Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ask NAD President to resign for WHAT?

This is a response to Aidan Mack about her statement on current NAD President, Bobbie Beth Scoggins, in her recent vlog.

Barb DiGi shares her point of view on ways to approach when inquiring about a subject rather than attacking a President. In addition, she traces how deaf people perceived the idea for a deaf female NAD President holding office back to the post-World-War I era. Thomas O. Gray who wrote the article, "Windy City Observations" in Silent Worker dated 1926, stated his thoughts about having a female NAD president also another writer known as "Dixie" from The Journal offered a contrasting view.

Please note: Libby Pollard was also a female NAD president who did an outstanding job as well. Sorry, didn't mean to exclude her in my Vlog.

Female NAD President TimeLine:

Gertrude S. Galloway: 1980-1982

Roslyn Rosen: 1990-1993

Elizabeth R. Pollard: 1998-2002

Bobbie Beth Scoggins: 2006-


W. David Samuelsen said...

Utah had first state woman president of state association in the nation (1909) and has not able to entice another woman since then! 90 years and the hope may be on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right about everything. I think Aidan posted that video while she was upset in the heat of the moment. Plus, she had a prior vlog about the NAD President snubbing DOH people, so really it was probably more about that than anything else. Sometimes people just like to vent on their blogs without being politically correct. Aidan's a hoot. As always, thanks for your measured and honest perspective.

LaRonda said...

Thank you Barb. You are a bridge builder!

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...

Nice that you present your opinions with coolness.
Question: What happens when someone call out to people to "chill out"? Is that a way to smoothen the debate, so to speak?
Just a few questions.

Anonymous said...

way to go barb! Thanks for speaking out on this subject. It is sorely needed.

Mark Hill said...


When you spoke about a deaf person with cerebral palsy that does not mean to look down as a "disability" stimga. I am a 31-year deaf leader who happen to have a cerebral palsy and am like everyone with few problems, of course.. I must commend you for saying this. Thank You.

The Cerebral Palsy and Deaf Organization is now working on the transition from a local level (DC area) to a national level to be a fully-recognized organization. CPADO is an affiliate member of NAD.

Mark Hil
Cerebral Palsy and Deaf Organization

Penny said...

You explained far better than me. I agree everything you said here. You can read my comment on Aidan's blog on Bobbi. You are correct that Bobbi might have a reason to use the term "Hearing Loss" but again I am tired to see many of us using terms to please hearing population. We need to put end in this and use appropriate terms that we agreed to use and make hearing people to respect us. No more sacrifices for them. Hope you get what I am saying here.

Jessica said...

Good point about how we present ourselves and being sensitive to other groups of people in the Deaf community.

There are ways we can express our concerns directly to NAD and their Board of Directors. The NAD is there to support us as a Deaf community.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Dianrez said...

A problem with terminology is that we are so limited in words, besides being stuck with hearing peoples' vantage points. To them, we have hearing losses. Even the word "deaf" doesn't fit with that vantage point. It would be good if we had more terms to choose from and still use them effectively for fundraising and public awareness.

I agree that it is premature to ask Bobbie Beth Scoggins to resign just for using a hearing-vantage expression. We need to trust her to achieve NAD goals as she sees fit while sharing our feelings on choice of words.

It struck me as amazing that we had women Presidents of NAD only in the last 30 years. Did we wake up to their value only in 1980 with Gertude Galloway?? My, oh my.

Teri said...

Beautifully said, Barb!

In fact, when I first saw Mack's video clip, I stood there agape with wonder, more of being smacked upside -- how dare she imitated people with CP so as to degrade or mock at them, and insisted Bobbie to resign without requesting a public explanation from her.

I was ready to rebut -- especially as a deaf woman and a person who respects others with different disabilities. You beat me! I could not have done a better job! :)

I commend you for having a courage to stand up for those unfortunate people.

I sure understand Adian perspective of the term, hearing loss. However, as you said, she should have made an inquiry asking Bobbie why she chose that term, and not going overboard.

I concur with you whole heartedly that Bobbie diplomatically used the politically corrected word to attract more members and donors.

And we need to agree on the use of approved words describing (labeling - please! Ha!) us.

