Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Parallel between Nationhood and Deafhood (revised)

Barb DiGi describes the comparisons between Nationhood (changed from Nationalism) and Deafhood. The term, deafhood, was coined by Dr. Paddy Ladd and promoted by the deaf trio, David Eberwein, Ella Mae Lentz and Genie Gertz at the NAD convention and elsewhere in the nation. (7:52) quicktime YouTube

Link to my chart on Deafhood and Nationhood

Link to Genie Gertz's video clip on Deafhood

Link to Joey Baer's vlog on Deafhood

Note: I signed Audio VISUAL Therapy..It was supposed to be Audio Verbal Therapy so pardon me!

Thanks to the commenters who made a recommendation that Nationhood may be a better word to replace Nationalism. So in that case, I have replaced nationalism to nationhood since the term is more neutral and it involves process.


Deaf Farmer said...

Hi Barb,

It is interesting. Thanks for giving good examples about Nationalism and Deafhood. You helped us to understand what has happened regarding Nationalism and the similarities to Deafhood. Hopefully, we will establish unity and be strong in North America in the near future.

Deaf socrates trail said...

Very well information on that issue that is very good question of a parallel between Nationalism and Deafhood is a big challenge! I do enoy watching your vlog many times bring a lot of good things, however I see the point of Deafhood we all face a big problem is dividing amongst our Deaf Community as a BABEL, I often call a Babel. That word comes from Old Testement in Bible, A babel really causes a lot of our Deaf community, education, lack of recognizing the language we all use, no law to protect our language that benefit us as a true Deaf identity but Nationalism is very dangerous to number of ethnics look at Serbia or Turkey or Iraq try to clean ethnics out. AG Bell and AVT are might be next dangerous also they try to clean up our language through education. Nationalism began in Italy or Germany before WW11, Italy, nationalism grew and destoryed number of people between Northern and Southern based on long history. Nazi was formed based on nationalism. Deafhood is very good concept but might take and struggle to overcome a lot awful of barriers. I wish NAD needs to take much strong role in Deaf Community, they might know is big weak: M O N E Y. I have seen number of donation a lot of money from AG BELL that influence very easily.

Oscar the Observer said...

Fascinating and brilliant analysis! Thank you!

LaRonda said...

Wow! Great comparison, Barb. I was amazed at the depth of this vlog and how your thoughts so easily flowed. You can tel you have thought this topic through.

~ LaRonda

Beth said...
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moxiemocha said...

I like what you say. Very nice vlog.

Longoman said...

Well said, Barb -

Seems like we need legislators in our corner to push new laws on the choice of communication that has been manipulated by doctors and few individuals with wealth and power. Unfortunately, to achieve this in America, lawsuits have to be implemented to make it happen.

ccm14er said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE ISSUE and its own DEBATE as it will benefit all of us the deaf people.

However, one of commentor has said the only way to achieve this goal is having gone through the lawsuits etc. I absolutely DISAGREE with this. Why ??? because it will hurt Human Resources of all Jobs opportunities for the deaf people. The ONLY way is to repair and overhaul ADA law to make it all happen be successful. In this way, like Barb explained in Vlog, the TEAMWORK between the deaf people and the "state" (the higher authority, like the state, the federal, all the likes) will bring into UNITY and bring the wonderful jobs for everyone deaf people. You see too many deaf people using SSI-SSDI checks, like the poor people welfare. Causing all the problems -- making all the Oralist people leaders (like AGB, etc) LOOK AT THEM ... OHH OHH AHH AHH ... that's explain why Oral is winning. OH ITS STUPID @@@ That's why we as all whole deaf people population (no matter all kinds of personality and sub-cultures etc no matter what) can UNITE each other WITH the government authority (the "state") to BEAT that damn AGB etc.

LET SEE WHAT HAPPENS FOR NEXT 20 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD. I notice the uprising deaf people give more "voices" for the world to hear about all of us. They will see clearly by then.


Longoman said...

To ccm14er -

I've been there for over 30 years and can honestly say that doctors and legislators will not do anything unless a bigger issue is brought up. If legislators will help, great! If not then sometimes lawsuits will get their attention as history has shown. That's the fact and I will not deny it.
If you can win without lawsuits, I will salute you.

Jean Boutcher said...

