Sunday, June 03, 2007

My C.I. Friend is So Happy with ASL

Barb DiGi's daughter describes what she knows about her CI friend who is happy with ASL instead of relying on speech alone. Transcript:

Hello, my name is Brianna.

In my class, a girl who is my friend named B (10 years old). Three years ago, her mother heard about cochlear implant from her hearing friend and had B going through cochlear implant surgery.

Ever since B's speech isn't as intelligible or articulate even not able to hear and understand speech as she is able to when using signs.

Her mother sees that there is no improvement or change in her speech skills since.... Wondering if it is worth it to have C.I. for her daughter?

Then one day, her mother accidently threw the cochlear implant device (used incorrect handshape sign for C.I.)..oops I mean cochlear implant (with 2-bent handshape) the water when doing the laundry.

The device was broken but it was not fixed right away as it was being put off.

Her mother can see that B is still happy without C.I. because she is able to communicate using signs. Then finally got the C.I. device fixed and B is still happy because she has access to signs.

It is fine for C.I. with signs.

(end of transcript)

Please note that her mother (hearing) already knew about C.I. since her daughter was younger but did not pursue having C.I. until B wanted to have one. Her mother realized that her daughter was still happy when her C.I. was not working because she had access to communication using signs which was why she didn't get C.I. fixed right away.

Her wearing the C.I. is never considered a main vessel to communication since she is not able to fully comprehend speech and not able to produce intelligible speech. Using signs allow B to have the freedom to communicate making her happy.

She loves her mother so dearly and faithfully. It is a beautiful thing!


Aidan Mack said...

Good am... I sent you an e mail. Hope to hear from you. I also would love to film Bryanna...


Karen Mayes said...

Smile... I could tell you were sitting net to your computer as Brianna looked to your way a few times ;o). Yup, I know the girl she was speaking of... her mother really loves her and wants the best for her. It is nice to see that some of the parents do notice advantages and disadvantages after the implantation of CI. I know one girl who used to be in your son and my son's class years ago who was mainstreamed one year after being implanted and how her mother almost completedly severed all ties to the deaf world, with the exeption of a few CI kids who are mainstreamed. It bothers me at how some parents just cut off the ties the deaf CIed children in the "best interest" of the deaf CIed child.

Susan said...

Hi Brianna,

thank you for sharing about your friend B's cochlear implant. I think it's wonderful that her mother still let her use ASL.

John F. Egbert said...

Here's what so nice about bilingual, there is nothing wrong to learn sign language if the parent or child wishes to have CI, speech lessons, etc.

We all need to advocate bilingual(ASL/English) for all deaf children and not be biased with certain communication language methods.

Longoman said...

ASL has proven again and again as a language of choice among the deaf people because it is effective and natural process of exchanging information. Now if only we could convince doctors to listen. sigh!

Dennis said...

I'm going to cite you post in my next post. I received an email from Amy, the mother of the child shown in the UTube video on DeafRead yesterday.

Thanks for the story, it shows that when things are done correctly there can be happiness.


ccm14er said...

WOW ... that show proof, regarding about CHOICE personally to enjoy ASL and all sign language kinds as this method is best provided for the development of deaf language. The system of compression in hearing world is wrongly or mistakenly be the best method (anything toward to audism-oralism) ... I am proud of the BIG impression of what your daughter, Brenna has shown the Pure preference of complete comfortable (feel relaxation in mind set) for the deaf people to have best communication (ASL) ... way proud of "showing this emphasis" as best way as her classmate-friend has shown.

LET STAND UP KEEP GOING ... probably next 20 years. Finally things in hearing world will shift more focusly to ASL (and other sign language etc ... use HANDS) THAN the famous stupid "white elephant" Alex Graham Bell organization.


Jean Boutcher said...


You are a darling, lovely, and
smart little girl -- attributed by
your lovely mother! Your CI friend
looks up to you as her role model.
Beautiful! Inspirational! You and your mother help the CI child and her mother see the light in the tunnel! I think that the CI child's
mother is dekighted to eyewitness that you are bilingual because you sign in ASL at the same time you mouth in English. You have convinced her that one can become bilingual without being implanted.

Keep reading and reading, smile.

mishkazena said...

Interesting story, Brianna. Thanks for sharing. It's good thing that your friend's mom didn't remove her from the Deaf Community after she got implanted, so she can continue seeing her Deaf friends and enjoy sign language.