Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is having a blogroll helpful or hurtful?


Aidan Mack said...
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Todd said...

Here's an idea; Maybe the Deafread gurus can implement the code.

Have the code generate a random blogroll of five or ten entries, max. The blogroll will constantly change with each user's visits.

Problem solved. :) Oh- I guess someone has to program it in!

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree with you in a way...
it should be more like a library...
it should not include hits counter...for what purpose?

titles are already self explanatory
let consumers choose..
just being added to the library or published on internet is an honor itself

those with ability have to own up to some responsibility..this is one avenue..we should keep it.

will we see limits? possibly yes... but censorship should not encourage.

Lantana said...

Wow, powerful! You are right, of course. How can ALL OF US be included?

We could offer different categories,to suit different interests. There could be one for Gallaudet alumni, residential school products, former mainstreamers, etc. etc. The list could go on and on.

I think the big problem with lumping us all together is lack of understanding -- a big communication barrier. How can a Mainstreamer understand the product of a residential school? We need to narrow it down. (Apples and oranges).

Just my opinion. Thanks for bringing this up, Barb.

Lantana, Lantana's Latitude

Aidan Mack said...
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fookem said...

Hey, what about my blogroll? Keep or delete it?

It's helpful for readers who don't know that blog/vlog actually exists. I did not pick who I like, I try to get all in one. So people can come and check the names on the list that they did not see blog/vlog before.

Good discussion, Barb. ;)

Dennis said...

I have a blogroll, I modified it so that it's a drop down, and I divided it up. I would divide it more, but I simply add the blogs I find myself reading most, and there aren't that many yet. I like to promote those who I think do good work.

Barb DiGi said...

Looks like that some of us share the same perspective of NOT having a blogroll but some think it is fine to have it.

As for Todd's idea, it is really a wonderful idea!! You deafread gurus, is that possible to have a random blogroll of deafread members?

I do want to publicize all of your v/blogs on my v/blog but it is hard to keep track when there are newbies in this blogosphere.

As for you Fookem, I applaud you for making effort to include everyone as possible but how can you possibly keep it up? That must be a challenging task, whew!

Jessica said...

In some ways it is helpful to refer us to other blogs but I agree about the issues of who to include

It would be nice to see a list of all the bloggers and vloggers in one place so we can check them out, especially for those who are new. Maybe put it on front of Deaf Read or something like that.

Anonymous said...

As a blogger, I struggled with that issue and ultimately decided not to include one, though I definitely have my favorites. It wasn't an easy decision and part of me wants to promote those who do good work, but the other part of me knows what it's like to feel hurt that my blog isn't on a blogroll of a favorite blog of mine. I don't want to do that to someone else. It's an individual decision for each blogger, I think.

grantlairdjr said...


Sound fair to me. I just disabled my own blogroll since I didn't update mine for long time.

Thanks for bring it up!


Fookem said...

Barb, lol

I am a patient person. *wink*

Oscar the Observer said...

I second Aidan.

I just leave DeafRead most recent titles on the sidebar of my blog and it is it.

And by the way there IS a page of all v/bloggers in DeafRead. Just go to top and right and click on Blogs then bingo there you have it, the page of v/bloggers that are part of DeafRead community.

I can not imagine a task of including EVERY single v/blogger on that page on my own sidebar! Ouch!

Jared Evans said...

It's possible for us to create a random blogroll of DeafRead v/bloggers. I'll bring it up with Tayler the next time I chat with him.

Thanks for the idea!

Jean Boutcher said...


I am in total agreement with you.
To select some and not to select
others is a form of elitism.
Elitism breeds negativism.

Jean Boutcher said...


I am a former oralist (I attended
an oral school at St. Francis
Xavier.) Gallaudet is a signing
university which I attended.
New York University which I
attended is a hearing university.
I am a culturally well-balanced
person, embracing diversity.

drmzz said...

Hurtful, sniffles. I do appreciate those who put mine up. :) Ahh, something good come out of this, random blogroll. With indiv. pix icon or just links?