Natioanlism being prompted by extremists result in jingoism and a disaster as it did in Italy and Germany between 1920s and 1940s. It almost happened here under Bush. Jingoism escalated for three years following 9/11. Shocked by Americans' naïvete, Europeans and other foreigners from around the world responded with hostility not only towards Bush but also towards the U.S.A. Americans did not realise how silly and jingoistic they had been until they saw Brits' burning two effigies of Prime Minister Tony Blair and Puppeteer Bush. Few Americans, myself included, were appalled about Bush's excessive nationalism and criticised Bush and Congress who supported Bush. We have been participating in anti-Bush and anti-war rallies sponsored by two organisations, Move.On and A.N.S.W.E.R., from October 2002 to April 2007. Slowly but surely Americans have begun to realize how dangerous it is about Bush's obsession for nationalism. More and more politicians have abandoned Bush. Actually, Bush's natioanlism is
dangerous because, like his father, Bush is basically naïve and anti-intellectual with the fraternity mentality. Now more and more Americans have begun to realise that Bush is dumb and dumber. By 2006, the disapproval rating for Bush has plummeted to 29% -- the lowest in the presidential history! I have been aware of the danger about nationalism through my former boyfriend and my brother-in-law. Their respective parents fled to the USA because of the rise of nationalism in Italy. That is why nationalism has never been in mine and in my parents' vocabulary. It is synonymous to a disaster. We are indebted to Move.On and other organisations for helping Bush's nationalism die out.

Jean Boutcher said...


Noam Chomsky, the father of linguistics, is anti-nationalism.
He often participates with us in
rallies criticising Bush. Nationalism means "absolute"
-- no gray but completely black and white. The U.S. Constitution
allows no absolutism. Flexibility,

Oscar the Observer said...

Unfortunately, Jean is correct. Nationalism to extremism DOES make for potential to be an empire like United States is RIGHT NOW because of multitude of 'permanent' military bases all over the globe and threatening the space too. If we take this analogy one step farther, we can establish Deaf empire and hunt down all Deaf children and fight for their right to sign ASL (or foreign sign language). However this analogy fortunately for us Deaf does not work in 'real world' because we are too much a minority to 'conquer' deaf children so we will find flexible and cunning solutions to protect our borders against the armies of hearing empire.

I am somewhat silly here but serious at the same time :).

Barb DiGi said...

Nationalism cannot be so simply defined in a word nor can its effects be so clearly explained. Each has a different meaning, and each walks a fine line of possible positive consequences for unifying our global community and possible destructive consequences that have the potential to rip our global unity apart.

Found a website that explains to the extend:

On one hand, nations should have “the right of self-determination.” It seems only fair and just that each nation should control itself and make resolute decisions for its own people. Canada is a perfect example of a nation which uses this right in a positive manner. Canada has its own laws to govern its people with justice and fairness. Canada believes in equality for all, and it is displayed through government practices and political beliefs. Canada determines the standard by which Canadians live by, and it has created a truly independent nation that takes pride in itself. “The right of self-determination” keeps nations unique, as well.

However, just as some nations take this right and use it to better their people and the world, this
right can also be greatly abused.

It is the nation that provides them with their primary form of belonging. This cultural ideal certainly stands true in Canada. Canada is a nation of various races and cultures all merged together. In Vancouver alone, there are Asian, Greek, Jewish, Irish, Catholic, East Indian, and numerous other people living together. Each of these different groups are brought together by our Canadian unity.

Canadians share the same general ideas and beliefs. If one were to ask any person in Canada no matter what race, religious, or culture, he or she would probably say “Canadian.” A nation gives us a name. A place to be accepted and to belong.
Unfortunately, this sense of belonging that a nation provides can be negatively displayed. Some
nations become exclusive and resent others who are not a part of their nation. Other nations find
themselves feeling culturally supreme over others and so self-absorbed with their own good, that they forget about the rest of the world beyond their nation.

So my intention is to display the positive comparisons between nationalism and deafhood. Italy is now a unified country but the country had experienced a bumpy road indeed. U.S. developed nationalism from time to time as some of the outcomes were both positive and negative.

Squ65 said...

You have an excellent explanation here --

Umm .. Most important we need to educate the parents of Deaf and HOH children. It is not easy thou but we must act this now.

