Sunday, April 29, 2007

Leave the L in Liberty but with Limits

I am using the L sign to express in ASL poetry about the recent discussion on negative commenters and freedom of speech. About one minute long.


Oscar the Observer said...


Good one, Barb!!

Shrimpy said...

Hi Barb

That was so Cute one. I like that one.... BIG SMILE :-)


Karen Mayes said...

I loved it! With a Chesire cat's smile...


Carl Schroeder said...

Very poetic!

mishkazena said...

Very nice, Barb :)

Dennis Bacon said...

Very good concept and smooth "sing".

Good Job, Barb

Amy said...

Creative and great job!

Enjoyed the poem and keep it coming!


mochame said...

Good example and Good smiley at the end!

Anonymous said...

good job!

i dont know why anyone would be complaining about the seems to me that we have bigger issues to dealt with..
what about good interpreters and bad interpreters?
no blog about that?

in many places, interpreters cant be found...maybe we need a robot or something to solve this problem.
vrs is a good is accessible 24 hrs...portable laptops and webcams for all deafies? maybe yes..that might be next...hmmmm

Barb DiGi said...

Thanks everybody!

Anonymous 3:30:

Actually no one (so far) is complaining about my ASL poetry. I am just reflecting in the past few weeks about some of the v/bloggers who got caught in crossfire with nasty comments about some individuals.

There was a critique about interpreters if you had seen previously in several vloggers' discussion posts. We have been discussing good topics, in my opinion, via deafread that are worthwhile to think about.

Your idea about portable laptops/webcams to have interpreter on call at 24/7 is a neat one. I have heard it is in the works in some hospitals. Yep, it will be next!

Anonymous said...

Your ASL poetry was outstanding! Just superb, well done, Barb!

Matt Jamison

Anonymous said...

My Goodness, Barb.

I could not invent with all the "L" in ASL. Congratulations for being the greatest inventor!

White Ghost

Seek Geo said...


Wow... GREAT one!

I enjoyed this one! :-D


Jean Boutcher said...


Very powerful! Using only two L handsapes for many signs in poetry, you prove to the world that ASL is one of the wonders. I love a sign, "Smile," with the L handshape.

IamMine said...

Loved it, Barb! :D ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, what a nice big smile!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


John Lestina --- said...

Response to Barb CLICK HERE

Anonymous said...

Wow - enjoyed it very much.
Thanks Barb - lookin' forward in what you will do next! :)

Kelly -

mule4350 said...

Hello Barb so I agree with you more than 100 perecent because some of tem are immature and suppose to respect each other and always been smile each other and you would lecture/ tell history or other thingsd and would get positive/negative comments with no necessary insults/ call name / threat!

Keep it up Barb for good update !

jwomick said...

HELLO BARB!!!!!! i glad u bring some peotry of ASL ON VIDEOCLIPS! i enjoy it. i love peotry. so keep up!

ABC IS COOL to use "L" message on comment videoclip lol it's so cool. ASL CULTURE IS POWER LANGUAGE EVER!

Joshua "Vampbat" Womick