Again . . . Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Barbi! I disgusted and shocked how could you people comparing Aidan's acting to CP people. She did not act like CP at all. After you made an accusation that Aidan were copying like CP, I wondered that how you people look at us as CP.
Mark---- Shame on you that you would think that we act like Aidan.
I just e mailed to Aidan and told her that she did right thing. We are behind her 100 percent. She was there for us. I know her personally. She was the only one at Gally that made us feeling normal. I remembered in old times, She had many friends who are CP and people with wheelchairs. I remembered that everyone else was making excuses to not take us to homecoming event even our so-called friends. However, Aidan were willing to drive us to homecoming event. She would spend her time fixing us up and looking good.
Aidan is a great person with a great heart.
I know some of you who made comments about Aidan but the irony was you ignored us and didn’t want to hang out with us at gally.
Do not paint Aidan like she was an awful person.


Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful. Good comments.


Anonymous said...

Bobbie Beth is a politician and she used words to appeal all people with hearing loss. When she is within the Deaf community she will use the words, "Deaf."

Asking her to resign because of her choice of words is not valid. Bobbie is not insulting anyone and she is using words that legislators understood.

Bobbie Beth is doing what is appropriate for the political climate. The lady that posted needs to chat with Bobbie Beth on Video Phone to see what is going on before making any claims.

I believe when they both chat and all things will work out.


Jana Bielfeldt said...

I feel Adian's anger and I understand her view. I would want to check with someone and ask why use the term before I can express my opinions. Facts before we can argue. I agree. I hope Aidan would reconsider what she said on her vlog about Bobbie. We can be impulsive about the things. Thanks Barb for taking the time to vlog and share your view about Bobbie's role and women role. You made a whole sense.

IamMine said...

Good comments...however, I'd like to point out some inaccurate information.

Aidan wasn't trying to act like a CP nor did she even think of that term, but HOW we are viewed as deaf person with "hearing loss" - inability to function like those of hearing people.

How many of you have approached hearing people who have never been exposed to deaf people - when they hear your deaf voices? They can be cruel!

They do mimic like what Aidan did. I’ve approached that many times as a child and I wonder if that’s still the case today. Even hearing people joke like that with their stiff hands in the air going, “ttthhhhaaatnnnnnnoeuuuuusss”.

Also, it was NOT just the "hearing loss" that she wanted Bobbie to resign on.

Look at her other vlog on Bobbie, this is where she came to this latest vlog.

Just wanted to point that out.

She would never think of insulting the CP people at all.

kira said...

thank god u vlog us! u have a good point as always !:)
i can't stand aidan's face expression and comments!

Anonymous said...

There you go, girl! Bravo.

I know there are millions of people who faced the "hearing loss" can be hurtful. However, NAD is there to support, help and educate them no matter what.

I do not see any reason for these two words, hearing loss for being so sensitive. However, for what I understand that millions of people who have raised to be hearing until boom......NEW REALITY. Many people do not like these two words, "hearing loss" and they consider themselves that they are still hearing. I respect them in their wishes.

I truly think that Aidan needs to make the clear before she jumps into the conclusion.

White Ghost

Jessica said...

IamMine and other anonymous,

Yes, I agree that I don't think Aidan intended that either. Not sure if others felt that way? Especially those with CP.

I know deaf person with very severe CP and he has so much difficulty trying to express himself because of it. He once told me that he had so much more to say but he is not able to as much as he would like to. He tries to keep things as simple as possible. People think he is very simple minded but that is not true. He has a great mind but is limited in his ability to show it. I was grateful for having this opportunity to get a glimpse into him.

That is why I hope that this concern gets to NAD. It is so important that we have a good working relationship with them.

Barb DiGi said...

Hello everyone,

I know what it is like to be viewed from hearing people when growing up. First of all, it is never the same view on how they perceive deaf people.

When I was a kid, I was approached by hearing KIDS who mimicked exaggerated speech but I had not experienced them approaching me acting like a person who had a seizure. Yes, they did twirl their hands in the air and mimicked the "deaf" voice but not like what I had seen how Aidan expressed. If that was what Aidan or some of you had experienced, then that's really a shame.

When I became an adult, hearing people just either avoided me or attempted to be understood by me. But did they act like what Aidan's described in her vlog? I think not. Hearing kids, perhaps but hearing adults?

As you can see, there are some comments who agreed that Aidan was mimicking like a CP person. She may not intend to mimic their behavior but that is the impression she is giving to some of us. One to make such message needs to be more conscious how her message may be interpreted.

Frankly, the label hearing loss and deaf may not make a difference to hearing people but to us deaf people, yes. I don't feel that the label or description, whether we use hearing loss or deaf, will affect or change how hearing people think of us. Do you think?