NAD kinda broaded I think (in my opinion) How about TGC ? or ??? Any idea? Thomas Gallaudet/Clerc Organization? The hearing society needs to be educated about both hardworking people. Gallaudet who was hearing determined to find the way to communicate with the Deaf -- even travelled to Europe by the ship and brought the Deaf man Clerc to this country. We need to focus on both well known people how much they had worked hard for all of us and a future generation of our Deaf children -- to communciate - It is extremely sad that "Nationalism" AGB who was a very powerful and convincing person because he was the telephone inventer. The large majority of hearing population "chess" the Deaf/HH children to fit into its own society because of him. It hurts. Most important is this society needs to respect each others as an unity. Everyone is unique and we are family. Like me I grew up oral and missed out alot (without ASL til I was 19) -- Deaf community is my life. Of course I love my hearing family and friends but I don't feel connect to them as they don't know the Deaf culture and ASL. I often get left out!

Thanks to Gallaudet/Clerc. One more thing - Thanks to Abraham Lincoln too because he approved and - established Gallaudet University. Gallaudet University and ASL should NOT be destroyed. It is considered as a landmark.

Final - Let's act now -- otherwise AGB organization will continue to brainwash many many parents of Deaf and HH children. Many people don't realize this how much we have been suffered thru. well ... I'll hush! Good Night (actually good morning!) I hope I don't bore you and the rest tonite.

Barb DiGi said...

Oops, I may have deleted a comment by Beth above by accident while I was editting mine..her comment was:

Very nice vlog. I agree with all points you've made.

Deaf socrates trail said...

Hello again,
Today It took me to think of excat defination of nationalism and deafhood that might confuse and don't make any clear of what is the between nationalism and deafhood. I must look at that words very carefully, when I look up the definition of nationalism means devotion to the interest or culture of one's nation which mean everything for example one belief, one race, one value, everything must be oneness. that is what nationalism all about! Now deafhood means each individual's self taking a process: growing, learning, sharing the experience with oneself I see there is no parallel, if you put down nationhood and deafhood that would make more clear and understanding better and still can be parellel, nationhood means a people who share common customs, orgins, history, and frequently language, a nationally. You might see the difference between a group and one individual. I would follow much easier! I hope you learn something the difference between nationalism and nationhood!

Joey Baer said...

Excellent - keep them coming. I really enjoyed your vlogs when you compare two different terms and how they can be related. I love that thinking because it certainly will push us to think out of box.

Barb DiGi said...

Deaf Socrates:

You have a point here..there are indeed differences between nationalism and deafhood but I was focusing on the similarities.

From the sources that Gertz wrote that I pasted and copied:

"With all different interpretations and understanding we have, they will help us to envision where we come from and where we are going. With our different experiences and journeys, we will reach a common goal that is to unite us for Deaf humanity."

Deafhood like Nationalism also focuses on unity and identity (see source provided in my chart) where each individual finds his or her own journey that leads to a common goal which is to unite. As for nationhood, I looked up the definition and it says it is the state or quality of having status as a separate and independent nation. For example, nationhood is a cultural association: a community of people sharing the same culture, ethnicity, language, territory or religion whereas nationalism may entail a belief, or beliefs, in a specific political action required to constitute, sustain, or reconstitute one’s nation as an independent, unified entity. Again nationlism stresses on unity just like deafhood.

Yeah Joey!! It is fun to analyze how Deafhood can apply in some ways to Nationalism. I can see how some individuals perceive it differently than I do but I agree with them since their points are valid and there is no right and wrong to it since it is a matter of interpretation.

DE said...


Last week in Illinois some Deafies commented to me how much they really enjoy and learning from your vlogs! You're a national hero now!

Anyway, good vlog on nationalism & Deafhood! (The best thing about Deafhood is that it allows different interpretations by different Deaf people, like Genie explained.) You got me thinking, because your parallels are on-the-target. Unity CAN be achieved, and it's actually happening in small steps here in the U.S.

One important thing Paddy pointed out in his book is our potential to be "global citizens". We could expand on that, and show the world we have a lot to teach them about, especially global citizenship. Thing is, Deaf Culture isn't tied to a specific geographic location- it actually travels. Paddy says because Sign Language is more encompassing, Deaf people are quicker in connecting across borders. So how about Worldism - it's bigger than Nationalism? :)



The Critic said...

It's pretty common knowledge when one see the word "nationalism" one easily connects it to Nazi Germany as one good example. Nation and Nationalism is two different word with different meaning.

Is it a good idea to compare deafhood with nationalism?

You compared to Italy's nationalism (I don't think italy ever achieve nationalism goals completely) which was pretty good. I'm doing genealolgy research on my italian side of family and agree with what is going on in Italy. However many history books, when writing about Nationalism, points to Nazi Germany.

