservance of the deaf's diversity.

White Ghost

RLM said...

Many thanks for your marvelous vlog presentation with your kids!

You and your kids made all valid points what the PBS's 'Thru Deaf Eyes" miss out on coverage of deaf issues and trends.

We really need more vloggers speaking from their own hearts, not being too careful or restrict themselves!

Thank you very much for this pragmatic vlog on PBS's "Thru Deaf Eyes". Will you and your kids win the Grand Prize on the Critique/Praise of PBS's "Thru Deaf Eyes" thru the DeafRead.

Your family surely deserve to win "PBS' Pictural History; Thru Deaf Eyes" book!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

RLM said...

White Ghost,

Don't y mind telling me what "TDE" stands for? Tks.


Anonymous said...

Wow, just like I've seen others saying about "Through Deaf Eyes", always a critic, huh? It would have been nice to expand more on Gallaudet/Clerc as well saying about Sidekick/Blackberry. However, remember it was two hours and it is not possible to cram everything in two hours. I would STRONGLY encourage you to get in touch with PBS and encourage them to have a series of Deaf History. I am happy though they talked about AGB as he is portray as an idiot who drag the Deaf education back to the dark ages. Finally, they realized his methods didn't quite cut it. Still amazes me how every Vlog I've seen, someone is not happy about something with "Through Deaf eyes". Making a film is not easy especially alloting time for two hours. Think twice about criticing as there are a vast information about Deaf history. Like for example, they could have talk more about famous deaf people but they didn't talk about it, you don't see me throwing a tantrum about it.

Anonymous said...


TDE stands for Thru Deaf Eyes

White Ghost

mishkazena said...

Barb, I want to comment that I enjoy seeing your kids expressing their opinions. I hope you will include the kids again.

Anon, if you think all the vloggers/bloggers are critical of Though Deaf Eyes, obviously you miss those who feel PBS did a good job.

Barb DiGi said...

Hello y'all! Thanks for your kind words.

We still have lots more to do to make future segments that focus on each area such as cochlear implant, deaf education, deaf history, etc. I had mentioned in my part two that it was not possible to cram everything from 200 years to 2 hours. We just need to elaborate each area by producing more documentary films.

Making critics are not necessarily a bad thing since it is healthy to notice what needs to be covered or not be covered. How are we supposed to improve if we refrain from criticizing?

In the real world, there are many movie critics like Roger and Ebert so why can't deaf vloggers have the opportunity to analyze and criticize?

We had shared positive parts as well. Anon, I am not sure what are you implying about throwing a tantrum since it is not what we vloggers are displaying but sharing our feedback. Anon, it seems like you have something to say about famous deaf people so vent it out, it is good for your heart, lol. By the way, PBS did feature some of the famous deaf people like Benard Bragg, Marlee Matlin, Jack Gannon, etc.

I just feel that since we have wonderful deaf moviemakers today, they could team up with PBS to make it a more balanced view coming from actual deaf eyes.


My kids enjoyed vlogging and I will continue to encourage them to develop their critical thinking skills and sharing their views. Glad you and the others enjoyed them.


Barb DiGi

mule435 said...

Well If there have DEAF/HOH proiders sand it would be different story and better to understand about more information of them than Hearing ppl does because Hearing still have powr and lack to understand about DEAF/HOH One day they would wake up what are DEAF/HOh look like in our history!

BEG said...

To Anonymous on the BiBi "problem". Yes indeed, that's a problem. Which is why I agitate so much for DEAF TEACHING DEAF. We have to get more deaf teachers out there teaching our kids! It's the only way. Some hearing teachers will take the trouble to learn, but most will not -- and I don't even blame them, for they are in the dominant culture. But we need to encourage more deaf instructers especially in elementary schools...

Cy said...

Hey Barb

Cute kids and they articulate so well!

Yep, as I stated on my vlog on the same topic, educational part is sorely missing. Bibi is now the new trend and the general public needs to be made aware! And I thought the same about Ben Bahan's comments that his dad was fluent in ASL but lacking in his English - I thought, "OH NO!" They think the same about ME!

This film needs to be re-made by the DEAF, not outsiders! And to be done in a series. So much ground to cover!

Deaf Niches said...

Hmmm... may I respectfully disagree cy's comment about the film needing to be re-made by the DEAF? I believe it needs to be made by BOTH deaf and hearing, so that hearing would be wiling to watch the film. Some of my hearing acquaintances have already told me that they did not feel they were entitled to making any comments on the, feeling it is for the deaf audience only. They'd feel the same way about the film being made by the deaf only. We need a well-balanced, factual, neutral film with lots of statistics. That is my viewpoint....

Jessica said...


I am interested in interviewing you as some of several teachers in the Deaf education field as part of my paper for class. Just sent you a email at the address shown in your profile. Hope you got it all right.

Jessica said...


I am interested in interviewing you as some of several teachers in the Deaf education field as part of my paper for class. Just sent you a email at the address shown in your profile. Hope you got it all right.

Jessica said...

Oops, sorry for the duplicates here!

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed watching your vlog thoroughly. I hope we can learn how to be more comprehensive in the future with the next documentary.

Wow, Brianna looks just like her father. I know him from the same deaf high school we attended. Also, his sister and my sister went to this other deaf school. I love Brianna and A.V.'s grandfather, who was one of all deaf maintenance men at this first deaf school that I attended from pre-K to 8th grade. He's a comedian and a loving man. Hope he is doing ok as well as his wife.

Keep up with good work you've done with your vlogs!


Kelly said...

Hi Barb,

Lately, I have enjoyed viewing your vlog. In this vlog, You are awesome and so are your kids, too. Keep up vlogging and your kids, too.

Amy said...


Congratulations for being the winner for DeafRead’s “Through Deaf Eyes” contest as the best vlog video clip entry!

Please contact me as soon as possible (via email provided).

Amy Cohen Efron
DeafRead’s Human Editor

Alicia said...

Hello Barb
I am a student currently taking my third year of Sign Language, my teacher is amazing and is very connected with the deaf community I found it very interestng to see what you and your children thought thank you for sharing

Alicia said...

Hello Barb
I am a student currently taking my third year of Sign Language, my teacher is amazing and is very connected with the deaf community I found it very interestng to see what you and your children thought thank you for sharing

Gergin said...

yes, I agree that our deaf culture is not enough focused by hearing perspective...your children are wonderful as they learn something significant about their true identity...hope that when they grow up, they will be enough strong to value and preserve the deaf culture...I am a deaf film maker and with my visual perception and applying educated filming knowledge, we will make deaf centered view making a film about any topic relating to the deaf world..