Nevertheless, Aidan's opinions are valid about the choice of label or description but demanding the NAD President to resign because of using the label in a wrong way and her alleged negative attitude to Aidan are not valid reasons to ask her to resign especially when announcing in public. This is not helping the deaf communitiy to unify. I just hope that she is able to resolve this issue with Bobbie Beth Scoggins.

Aidan Mack said...

Aidan Mack said...
Hi Barb,

My minor was Women studies at CSUN. I am an academic feminist. I believe in men and women are equal. I don't have to support the president because they are women. That is radical feminist that believe that they must believe in all women no matter what their reputation are. That is kind of unhealthy. I support the president whether if they are women or men because they have a wonderful mission for Deaf community or any community.

I just finished my Vlog. I let my vlog to speak for me.

Most of people don’t like Bush and they are allowed to express their anger or frustration. Look at the mother who lost his son to worthless war, was so angry with Bush and set up the tents at his home. She was worried about other soliders and their parents going through what her son and her experience.

I can do the same. Thank you!

Michy: Thank you for clarifying my intention. No such CP people act what I did in Vlog. It is sad for people think that way. That tell us a lot from how they think of CP.

Iammine: You are right! Who did I get that idea of acting what I acted in Vlog? It was from hearing people who were my neighbors.

I worked with Bobbie. It was not first time she had done that. I got many e-mails telling me that they had very bad experience but they are not comfortable that they would stand up. They were worried that they would get revenged. That is so sad but I could understand where they were coming from. Look at me, but I have a thick skin. I don’t fall easily.

I am type of person who believe in honesty and not afraid of anyone.

Kira: Come on, please play fair. You vlog yourself to see if I have a problem with your facial expression and your comments as well. You coward... A few people like you don't like the way I express myself. Here is my saying: Too bad! I love myself. I am proud of myself. I intend to keep up who I am.

White Ghost: You are telling me that we have to use the word Black or African American because it is political correct? That is BS! We, Deaf people, have right to ask NAD president not to call us hearing loss.

We have many organizations that use hearing loss. They are free to go to their organization if they feel like they lost something. Why can’t we have NAD that call us Deaf? Are you telling me that people who feel that they are hearing loss are the most important than Deaf people? Please review George Veditz’s mission for NAD. NAD was originally setting up in order to protect culturally Deaf and ASL users and at the same time they welcome any Deaf people with diverse background.


IamMine said...

Yeah, Barb. :)

We do exaggerate when we are upset.

We know a typical hearing person would not go to that extreme in acting like that with the exceptional of a few, but WE do feel like that when they react to us, you know?

I have to admit that in one vlog that I almost posted last week and I showed this to Jay but decided not to post it because I felt like it was a moot point. I was talking about my experience with the credit card company who demanded a proof that I was there with my husband who was speaking on my behalf. I had to use my voice and I felt so embarrassed and humiliated.

I was telling Jay that I could just see a vision of the hearing caller hearing my voice and thinking of a person drooling and limited physical movement (like Aidan’s sign) but it was NOT like I was insulting people with that disability but that how I felt that they were looking at me like that when I used my voice to answer questions. (Wouldn’t accept VP call because the callerID on their side didn’t match my home phone number).

I would have never thought that I was going to insult anyone with CP at all, had I decided to post that vlog. Just how they viewed me when they heard my voice over the phone. Even my husband agreed and he was angry.

Like you, hearing people avoid me or attempt to understand me when they approach me. but when they don’t “see” us, their views are likely to be different.

As for requesting the president’s resignation – I don’t know because I don’t know that much about Bobbie to feel that strongly like Aidan since she has had negative experiences with her and it seemed like some commenters agreed with her.

As for changing the label to change people’s view about us – yes, I think that is possible. Look how easily we all agree that n***r is very offensive when it was just normal back then.

I think we need to keep discussing on the label – though I know people, especially Jay, don’t give a hoot about “labels” *grins* but it is important because a word does affect a person’s way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Aidan!!!

Anonymous said...

Next question:
If you insist that Bobbie is just doing her job as a politician THEN why is THAT particular job of using "hearing loss" demanded from her?
Is our culture willing to allow deaf people to be "pitied" (more often than not, mocked) by hearing people rather than encouraging deaf people to be strong individuals?
What is this? If Bobbie resigning will not work, THEN what will work? The system itself ultimately needs to be changed. I understand that her resigning will not work because it only is an iceberg. The system is what needs to be radically changed because this country is based on the idea that people who are successful or in superior positions have American Dream, so called, while other people are just given whatever those people with American Dream are willing to give them! CAPITALISM! So labeling is not important? THEN ---WHAT--- IS IMPORTANT?

