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It is a Big Deal About Julie Rems-Smario

View here with special effects to see what is the big deal about Julie Rems-Smario who is one of the eight women who founded DeafHope in January, 2003. I got to meet her 20 years ago since she happened to be a dear friend of my sister's during their CSUN years.

But in the recent year, I have gotten to know her more and developed into a great friendship. I have seen the amazing work she has dedicated and invested along with her team into building DeafHope into a stronger organization.

Tonight on June 7, 2007 is a very special night for Julie where she gets to receive a Humanitarian award that is recognized internationally during eWomenNetwork Foundation International Femtor Awards Gala. (Length: 5:38) quicktime


From the DeafHope website:

Women from the Deaf community came together because they saw the need for more domestic violence and sexual violence services for Deaf survivors in California. The goal was to provide direct services to any survivor that was not getting services, and to provide training and support to other areas of California establishing Deaf domestic violence services. The other founders were Kate Kovacs, Jane Whitney, Trina Abbott, Wenda Whalen, Amber Hodson, Cheryl Bella, and Julie Bella.

At DeafHope we are committed to providing the services that Deaf survivors and their children need to be safe.

The information below is from eWomen webpage:

What is a Femtor™?

The word Femtor™ is a registered trademark of eWomenNetwork, and it means to “help a woman succeed and thrive by investing one's knowledge, skills, time, resources and insights. Femtor™, or Femtoring, is the art and compassion of a woman helping another woman succeed and achieve her dreams.

Humanitarian of the Year:

The Humanitarian of the Year Award recognizes the powerful change that one individual can make in the lives of others. By selflessly giving, this individual is truly making a positive difference in the world, one person at a time.

DeafHope's Executive Director honored with Femtor International Humanitarian of the Year Award.

On the evening of June 7, 2007, during the eWomenNetwork Foundation International Femtor Awards Gala, Julie Rems-Smario was honored for her work as Executive Director of DeafHope with a Humanitarian of the Year Award. Deaf Hope is a non-profit agency serving Deaf survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

The eWomenNetwork Foundation gives annual awards to women who embody the spirit of what it means to be a Femtor. The word Femtor is a registered trademark of eWomenNetwork, which means "a wise and trusted woman providing knowledge, inspiration and practical information to other women." Femtor acknowledges the mentoring work done from a female experience and knowledge base. These experienced women seek out ways to teach, share their wisdom and help other women find their wings.

Taya Levine, Chief "Make It Happen" Officer for the eWomenNetwork Foundation remarked on this occasion "It is truly OUR honor to recognize Julie and the extraordinary work she is leading through Deaf Hope. We are committed to broadening the understanding of condition of women who are underserved, and often unseen. Deaf Hope is giving much needed visibility and support to a population that would otherwise be adrift, and needlessly penalized solely because the broader society has not yet realized the need to embrace and attend well to Deaf women who are contending with violent circumstances. We are delighted to play a part in raising awareness, and recognition, of our Deaf sisters and playing a small part in their future success."

The Femtor Awards are a prestigious international honor, awarded to women who have proven themselves to be exemplary role models in the world of business. These award acknowledges their outstanding achievements, skills, positive "can do" attitude, and commitment to giving back to their communities. These women inspire others, are respected by their peers, and volunteer their time and energy to serve others less fortunate.

The Humanitarian of the Year Award recognizes the powerful change that one individual can make in the lives of others. By selflessly giving, this individual is truly making a positive difference in the world, one person at a time.

During the award presentation, Sinden, a Deaf survivor of domestic violence, presented on how Julie's work had changed her life, giving her the opportunity to be a mother raising her child in a home without violence. To describe the impact that Julie's work had on her life, Sinden said "To me, Julie is like a beacon of hope in troubled waters, soothing my worries like balm."

In testimony to Julie's character, Bobbie Beth Scoggins, president of the National Association of the Deaf, said, "Julie's ability to connect and share so much of herself with deaf women in need of love, support and caring is truly phenomenal. We at the NAD are very delighted that she is being nationally honored by eWomen Network for her humanitarian work."

DeafHope was founded in 2003 by eight women, including Julie Rems-Smario. DeafHope's mission is to end domestic violence and sexual assault against Deaf women and children through empowerment, education and services.

Now the Board of Directors is planning to launch a new dream - a capital campaign for a center for abused Deaf women and their children. The vision for this center includes a shelter and transitional homes.

DeafHope Founding Board Chair of DeafHope, Kate Kovacs, joined Julie Rems-Smario to be part of this honor. Kate said, "It is such an amazing thing to happen to DeafHope. Julie has given so much of her energy, vision, guidance, selfless acts, and passion toward building a dream that each of us at DeafHope has, which is to end domestic and sexual violence in our community. Having many stepping stones to get there, this is a huge leap and I look forward to many more opportunities to open up for us."