Anonymous said...

drmzzz, comments like yours make me glad I posted my thoughts anonymously. My comment was more about thinking about others' feelings, not whining about mine. I don't appreciate the "sniffles" comment and that kind of thing from people in general, not just you, discourage us from posting our thoughts openly and honestly, using our real names.

C said...

The only time I found blogroll helpful was during the protest. Right now, it does not matter. Going to DeafRead is enough as it is and you can always click on blog in the upper right hand corner and look for the blog you want to specifically see.

drmzz said...

anonymous 12:10AM, I was in a playful mood and how you construe that into something else (from using real name) boggles my mind. Did you know that I use DeafRead blogroll at my blog so any person of interest is there at DR instead. No favorites.

Anonymous said...


I guess it would depend on how or why that blogroll was created in the first place.

Some people do it to keep a list of their friends blog. Some people use it to promote good blogs/vlogs.

The problem with having "everyone" on a blogroll is, there are many blogs out there that aren't really worth reading.

It's so much easier to find a good blog, and then to discover that it has a really nice list of blogs and search time is saved.

I do agree, that not all get fair exposure. But then again, I believe that it's the blogger's responsibility to submit their blogs to blogging sites and other sites such as Deafread. It's their responsibility to publicize it. If people aren't interested, then it's not good enough.

Of course, from my experience and from my friends' experience, not all blogs/vlogs are approved by Deafread and that is true for others. I consider that censorship.

But at the same time, if it's so bad, then what should we do? I sure don't want to have to dredge through everything just to read a good blog.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Erick Ketcham

Gary Brooks said...


What you said it true!!! that's why I hate to compare or measure "who's better" I weigh everyone equally! I do not care wheither audience saying other deaf film are better than mine or deaf talent are better than mine, I just ignore them. They often ask me "your film are best than all deaf films" I said "no way! every deaf films are unique Period!" I value every deaf entertainers(including artists, talents, filmmakers) most important to my heart! plus I hate negative remarks that's why I put positive within them and said good things about them. Even though some deaf filmmakers never praise my films when I said good thing about them. I don't demend "fairness" I don't care at all because we are human beings, we were brainwashed by being competitive, "who's better" I trust God that its gave us the ulimate gift! every person on this Earth has a reason to give! so bottom of line what you said about blogroll, I 100 percent agreed with you all the way!

Bear hugs to all of you around the world! erase the favorism/hate. Make love Not war!

Gary Brooks ;)

BEG said...

Yep, I didn't include a blogroll of deafread contributors for that precise reason. My own blogroll lists various resources instead, and then I link to deafread itself. If they do a random blog roll includer (which would be easy to do), I'd be more than happy to include that one. But yeah, there are too many good blogs out there.

Jared Evans said...

Your wish came true... here is the code to copy and paste for 5 random blogs to show on your sidebar.

<[remove this space]script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.deafread.com/module/random.php">< [remove this space]/script >

The random list will be updated every 5 minutes.

I'll be making an official announcement soon.

Barb DiGi said...

Wow, Jared!

That was awfully quick! Perhaps we should change your icon from Mr. Clean to Mr. Flash!!

Got the Random Blogroll posted in an instant! :-)

You are a genius! Thanks!!

Jared Evans said...

You're welcome!

Cy said...

Good point. I had thoughts along the same lines as yours but I put up one because most bloggers do. I guess I am a copycat! However, you made valid points so I will remove mine.

Susan said...

I understand what you mean, but I don't know...

Is being hurtful that my blog/vlog isn't mentioned, a bit similar to crab theory? "Hey, he got selected, what about me?!"

I think it's okay to select your favourites, because they are *your* favourites, so others can see what you like... if others have their own favourites, they can add theirs.

It's a bit like having a list of favourite books and sharing them... with hearing people, when I visit their blogs, they have a list of favourite blogs, no problem about that.

I think we are worrying too much about what others feel to the point where we can't even share what we like without maybe offending others because they don't get selected.