Jessica said...


Thanks for your comments helping to clarify things. I know you had no intention of that kind anyway.

I hope your concerns will help open the door for others with similar experiences as yours to speak up and express their concerns too.

IamMine said...

Anonymous (9:15AM) - you got me thinking! That was a good post.

It's the system, people.

It's always the system.

Anonymous said...


I did not say about the label on african-american or black because it is the political correct.

I am saying is that the hearing people who lost their hearing went through some TRAUMAS. They will not ACCEPT us calling them the hearing loss.

The big question: How can you ADJUST if you lost your hearing? Can you imagine that you are hearing all of your life? All of a sudden, you lost your hearing, how can you HANDLE that? Face it!

All of my life, I was born deaf and proud of it. I love it. I do not like people to call me "hearing impaired." I know many deaf people do not like having people to call them "hearing impaired" as well. However, the big companies have used the word, "hearing impaired." They considered the word, hearing impaired as a professional words.

However, Bobbie intended to use hearing loss as a polite language. Not just only for deaf but for everybody in the world, including HOH, deaf, hearing impaired, hearing loss, etc.

White Ghost

Aidan Mack said...

Hi White Ghost:

Maybe I didn't express right in English writing. You are right that you didn't say about labeling on African-American or Black. I am trying to analogy that we have to do the political correct because of... We are what we are. Black people are proud what they are. They don't use "White Impaired”, “White Disabilities”, and “White challenged”. They will get a lot of money if they label themselves that I just mentioned in above because the racists would love them to fall in low-pity class catalog but Black people refused and chose to be proud as Black people. They have their own organizations that have enough funds and still be proud as BLACK people.

My second cousin suddenly became Deaf when she was 22 years old. She was like trauma like you said. I didn't pity her. I felt for her but I didn't give her a pity. I educated and guided her to a whole Deaf person. Now she is so proud of herself. She uses ASL even better than before she became Deaf. She is proud of herself. She labels herself as Deaf-speaking and ASL user. She doesn't look at pathological aspect anymore. If we continue to feed people with hearing loss and remind them that they lose, then they will look at themselves as disability. They will stay on traumatic level and will not get out of black hole.

I am tired of people keeping giving a reason why they can't use "Deaf". “We have to look at people who lost their hearing.” What about if we look at Deaf people who have rich lives then people with hearing loss realize that they don't have to be hard on themselves and know that they are still normal and lead to a beautiful life.

One more thing, it was not polite language to use Deaf? Deaf is inclusive everyone with diverse background.

We show people with diverse background that it is ok to be Deaf and proud of it.


Anonymous said...

We need to deserve our respect as human being as whole Deaf people. Can Bobbie play with word "hearing loss" for Hearing world while Deaf world reluctantly accept that? She cannot do on taking side with Hearing world, playing with the word. Take a look at "National Association of the Deaf". Look at "Deaf" I wonder...
Something with that picture? You can see that it does not agree on both sides. I want to see what NAD can do to honor both Deaf and Hearing world to bridge to work together on what rights Deaf people have.

Dianrez said...

Aidan was expressing her objection to Bobbie Beth's use of words in a very passionate way and used a sign that might be interpreted as having a motor disability, such as cerebral palsy. It was disturbing to some of us, since we all have friends with CP. I was not comfortable with the sign or that she used it repeatedly to drive home the point that we deaf people do not consider ourselves disabled, and that we avoid being treated same as having physical disabilities.

It was appropriate to make the point, however, apart from the unfortunate sign. We are just Deaf, not disabled. Also appropriate is going to the source and asking why that choice of words/sign. We may be told that was not the intention of Bobbie Beth, also that cerebral palsy was not the intention of Aidan. Let's move on and recognize the good intentions of both women.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said... very mature, very humble and very calm - unlike some folks! Thank you for doing this vlog. :-)

Deaf Kitchen said...

First of all, any NAD president will make what are perceived to be mistakes during her or his administration. For us to jump on her and ask her to resign is a gross overreaction. As long as a leader's positives outweigh her negatives, let's all stand behind her. And, yes, BBS has plenty of positives to speak of--her leadership during UFG, for instance.

'Hearing loss', 'hearing impaired', and 'disabled' are unfortunate terms to describe our community. However, we do reap the rewards of having those labels attached to us--in the form of ADA's benefits and services (relay services, employment laws, public access laws, etc.); other laws protecting disabled folk; and in the form of benefits such as SSDI and others. Let those who strenuously object to the use of these terms try to live for even a day without any of the above protections, services, and benefits.

