Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Legacy of Leadership and Joey Baer's "Let's look at the Bigger Picture" (DH #6)

How was Joey Baer's recent vLog on "Let's Look at the Bigger Picture" related to "The Legacy of Leadership"? There were several applications from Edward Miner Gallaudet's leadership to what Joey Baer had just described in his vLog. The information was derived from David de Lorenzo who researched and presented in the Gallaudet Deaf History 2007 Conference. vLog by Barb DiGi. About 10 minutes long. quicktime YouTube

David Evans's blog


Anonymous said...


Cannot open your vlog darn.. can you please fix?
Thank you

Susan said...

hi Barb,

video is working for me.

Liked what you shared, esp studying history and finding out what worked and didn't work, and applying it to now...

Enjoyed the interesting info about EMG and his mother and how they worked hard to get support for ASD.

Barb DiGi said...

Here is the youtube link in case you can't open it..sorry about that.

Barb DiGi said...

Oh thanks Susan..its interesting when we compare how leadership was executed back then and that there is not much of a change in the aspects of leadership.

I want to make it clear that it was Columbia Institute on Kendall Green that EMG helped run the school along with Amos Kendall. Please pardon me for misspelling Columbian while its supposed to be Columbia.

Jean Boutcher said...

Excellent presentation in such a concise and succinct manner that a younger generation who needs to look up to good role models need to
watch yours and Joey Baer's video
clips. They need inspirational
leaders to look up to.

Thank you for providing your link;
otherwise, I was unable to access
to your video "PLAY".

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barb finally open

Great vlogs!

Indeed everyone should be able to research and learn why histories are so important to see how, when, why, and where it happen.

Just like The Boston Tea occured at the Boston Harbor? Why did they threw tea out in the ocean.. anyone know why? eh eh

Anonymous said...

It is necessary and important to acknowledge that the concept of four leadership frameworks is actually the work of Drs. Bolman and Deal in their "Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership" published by Jossey-Bass in 2003.

Anonymous said...

Yup, need deaf lobbyists. Daily exposure in political arenas help.

Boston tea, no taxation w/o representation.


Barb DiGi said...

Yep Mike got it right about the Boston Tea Party! About 100,000 dollars worth of tea was discarded and the rebels dressed like Native Americans to disguise themselves.

Anyway anon 9 26..the aspects of leadership were practicied back in 1857 so the book you just shared is much appreciated as I'd look into this. Apparently this book mentions about EMG s leadership aspects as well ?

Joey Baer said...

BINGO! That's something we need to continue and exchange leadership terms and ideas in order to reach our VISION!

Yes we have a lot of work ahead of us but I am very excited and positive about this movement.

Thanks Barb!

edgewilderness said...

Thanks Barb for educating us about history and interpreting Joey Baer's story for better aspects. Yeah, we are in a very early stage but at least we're getting there. I'm so glad that we are starting in this generation because there's so much more we can do and what we need is more leadership in the twenty centuries! Keep up the great work!!! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

OUCH! OUCH, baby! I found that you are very hottie and attractive. As being a history buff, you just made yourself a world-class hottie.

Judge said...


You made an informative presentation about those various-type of leaders. You must have done a lot of homework before vloggin.

I am trying to figure out which category I fall in. Please don't mention which one! Let me figure it out myself! haha!

Thank you for bringing up!

LaRonda said...

Hi Barb. I just wrote a blog post called: "See How We Shine," that mentioned your vlog above and the impact it has had on the deaf community already. :)

You might want to give it a look. at:

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb!

Funny, I mentioned on Teri's Blog about the political leadership style at Congress in Wash. DC....somehow you mentioned that the leaders for the deaf community hung around with the famous U.S. Representatives/Senators in Wash. DC....

I have some hard time to mention about your issue in your blog for few days.....Well, I must admit that I am not interested in politics. I must escape from all the politics! :-)

White Ghost

IamMine said...

Thank you, Barb!

I felt way less intimidating with your vlog than Joey Baer's! I feel like I’m sitting next to you in a crappy old Italian cafĂ©, drinking coffee and agreeing with what you got to say!

He's great...but for me, it’s like he's way on the top and it makes me feel like I have to do something that is out of my character to make a difference. I got the impression that he’s tired of seeing same ole same ole on DR so that did make me feel a little bad. I’m sure many agreed with him, but…

He's a great inspiration but quite intimidating at the same time. :D

I liked how you said that we, vloggers and bloggers, are already making a difference and that we're already "politically" involved by supporting and important for us to keep doing that.

That it's up to us to move on to different level on DeafRead to make differences for our deaf/hoh children! :)

I thought you said it beautifully! :D

Jean Boutcher said...

Hi IamMine,

:-) You will, for sure, like Joey Baer because he is a sweet guy with a marvelous warm personality.
Intimidation is not in his vocabulary. He is exactly opposite to a bully blogger. I realise that it is hard for a person to show his true personality in vlogs, blogs, letters, or anything that is printed where one discusses ideas. Some people are so busy thinking thinking thinking about ideas that they tend to forget to click a smiley. :-) Do not worry.
:-) Trust me that you will like him after getting to know him better.

Barb DiGi said...

Yes, Jean said it all. I got to know Joey as an inspirational and warm person when I bumped him yesterday for the second time.

I guess we all have our own styles when it comes to vlogging and always look for improvement. Your comments are validated on how you view the vloggers that it is a feedback where we can keep in mind to avoid intimidation when delivering our messages to the viewers.

IamMine said...

Hey, sorry for taking so long to come back here with the holiday weekend...don't know if Jean will read this as well.

I gave it a long and hard thought after Joey's recent vlog and came to realization that it wasn't him that hit my soft spot as a vlogger/commentator, but also in combination of other comments like Jared's pet peeves, personal emails about me that totally threw me off the guard.

I was intimidated at the fact that Joey's a well known leader and what he has to say, people listen. :)

That's really AWESOME!!! We need a deaf leader like that who try to lead us to make differences for the deaf community, especially the deaf/hoh children.

I was questioning myself, that's all. :)

I shouldn't have aimed at Joey like that without giving it further thoughts and analyzing why I felt that way. I should have practiced what I preached – look at the topic/issue, not the person!

*slaps on forehead* Bad iammine bad.

Sometimes things take time to see through and the picture becomes less blurry! :)