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edgewilderness said...

what a hero julie is! we all are proud of her! big waving at her.

master logger

Aidan Mack said...

Jules... CONGRATS- You ROCK!!! What you did for women and children is beyond a hero.... WOW.. I am proud of you.. Keep it up with good work..

Barb: Wanna to join my club to be a motion graphic person. Very artistic presenter.. :o)


Susan said...

*HAND WAVING* to Julie - Julie, I think it is wonderful that you give hope to those suffering from violence, it is a truly heartwarming contribution you've made for these people.

I know the job can be dangerous too, because of retribution from those causing violence, but you've put those in need first.



kira said...

thanks, Barb!
Julie, my dearest friend!
congrats to u from my heart! i am so thrilled when Barb mentioned ur name.
thanks for everything to save my life years ago. i am so thrilled i met you, without you my life would be..
me and my hubby adore u very much.
thank you, Julie and ur co-workers :)
mwah, Kira

drmzz said...


Judge said...


I had the pleasure meeting Julie last April for first time in person after seeing her on video while I talked her husband.

Funny, she was surprised how tall I am, same for me to see her being that tall too!

Glad that she was one of several women founding the Deaf Hope!

Way to go Julie.

Thanks Barb for bringing up her name and her award! :)

LaRonda said...

Barb, your recognition of Julie is outstanding and exemplary of the kind of kudos we need to give one another for our accomplishments and leadership in the deaf community.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of collaborating with Julie and Deaf-Hope offering Parent Education workshops to the women they serve. The organization is amazing and Julie, herself, is an incredible individual. Definitely a beacon and role model for other deaf women.

I had the pleasure of visiting with Julie at a recent fundraiser put on for Deaf-Hope just last weekend. It was there that Julie humbly announced the humanitarian award. we were all in awe!

BIG HAND WAVES to Julie, Deaf-Hope staff, and to you, Barb, for such a profound recognition of a singular deaf woman in our world!

~ LaRonda Zupp

Chuck Baird said...

I am big man but I can jump with joy that high for her recieving the award. Yes, I am aware of that she is in Dallas for that award. I am so proud of her. She is our All American Deaf Woman. So are the Deaf women around here and there.


Longoman said...

I have to agree with comments above about Julie because she is one heck of a lady with class yet with a heart of gold!
My life has ben better for knowing her.
Congrats, Julie!
We love you!

Jean Boutcher said...


It is a great joy to hear the news. I am very proud of you. I knew, just knew that you must have been some special person from your blogs on DHH-CommUNITY that I have read for a year now. I see in you a beautiful soul with warmth, sincerity, concern, and love for human beings. Please accept my warmest congratulations for your being awarded as the Fenton Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Yours for DHH CommUNITY!

Teri said...

Barb, that's so nice of you!

Yes, she is a great and sweet lady.

I got a chance to meet her last summer at the NAD conference, and we had a blast!.

Congrats, Julie!


Anne Marie said...


IamMine said...

That is a HUGE deal!!!

I also have been seeing Julie contributing some of her time here on DR as well so I'm glad I got to know her personality a little!

Now I see her's all clear! :)


And thank you, Barb!! :)

Blog for the Deaf in Georgia! said...

Thank you for mentioning Julie Rems-Smario’s award! It was very thoughtful of you to tell us about her and the award. I am so pleased that she got the award.

A Deaf Pundit said...

Wow, I'm seeing more and more positive support for each other! Definitely nice to see. :)

Congrats, Julie, and keep up your excellent work on the behalf of deaf women everywhere!

mishkazena said...

Congrats, Julie!

Julie is an amazing woman. I met her last summer and we've worked together on several DV issues. I look forward to the day we will meet in person :)

Brian said...

You won't believe what a evening it was to watch Julie receive not only the award but many many many words of praises, offers, sponsorships, gifts, and networking opportunities! E Women Network were totally inspired by DeafHope and the services they provide. We were thrilled to be part of the show... it was truly amazing experience! We are SO PROUD of Julie! WIth your help, DeafHope can achieve our dream to build the shelter for the Deaf survivors.

We love you Julie~
Trina, Jane, and Brian!

Marin said...

Nice vlog! Just one tiny suggestion for future vlogs - please omit any special effects 'cuz they're very distracting and not easy to follow your comments when they showed up often. :0)

TwilightZone said...

Wow!!! I'm proud of you!!! Your father would have been VERY proud of you! His spirit is with you. I have witnessed from Day one of "no-name" organization to now!!! You deserved it and also, handwaving to DeafHope team!!!

Congrats to DeafHope!


Deb Ann said...

High Hands Waving!!!

(They said it all)