Let's all hold our noses and partake in these services and benefits while we work to obtain the same services and benefits under the guise of our cultural identity and not our so-called disability.

Anonymous said...

I am Deaf Parents.
I wonder if my kids born hearing
Should we call them Hearing Found
for those deaf parents ONLY??
Maybe I should start called them hearing Found see how they like

Anonymous said...

Aidan --

That is good to give your 2nd cousin some good education. That is an example. To give the passion to the victims of the hearing losses. Be role model.

However, there are many elder people who are not accepted for us to call them "hearing loss." They still are considering themselves hearing. We cannot change them at all.

Unless they are willing to learn about the hearing loss, just give them compassion and teach them.

White Ghost

From Canada said...

I agree with you in some areas - It's true that it makes me feel discomfortable when person tales with specfic person and the situation at the same time.

I winced at it because I wouldn't want another to use MY name AND situation in front of hundreds if not thousands of people.

I would think that it is proper to ask for one's advice when present its situation without naming the person.

Thanks for bringing it up, Barb!

*Perfer to keep my name out of this one.

From Canada

gallyredasl'05 said...

I understand Aidan's feelings but I think that she should ask Bobbie Scoggins to explain why she uses the word "Hearing Loss". I am sure Bobbie will be happy to change it. We do not need to be upset about it but we should educate each other that will help the Deaf community to grow stronger. Bobbie Scroggins comes from the Deaf family but she is policitians and it is not simple task for her. Look at MJ, Ben Bahan, Tom Humphries, etc..what happened to them? Hope Bobbie will change and educate, but actually it is the Deaf community's job to educate policitians, hospitals, schools, etc.

Anonymous said...

I must defend Aidan. She wasn't making fun of people like us. I knew her. At Gally, she was there for me. She took her time to pay attention to what I expressed even that required some time. I love her smile. Every time she saw me, she would wave me. Sometime she would stop by and asked me what's up with my life. She would yell at me whenever I said, "I can't." Since from that year, I stopped saying, "I can't" I always have that image whenever I started to think about "I can't", I see Aidan's scolding face. I take it back. Aidan, I thank you for everything.

I'm disappointed with Teri for playing like she had a heart for CP. I'm not sure if she remembered me, *thinking* of course not. Teri ignored me completely and tried to rush me when I tried to express in the class. She always were looking over my head when I raised my hands and acting like she didn't see me. I'm not that stupid. I knew she weren't comfortable with me in the class. I saw her body language. Other students in the class noticed that too. Sometimes they would get her attention and give her a hint that I was raising my hand.


Anonymous said...

thank you, kira!
i agree with u for 100% ha!
i cant believe aidan called u as coward. unbelievable!
she is a coward herself! she loves to jump conclusions.

Mule435 said...

I learned abot NAD history as iunteresting bt They have right to resign anytime and let other DEaf/Hoh to promte president etc

Why not!

Anonymous said...


I have watch your vlogs and you did a great job.
you have show that you expressions are very postive sharing of your view. I respect you as a person.
I agreed that everyone should have to be more senstive and carefully how to use words definations.
I impressed that you keep mind open about different issues very interesting to share with others.
keep up postive responses.
I do very appreciated your sharing about all different views and I keep enjoy watch you vlogs!! Good Job!!

Anonymous said...

My theory is maybe Bobbie knew that you came from DOD. That's why she liked you. What if you were from DOH then you would have seen her other side that Aidan had seen. You looked like very naive and sweet ladylike. I know you aren’t. But she doesn't know that yet. She felt that you could be her follower so she felt safe with you. Aidan is a strong outspoken woman. She has a strong energy that some people feel threatened and intimated by her.

I enjoy your vlogs.


Cy said...


Wow, all this over "hearing loss"?? Is this worth the heated debate? I feel Aidan is making a mountain out of an anthill. She describes herself as "compassionate" on her blog so I guess she is indeed compassionate but there needs to be moderation. Moderation is everything. Asking Bobbie to resign over "hearing loss" is illogical at best. I mostly concur with Deaf Kitchen, Roger Kraft, or might that be his wife, Christina Multra? I dunno if Roger would be interested in defending a woman over this topic, but I think Christina would.