Jean Boutcher said...

In May of 2006, Fernandes and Jordan told some reporters in The Washington Post that some Deaf people are absolutists (equivalent of extremists, militants, zealots). Fernandes accused Deaf people of being anarchists and terrorists after saying that the Gallaudet protest was about her "not Deaf enough."

If JKF and IKJ viewed a vlog, "A Parallel between Nationalism and Deafhood," they would say to the media with the full conviction:
"We told you so! Deaf people are absolutists."

If we used "A Parallel between nationhood and Deafhood, JKF and IJK would not jump down our throats. Why? Because Paddy Ladd emphasizes "Deafhood as the process of...." in a positive manner." The same is true with the nationHOOD of any country; i.e.: the process of a democratic socialist in, say, Sweden, or the Republic in the USA. Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Communist Soviet used to be a paragon of natioanlism (not now anymore).

Barb DiGi said...

Ok, I realize that there is a stigma with the term nationalism but it does not necessarily mean it is negative since it has been positive for countries like Canada and Italy. The definition differs from country to country. Nationhood may sound more neutral.

Deaf socrates trail said...

"neccsrily means it is negative?"
Pyzzle me the questionlof what you mean by that? Okay I answer to your statement! In English suffix: ism means a form a noun of action from a verb or a distictive doctrine, system or theory, and hood means a state or conditing or a group sharing a certain characteristic, tell ne what you mean neutrzl?
nationalism vs deafism could be compared or parallel?
nationhood vs deafhood could be compared or parallel? Do you have any of any word that can relate to that question Nationalism and Deafism both the same concept under one system or standardized system? Do you have any idea of womanism vs womanhood? Tell me, I'd like to see lively debate on that issue, good for you bring lively issues!

Barb DiGi said...

Ha, Deaf you want a debate? Fine, I am gonna provide you a view..First of all, I agreed about the term 'ism to 'hood as you can see I already revised the term before you posted your recent comment. However, I said that nationalism does NOT necessarily mean negative. I am not sure what part are you puzzled about? I am focusing on the positives of selected meaning of nationalism that I am able to compare it to deafhood.

But after listening to all of your comments, I agree that nationhood is more suitable because the term nationhood is not associated to a negative content as compared to people who view nationalism that can be mostly negative to them although the term itself is not. I can see that you had taken out the definition from wikipedia. Deafhood can be a philosophy or a theory which is why it can fit in to 'ism also a group sharing a certain characteristic (deaf, that is). Even 'ism means a process if you look back to the wikipedia so it can be applicable.

Actually, the main reason I changed to 'hood is that it is a much more neutral word since the first thing that pops up to people's mind is not either negative or positive as compared to 'ism that causes more varying opinions that are most likely aligned to negativism (lol).

As for Deafism, it is viewed more militant just like nationalism can be so I am not going there. As I just plainly put at it: Deafhood and Nationhood seem like a best option. Thanks to you and to the others for your feedback as I am willing to listen and change. :-)

By the way, why did you pick your nickname Socrates after all what he said about deaf people that were viewed negatively?

Barb DiGi said...

Dear Deaf Socrates Trail...

Coming from

It said:

360 BC

Plato’s Cratylus, in this, Socrates mentions the use of signs by the deaf. Socrates discusses innate intelligence, persons born perfect but without speech gives no sign of intelligence so therefore Deaf people are incapable of language and ideas.

So help me understand how is your view on Socrates positive and for you to support the idea that Deaf people are incapable of language and ideas?

Deaf socrates trail said...

hi Barb DiGI
Now I answer to your question why I pick my nickname Socrates? Okay the reason why I selected that nickname because I always read several books of Socrates. I found very fantastic and interested issues. let me quote: "that goodness consits not in helping friends, and harming enemies, but in not harming anybody at all, that goodness and knowledge core one and the samething and that for porgress to be made in arguement, there must be step-by-step agreement between those arguing."
And the question why Socrates view Deaf people as negatively. Well I am not sure I will look up but my question Did Socrates know any difference between sign language and gestures in his time? Had Socrates talked with them personally or just observed them in wrong way? Who knows not mention in the book so it is hard to say whether Deaf People are incaple of having logic, no, Aristole said that a person who can not hear therefore does not have any logic. That is him who said incapable of developing the language and logic! Because he believed that hearing and thinking are related, Sorry It proved him wrong completley!