Saturday, June 23, 2007

Equal Communication Access Now short skit by kids

This short skit done by my kids and their friend showing how communication breakdown occurs in a mainstreaming educational setting. Enjoy! (2:00) quicktime

YouTube viewers, click here


Jean Boutcher said...


Your children are terrific cheerleaders! Hope you will put them onto the national stamp!

Jana Bielfeldt said...

Your daughter signs like you! Neat skit. Enjoyed it.

Der Sankt said...

Aww your kids are so cute!

yep your "deaf student" daughter signs almost exactly like you!

Der Sankt

mishkazena said...

This is a neat skit. Great job, kids! You illustrated the concept of the lack of equal communication access beautifully.

LaRonda said...

Oh beautifully done! Champ Barb! Good to see the captions for hearies. Wish this could go up on YouTube as well since so many folks in the hearing community watch clips from there. Wonderful little actors you have there. Great emotions. Be proud! They rock!

~ LaRonda

The Critic said...

(laughing) they are so cute and awesome! We need more kids in vlogs. They are our future and clear evidence that ASL works best for kids!

Barb DiGi said...

Thanks folks! Actually I have already posted in YouTube since last week and you can see some comments there as well. I even included the link above when I posted this vlog :-)

I will consider more skits for my kids. They had so much fun making it. It is just a short, simple yet powerful message to deliver to the public. Adding subtitles were a challenge and time consuming but it was worth it for that purpose.

Bill said...

It reminds me about that story where the student wanted a transcriptionist, not a translator. Perfectly illustrates why.

Also reminds me of the stories where people had students come in and try to be translators.

Nice work kids!

NightOwl said...

DiGi, your kids and their friend gotta work for Peter Wolf someday!

That skit brought back memories of my mainstreaming year in high school....we had two "interpreters" that were mother/daughter together and were using like 80% of SEE 20% of homesigns combined.

When a teacher told a joke, students laughed, those "interpreters" stopped interpreting and joins them laughing without finishing the whole thing to us Deaf students what the teacher joked about. Sad.

BTW I graduated.

drmzz said...

Posting from sister's PC while waiting while this PC fixes itself. Nice skit! Cheers to DeafPundit for encouraging various participation in Equal Communication Access Now project.

DeafMom3 said...

Cute skit! I'm glad that my children have terrific interpreters at their public school. Their teachers, TOD and terps are awesome! I'm very pleased with my children's education. I hope that everyone who view your skit will not assume that it's actually true in ALL D/HH programs in the public schools. Thanks, Kim

Susan said...

that's a good skit, so true even here in Aussie.

Judge said...

Cute kids!!

Nice office you have! :)

Keep bringing kids to your show!!


Jean Boutcher said...

My cousin absolutely loves your
children's vlog.

That vlog would have debunked the
1880 Milan Conference!

Vive DeafRead! Vive Vlog!

oscars said...

Hello Barb

Wow, I saw your daughter Brianna's friends are playing in the clip. They are good communicators, trying to campaign for the importance of having interpreters in educational settings. This will improve the child's vocabulary. I think that Brianna signs like you. Keep the hard work up children!!

IamMine said...

The kids are awesome!! I enjoyed it thoroughly!!!

So much that I've watched it several times already! :)

I'm laughing with NightOwl - I feel your pain!!! Been there and done that!

Oh, I also graduated... ;)