Come on guys. Aidan, too. Being a feminist does not mean you have to be activist in every aspect of politics. Choose your battles. Bobbie has been doing a lot of good. We have to give her room to grow and learn. So what if she use an "inappropriate" word. We all are guilty of the same ourselves oh so often.

I admire your compassion. Just be more moderate and pick your battles. You are not afraid to express unpopular opinions which is admirable.

Anonymous said...


It's worth the heated debate. I love Barb and Aidan. These women make us to think and to examine ourselves deeper.

Come on Cy. Roger Kraft doesn't know what he's talking about. He thought that it's cool to get services if we use hearing loss. He gets excited about SSI. That is so low. That's one of stupidest reasons I ever heard. We're not that incapable people. These services disable us.

United Nation uses interpreters that is not under ADA. Why don't we follow that example?

Do we want our leader to stay if they call Black people “N*GG**”?

Aidan and Barb-- Our greatest hero!


Deaf Kitchen said...

Come on, Cy...Deaf Kitchen's comment was posted by yours truly, Roger Kraft. Be quick not to judge :-) You think I'd be insure in not defending a woman?? Think again!

The one and only Roger Kraft

Anonymous said...

I see that Barb's arguments have some good merits. Nowadays, people accused politicians being insensitive or politicially incorrected frequently. Remember that they are human beings too. "To err is a human being." At least, Bobbie Scoggins did not make any degatory or racial remarks. Everyone has a room to improve. Let's stop nitpicking about petty things.

Denny Voreck

Teri said...


Here am I sitting as with the mouth open wide reading the comment about me -- overlooking someone in my class. What? I must say this is absolutely untrue. I never DELIBRATELY ignore my students trying to get my attention.

If I really failed to notice you in my class, should it be unintentional. The course covered a variety of material at a reasonably fast pace. The auditorium-like classroom in the library was badly designed – obstructing views of signing. I tended to moved around the room a lot. That’s the only possible explanation.

Jason, if you did really have me as your teacher, should you remember my famous opening lecture at the very beginning of semester. That number, 97?

Every class I teach I always consider my students as if they are my “children”. I treat them fairly – be they white, black, yellow, red, tan, DOD, DOH, HH, blind, CP, brilliant, slow, hyper, troublemaker, goody-goody and so on. I always focus on the needs of each individual and seek the best from each and every student.

As a teacher at CSDR, I had dealt with a couple of kids with CP taking my photography classes. I worked very hard seeking every possible accommodation available -- entitling them to use photography equipment and the software application, Photoshop. I searched for the information on the Internet and unfortunately I found only two documents. So, I decided to call several certain people including an occupational therapist from the students’ school district to have a meeting to see how students with CP can get involved with photography fieldwork, and manipulate the sophisticated image editing software without failing them. We found several solutions for the field work, not the software. That was the best I could do for them.

What’s more, the darkroom I designed includes an accommodation for students in wheelchairs. I am more considerate of them.

My heart always breaks every time I see someone with severe disabilities – any kind of disability except deaf! Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes to see children that way.

I sure pray this is a bogus comment planted by someone.


Anonymous said...

Adian and her supporters,

What a fuss you all made about this little label, hearing loss. It is really fine to use that term. It describes a person being deprived of hearing.

I come from a long line of deaf generation and I don't care how people label us even this word, deaf-dumb.

Loss mean deprivation. Dumb means non expressive sounds.

You, Adian. Your so-called compassion and all your silly vlogs are nothing but a childish ploy for attention.

I remember you very well at Gallaudet. You were one of the most troublesome students. You always stormed out of several classes and got into many arguments with students and faculty for petty reasons.

You helped people with cerebral palsy. You wore a smile, too. That must be a joke. You were the most angry and self-centric woman at Gallaudet. You expected people to revolve around you. You blew up every time when you did not get your way. That was the reason why you left the Deaf world.

You now return to our world by doing vlogs. You are still the same person.

You Adian. You are always soooooo EMOTIONAL! It seems you are still on Prozac. You remind me of the Energizer Bunny on Prozac pounding the drum around senselessly stepping over the lines.

Barb is correct that you went over the line.

Barb, thanks for stepping up and being ladylike telling your opinion.

Aidan Mack said...

Anonymous 2:01:

I am laughing at you. Look at yourself. You couldn't reveal your identity because you know you would look bad if you tell us who you really are.

I love people who hate me because it tells me that my ideas get to their reactions. It works. If people hate the movie so much, it doesn't mean it is failed. It is because we get the reactions from the audience.

I got 4.0 GPA at Gallaudet and was on Dean List. If the teachers had a problem with me, why did they give me all A's?

