Monday, May 21, 2007

Deaf Less Likely to Binge?

I find it interesting what I have discovered today about the causes in binging especially among women in Women's World magazine. Surprisingly, one of the causes has to do with hearing. So does that mean deaf people are less likely to binge than hearing people? Why, of course, there are factors causing one to binge but this type of trigger is ruled out for deaf people. Nice to be deaf, heh?

Here is the excerpt from Woman's World, May 29, 2007, pg. 15

Lower the Volume..

of your phone, computer, TV and car radio. Women in noisy settings are twice as likely to binge on junk food - and the effect can last for hours or even days after leaving the ear-jangling environment, a recent study reveals.


mishkazena said...


What about deaf people who are very sensitive with their vision? Would they be more prone to bingeing if they have high visible noise? I hope you know what I mean by visible noise

Barb DiGi said...

Oh that calls for another research then. Stress is the trigger to binging so having a calm atmosphere may help alleviate the need to binge perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Eh, I dunno... I'm Deaf and a recovering binge eater... Did the article cite any professional sources? Also, I sometimes wonder if the rate of obesity is higher or lower among Deaf people?? Oh well, I hope somebody is doing research on that! :)

Barb DiGi said...


The only information I got was from Woman's World and it didn't say what are the sources.

Good question! I have often wondered about that! We should think of looking into it so if anyone knows, please do share!

Squ65 said...

well ... I am not sure about this. A Deaf friend of mine is a binge eater too. I am sure there are many out there too.

ccm14er said...

Hi All,

Quite frankly, I really felt that I don't agree with that issue, in just case for ONLY DEAF PEOPLE (in perceptive as our Deaf group as to put pitted against the "other" group -- of course the Hearing people). Based on The Woman's World magazine, they FOCUS only for the hearing people in whole. Not mention toward to Deaf people. Its like, "the Hearing people WHO involve high Noisy setting" VS. to "the Hearing people WHO involve low Noisy setting". That is what that magazine's own scientific polling on this matter. More Noisy the Hearing people are, THEN more Binge (any kinds) Hearing people will most likely be in. That is the scientific language.

Back to point, Barb DiGi, IT IS VERY INTERESTING to put the Deaf group into the Mix. I think, you know, the Deafies always "get used" to isolation setting, "farther away" surroundings -- like you see Deafies living apart miles by miles -- if not, then hundreds of feet apart. Only a Deaf club in a city, only Gally (3 major university) in whole country. I think, "being Noisy" into Deaf people, they would be LESS and LESS Binge THAN if "being Quiet" in there. That's means Deafies would get more BINGE (eating, drinking, blah) in lonely, quiet, somber, boring setting.

Got it ?? That is my PURE opinion !!! Any agree or disagree will be fun welcome into this Debate. Barb, you think huh ????

Barb DiGi said...

So from this research, we see that it applies to hearing people reacting when listening to high noises that we deaf people don't have to put up with. This just makes me wonder about this as an eliminating factor for the deaf.

Yes, like I said there are other factors as well causing binge for deaf people. You have provided great examples of how being isolated and lonely can be a factor that lead to binge.

I agree that when deaf people don't find themselves isolated and that they are immersed in a visual noisy environment, they will be less likely to binge perhaps.

Judge said...

Maybe too much light coming into our eyes, it may cause you all to eat junk? :)

Absolutely wasteful of money on this kind of research finding those binging.

Just wondering, if they cancel spending on this kind of money for this research, what else would they use it for ?? Junk study too! :)

Squ65 said...

I have to admit that I am an ice cream binge eater. I love Ice Creeeeaaaaaam!

Barb DiGi said...


There are a lot of money wasted for stupid researches unfortunately. So you think stimulation to our eyes will cause us to binge more?

Jean Boutcher said...

In this millennium, yes. Most deaf people indeed do binge as much as hearing people do: they are glued to CC movies on TV. They consume popcorn like crazy or are potato chip couchers. Now my friend has recently told me that she had to
stop reading DeafRead because of
vision noise that caused her to binge.

Lisa C. said...

Huh? Its a good thing I don't keep 7/Eleven food in the kitchen when I get my hearing aid replaced!

Oscar the Observer said...

Check here.

BEG said...

Instead of binging, that just means we all go on the seafood diet. Ha!

(Ya see food, ya eat it.)

Karen Mayes said...

Ewww, seafood diet! ;o). No I am not a lover of seafood...

Hmmmm... from my experience, I have seen males (hearing and deaf) tend to binge more (guess that explains their potbellies)... due to watching a lot of football games??

Sports equal noise...

Whatcha think?


Karen Mayes said...

Sounds like it has to do with overstimulation of senses (both hearing and seeing) leading to binging... watching TV is a perfect example.

teri said...

Hi Barb,

Thanks for sharing the interesting article on binge eating.

My family and I do not eat before the tube except for popcorn or ice cream time (only a bowl of one or two scoops each, not a pint or even half-gallon tub). We often have family style meals and sit together. Bill (my hubby) and I always turn off the TV during mealtime, even snack time.

Make meal. Family time.

That explains why my kids are so thin! :)

Barb DiGi said...

Deaf and Hearing both binge is what I am saying but since this research points out noises that cause people to binge twice on junk food, it just eliminates a factor.

Both deaf and hearing have developed a habit to binge before the TV and computer. It is a matter of being conscious of our habits. Teri has set up a good example!

Funny that reading makes us binge, heh? Or that we should get on that "seafood" diet that BEG suggested! It is surely a visual diet ha!

Ahh, Karen you solved the mystery of pot bellies!

Yeah, it looks like visual stimulation and noise stimulation have the same effect on binging. What I meant earlier is that deaf people who are isolated or lonely may be likely to binge than being in a social environment that is considered "noisy". What do you think?

Judge said...


Do I look like a doctor or some researcher ?

Fortunately, I ain't. Waste of money!

On this case, I would say "Who cares!"


IamMine said...

Ahhh....I first saw this on Oscar's blog and was wondering what this was all about!

Sorry...I haven't been keeping up with DR like before...

Anyway, that was an interesting thought and since they focused on only "hearing" factor, it makes sense for the hearing people to "lower" their volumes of surroundings to change their behavior.

Had it been studied on the deaf people, I bet it would be similar - how to change our visual noises by lowering the sight level! :D

BEG! "See food" hahaha...good one! ;)

Yes, honestly...I have gained some weight with thanks to DR! Eating my favorite chips watching some vlogs... but ahh, good trade-off for me, though.

I hope with the warm weather here now, I'll get in a better shape and doing a better job on "lowering" my visual noises!

Who wants to be a DR aerobics? Hahahaha!

Ocean said...

All I can say is this, Barb - if hearing is a factor for binge eating, then someone better explain to this Deafie how I get midnight cravings for potato chips and sour cream dip, and why I've put on 40 lbs over the past year!

I have always thought that binge eating could be related to feelings of depression, isolation, and low well as stress. Those are factors that I think the Deaf Community does deal with. Sometimes we feel very isolated, which makes us feel very lonely, which leads to depression, which causes low self-esteem and then.... well, you get the idea.

Good post, Barb! Thought-provoking!