We're all adults... if our blogs aren't in the list of someone's favourites, so what. We still do enjoy other's blogs.

IamMine said...

Susan, that's true...but if you visit frequently and/or b/vlog frequently, then it does create some feelings for some sensitive people. You run the risk of being "elite", no matter how hard you try to say otherwise.

I think it's ok if one wants to leave their blogroll alone - good for some people who do not normally visit DeafRead to be exposed and why they are your favorites.

No, I don't care if you don't add me or not...but I didn't want to create a blogroll for that very reason. I knew if I did, people would form opinions of me being “in that group of people” which is NOT my purpose of being here on DeafRead. *grin*

Too many people...and "DeafRead" logo is just enough for me!

I love the idea of randomly selected v/bloggers on a blogroll!

To think "outside of the box", perhaps you could add deaf links that are NOT on DeafRead?

Or hearing friends who are very interested in Deaf Culture.

Maybe for some reason they don't want to be on DeafRead or just simply not a regular visitor?

Just an idea. :)

Thanks for bringing this up, Barb...and I'll look into adding the randomly selected blogroll on my page.

IamMine said...

Mr. Flash?!!!

Oh dear...not that trench coat, please! ;)

Judge said...


Funny, you thought about that! I already thought of that one when I first built this vlog and I didn't include them.

Thanks for bringing it up! :)

Everyone, if you want to remember some bloggers/vloggers' sites, BOOKMARK those sites for your future uses! :)

Barb DiGi said...

Hey guys..I am just glad we got this out in the open so that we are able to understand better what it means having a blogroll..

Oh IamMine..I didn't mean Jared in that trenchcoat thing! I meant Flash Gordon who is so quick that you can't see him run, LOL!

Toby Welch said...

Thanks, Barb, for brought up the issue! I had struggled with my v/bloggers on my list. There is so many v/bloggers that I want to add to my list. You solved my problem and eased my mind. :-)

Jared, many thanks! You are genius!

Anonymous said...

I know that there are growing on v/blogspheres. That is great because we need to catch up with all the news. Does not matter if there are either good or bad favorisms. However, for instance, Jana's vlog gave us the status about the deaf/CI Hispanic girl with all the police stuff and communication access issues. The reason why we all need to uproar many serious issues in this nation.
I truly think it helps to communicate each other in the v/blogs' world.

White Ghost

Deaf Farmer said...

Hello Barb,

Thanks for bringing up that issue. I just joined the vlog a few days ago and enjoy it. Now I see your point. I never thought of that. Honestly, it isn’t bothering me if my vlog isn’t mentioned but I understand that some v/bloggers are sensitive and are hurt if their v/blog isn’t mentioned. What I can do is to put some v/boggers who have good discussions about the issues that are important in my bookmark. Let me know what the ‘solution’ about that is.

By the way, thanks for the comment about ear-mouth/ear-close.

Deaf Farmer

Alumnus Gallaudet said...

Very true what you said ! I completely agree with you.
It is the same idea thing I really hate any sorority and fraternity at Gallaudet University to be made very selective candidates to be qualified to become hisqher greek organization.

I wish there is no greek organizations at gallaudet so all deaf students would be different attitude towward to other other students.

It is the same parallel idea of what you said.

Powerful said!


Alumnus gally without any one of greek organization at gally!

Anonymous said...

Why not redesign deaf.read to represent a 'library' ? there, deaf online can peruse via what interests they have, the only issue I can see, is identifying what each blog is representative OF, with due respect to deaf.read who read and decide which area they think a blog or vblog goes under, some decisions have been confusing especially around 'audism' and 'culture'.

Once areas have been agreed,then a monthly critique' of them could be undertaken by some brave soul (!), to suggest the most interesting ones, we are getting more and more blogs in (Yippee!), but it is getting hard to keep up. Who knows there are real gems we have missed ?

Oscar the Observer said...

Funny that IamMine (since it is most familiar name) first thought was a trenchoat......! *gasp*
Just kidding, my good friend.