I have many friends at Gallaudet. Every time I see them, they always excited to see me.

Yes I am a fighter and proud of it. Yes I am an emotional person and proud of it. I am the Energizer Bunny who always on go and proud of it.

I don't take any medicine. But if I do, so what? There are millions and millions people are taking medicine.. There is no shame. If we need help, then it is ok to seek one.

Ladylike is an offensive term. I never want to be a ladylike. Thank you for not calling me a ladylike. *Relief*

Everyone does cross the line sometimes in order to simulate the discussion. :o)


Barb DiGi said...

Hello commenters,

I had to delete some comments that are considered personal against a person since the purpose of this discussion is to talk about the topic not about other commenters.

Just want to make it clear if you have an issue with this person, talk to her or him one-on-one.

If there are any future attacks against someone, it will not be posted from now on.

Deaf Niches said...

Oh boy. I sat, with my mouth open, as I read the comments. From my POV, both Barb and Aidan did a great job expressing their opinions and I agreed with both of you's in ways and I learned one rule from Zen Buddhism... there is freedom in not taking sides. Or we'd get tied up in the emotions.

We are here to learn, to share, to discuss (or debate), to celebrate, etc. DeafRead.com is a HUGE support system (like Iammine said... people = a system; a system = people.) We are more enriched about the deaf issues. We are more understanding. We are more inclusive (NOT exclusive) of the diversity in the deaf community. Etc. I have to take off my hat to the female v/bloggers for giving us rational, passionate, informative discussions... Most of the v/blogs I read are mostly owned by females who I feel have more experiences, more willingness, less judgemental... Barb, Aidan, Teri, LaRonda, Ocean, etc...

Jay said...

Deaf Niches,

aw, I am sorry I am not a female to fit in your new niche of females that you just defined.

Isn't that similar cycle we are seeing within the deaf-hearing groups.

Well, I think I am happy being a male, but have full respect for everybody, male or female. We all contribute to the same balance in the world.

Deaf Niches said...

Oh Jay, you are a honorary member of the female race :-)

You are one of the few vloggers on my favorite bookmarks list.

Anonymous said...

"My heart always breaks every time I see someone with severe disabilities – any kind of disability except deaf! Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes to see children that way."

Oh my! I have a son who is Deaf and Down syndrome. He makes me proud everyday.

That is a degrading comment.


Jessica said...

Deaf Niches,

That is right! I haven't realized that until now how many female bloggers/vloggers there are and how influential they are. Cool!!

Never underestimate the power of a woman! :)

Funny about Jay being a honorary member of the female race. Oh, sure, I agree with you. He is more than welcome to join us. :)

Teri said...

Here’s a video response


Anonymous said...


God damn right, I am not going to reveal my name. I am smart enough to protect myself from you. You will never reason out, as always.

That's the beauty of having an option to remain anonymous.

I THINK you know who I am. I am really laughing when you replied my comment. I knew you would say such things like that. That's so YOU, Adain.


I saw your video and it moved me. I actually shed of some tears. Beautiful vlog. You have such a big heart. No wonder many people at your school spoke highly of you. They said you have a big heart for CSDR. Adian needs to take a few lessons from you how to deal with people and resolve conflicts peacefully AND rightfully.

Cy said...


I DID say "I am not sure" in regards to your defending a woman. I did not say I was confident you wouldn't. It is mostly women commenting here, and it would be logical that Christina would comment rather than you. Just following logic. Sorry if you feel offended, Roger.

Guys, I still think its rather silly to get this heated over "hearing loss" term. Someone commented that Bobbie is a politican and speaking politicese. I know it is not word...Sometimes unpopular words have to be said to draw support and interests because the unpopular words are familiar to others even if they are offensive to us. Bobbie was not referring to us personally but as a politican in fund raising mode.

Bottom line, it is not warranted to call for her resignation over these two words. She has done a lot of good for NAD. Focus on that.

Anonymous said...

Cy and Barb---

I start to feel that you're trying to enforce your opinions on us. We've our own opinions about Ms. Scoggins. Please leave Aidan out of it. She expressed her opinion and she never demanded us to take a side. She expressed her frustration about Ms. Scoggins and she felt that Ms. Scoggins needed to resign. And She signed IF when she said, "Please resign IF Ms. Scoggins look at Deaf people as a low class." Most of us overlook her sign, "IF"
"COME ON" "Bottom line" "Focus on that” seemed to me that these words were very demanding and enforcing. Anyone doesn't have a final word. Some of us didn't have same experience as yours but that's ok. We respect people who love Ms Scoggins and people who dislike Ms. Scoggins.
Don’t get me wrong. It's ok for both of you defend Ms. Scoggins.