Actually, anonymous before me, it is good idea IF v/bloggers stick to their a specific set of topics. However we tend to have various topics on our minds as time goes on. I for one AM NOT interested in being one topic guy because it can get boring fast, haha. Variety is spice of life and all that :). I know hearing people have specific topics in their blogs but then let us remember that deaf community online is small compared to the hearing world. Plus I tend to love everything that is said in ASL lol. except for destructive or hurtful comments of course!

Jacki said...

Very understandable, no one wants to be left out. :( I understand that not everyone blogs/vlogs as often as others so their name possibly will end up on pg 10 of DeafRead. When I view someone's video, I'll notice some names and check out their blogs. This brings delight for me as I learn more about the individual and the topics. :)

We can also discover people by their comments and check that person out. :)

Just my .02 ;)

Virginia L. Beach said...

Good post, Barb!

I didn't consider that, but you do raise some good, thought-provoking points. I admit that I do have a Blogroll for my own site, and it is hard at times for me to decide which sites to list. Like you say, there are many good ones, and I don't want to offend anyone by excluding them.

Unfortunately, since mine is one of those WordPress blogs that does not accept javascript, I don't believe I can take Jared up on his great idea, although I do commend him for coming up with such a solution.

Hmmmm....I'm going to have to ponder this one a bit. There's been some good things said here. I see both the advantages and disadvantages to having a blogroll. For me it's a chance to recognize those blogs that I feel are worthy of mention, and encourage others to check them out; but it certainly isn't meant to be all-inclusive... I certainly recognize that there are far more blogs out there than I could possibly list.

On the other hand, maybe just advertising sites that provide blog lists (such as DeafRead, and in my case Pagan Theologies) is good enough - people can then just scan over those blogs and choose for themselves the ones they want to read.

I dunno - I think this one has no easy solutions.

moxie_mocha said...

Good points, Barb.

I thought the purpose of the blogroll is to develop connections between blogs, and that it improves the "ratings" under Technorati. More people would be more likely to see your blog. That's how I understood it.

So I developed a blogroll. You're right. I couldn't add more names, because my livejournal is limited to "x" number of lists.

Jared - am I wrong about Technorati? I'm interested in learning more.

Barb -- I also started my blog the same time as yours - November. We both have learned a lot and still have more to go, right?

I've written enough. :)


Jared Evans said...

Technorati indexes millions of blog entries and tracks the links between blogs to determine how relevant they are.

I'm not sure if blogrolls are included in their "calculations" but it's possible.

Seek Geo said...

I did not like the idea of this because I believe we should have blogroll to help good connection and give free advertisement to the rest of readers.

Like when I rent a DVD movie, if I really love it, I wanted to know what is connection to that movie that I might like. Netflix have that type where you rate it, you love it, it gives you ideas what other similar movie(s) to recommend.

Just like I listed blogroll to recommend my readers to look at.

I looked up on Technorati, not only it track down links on entries, it also track down on blogroll links.


Seek Geo said...

I forgot to add one more thing, I don't mind to add random blogs on my blog however I will not remove blogroll because of Technorati that I want to see deaf blogs/vlogs to become one of top ranks so more hearies will see it based on links, etc.

There is top 100 ranks and my dream is to see one of deaf b/vlogger to be on that list. Go Deafies go.


Barb DiGi said...

Hello y'all!

I am not asking you guys to remove the blogroll..it is just my opinion and I am finding some people look at that way and some don't...this is what I find it interesting..it is just for us to be more aware of how this can be perceived..thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb,
I learn alot about your perespectives and your history stories. very interesting.

I would like to join Vlog but I dont know how but question what kind of webcam or other techical for my computer. I dont have laptop. what you suggest?? I appreciate your help. thank you

ASL Risen said...

Oh Barb!

You have a good heart to express from your mind, soul and spirit!

Of course, I do not want and do not like to be "selective" to show the world that I am "better" than others!

Waving "ILY"!

Hugs, Shawn