Anon GDR--- Do you realize how you made a comment about Aidan that showed you were the ones having anger issue? The way you described her the exact how you acted. We know it was you, not Aidan.
By the way, I knew Aidan from Gallaudet University. She was/is an amazing person. She's very strong person. She's not afraid of anyone. She would stand up and speak from her mind. Yes, sometimes she gets trouble for doing that. All of us are human and do make mistakes.
What I admire her is she has skill in recognizing, analyzing, and improving herself. Not many people can do that. Look at her Vlogs. She grows so much and she's not afraid of that. I'm impressed with her.
Don't act like you are perfect. We ALL have our own flaws.
Any one who is against her just either because she or he is jealous or did do something wrong like you.
You're the ones who need to deal with people and resolve conflicts peacefully and rightfully. You just bashed at Aidan then you preached her to deal with people and resolve conflicts and rightfully. Weird!

Good debate! I look forward more vlogs of yours.

Barb DiGi said...

Anon 5:58,

I am just sharing, along with other commenters, what I think of Dr. Scoggins since she has an amazing background and knowing her that she would never perceive Deaf people as a low class. Actually, Aidan is involved with this discussion and there is no way she can be left out of this debate.

There are always two sides of a story. We who know Dr. Scoggins is nothing like that. It is really up to you to decide what you feel about her. It is not intentional to enforce your opinions or whatsoever. However, I just felt it was too immature or extreme when one suggested a resignation.

The word resignation is considered negative to any types of organizations. Nixon had to resign because he was involved in the Watergate scandal. The government gathered the facts and forced Nixon to turn over the tapes. With hard evidence that he was involved in the burglary, it was appropriate to charge him for impeachment but he resigned before the process. I don't recall any public announcement saying IF Nixon is involved, he will be impeached!" until after the investigation is completed.

The point is Aidan or anyone needs to realize that to make a statement like that requires facts behind it. It is just not right for a leader to be bashed like that especially when one shares her opinion in public that will cause some confusion and possible division in the deaf community.

I agree that Aidan is an amazing person who is not afraid to speak her mind and I applaud her for that. We all learn from our mistakes. I am just sadden that one cannot resolve with the others by facing one-on-one but that's how it is not only for the deaf community but in all communities. I just wish the same for Aidan to discuss with Dr. Scoggins first about her issues before sharing her opinions in public. In the past, I did experience having a conflict with a leader of an organization but I inquired that person first to gather the facts instead of announcing in public to accuse a person of wrongdoing. It turned out that the situation was misunderstood. This is something that we all learn from it.

Thanks for your encouragement.

Cy said...

Anonymous (9:30)

Like Barb said, there's 2 sides to everything. Aidan is defending her position for Bobbie's resignation and Barb and I are defending our positions for Bobbie's activism and that forcing her to resign over these 2 words is unwarranted. None of us are forcing our opinions on anybody. It is a blog for anyone to read and form their own opinions.

Because you know Aidan personally and like her, it seems you feel any of us who disagree with her are attacking her. As Barb said, she is part of this and she got herself involved. Nobody forced her to. We are allowed to disagree. You said you feel "forced" to agree by Barb and myself - on the other side of the coin, I feel "forced" by you to agree with Aidan. In fact I don't know both Aidan and Barb. I look at the topic alone. Person doesn't matter. I am not siding with Barb because she is a friend or I know her. I don't. I look at the topic - Bobbie resign over these 2 words? No. Not called for because she has done so much for NAD. That is all to it. Nothing to do with Aidan as a person. I just disagree with her position that Bobbie should resign. That's all.

I hope I cleared up some misconceptions.

Anonymous said...

After review all comments and vlogs regarding Bobbie using hearing loss, it is not a reason for her to resign at all after all she had done for NAD and others things. I think it is silly of Aidan to be somewhat upset over two word "Hearing loss". We do have hearing loss mean we are deaf, better than called as deaf mute or more harsh words, I do not think hearing loss is harsh word at all. Everyone use hearing loss all the time. It is not a big deal. Everyone have their right to their own opinion, why do you think we have a right of speech first place.

Anonymous said...

If you do really aware of who the NAD President is, you would understand how victimizes they are. If you really get to know who she is, you join with our elite. She has her own elite.