Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What a stupid e-mail message!

Hi folks! Just wanted to share with you about a recent e-mail message I got about adopting two deaf children. The e-mail included a Deaf Life logo stating that it supported this so-called agency and that if I would be interested then contact the writer and the bank. Oh duh! Can you believe how someone that stupid wrote this e-mail asking me to contact the bank where my money could be transferred just like that? I wonder if it worked for them before? Also what made them think that anyone would fall for that? Read on...(Length:3:21) Special thanks to Matthew Moore for granting permission to use the logo from Deaf Life. Deaf Life has nothing to do with this scam and it is an example of how this company has been exploited by scammers who are attempting to damage its reputation. quicktime YouTube

supported by .....

We provide good health and focus for deaf kids .supported by the Uk government.

Hello honest deaf,

My name is Agent sarda work for government manchester .i will really love to pass this information to all good deaf and the honest one that is really willing to take good care of 3 years old girl and a 4 years old boy .Their mother and father came from unknown area and they live in uk.. 3 months ago their parents die and they left the amount of 3million pounds in their account.and when you convert into usa dollars its about 6.5million dollars.the 2deafs kids are in the uk hospital were doctor Jack Bradford is taking good care of them cus they were participated in the accident that happen ,To God be the glory that they were not dead like their parents.we shall love a good honest deaf or woman who can accept the 2 kids and take good care of them and after 2 months , the uk gonvernment will pay 2500$ for both kids every week to take care of the kids and they will always come after every 6 months to check on them to see how they are doing ..and the person will be given the 3million pounds to take good care of the kids for life and when they get time to go to school , the uk government will use the remaining money in there account to send them to the best Deaf school in u.s.a still under your care. NO much stress and easy life for u they a sweet kids you will love them . .Please write me back if u are interested so that we can contact the bank that hold the money as soon as possible and also contact the uk government and deaf view UK so that they can sign and agree the kids to go with you and the money..pls contact me as possible in this email address ..... thats my email address , let me know if you are interested.

Take Care

Agent Sarda

Note: I misspelled the name Sara while it is supposed to be Sarda. But what difference does it make since it may be a phony name!


Judge said...

LOL Tell me about it!

I love SCAM email!! Why? It never come to my mailbox because it always go to junk folder and I just empty it without reading it! :)


Aslpride said...


They will think of anything to convince people to cash their checks. They are pure con artists. I have see many different kind of emails, but the common detect from those emails, "Family has died and money is ready to give next claimer." Old song, but new ideas to convince people to fall into their trap. As you said, "Keep away from them." It's not hard to press delete button. :)

Jean Boutcher said...


Please do not answer to any scammer's email. I have heard
plenty of stories like one I have
read in your blog. I got several scams last year. I think they saw
my name through Deaf-L@yahoogroups
and identified me as a deaf person,
apparently thinking that all deaf
peopel were gullible and would send
them money. Report to your ISP about the spammer (with an enclosure of his/her email, including the full header and
IP address.


Dennis said...

This is very similar to the Nigerian bank scams.

Send us a little money so we can afford to send you millions. Yeah, right.

But you'd be surprised how many people fall sor it and send them thousands of dollars.


A Deaf Pundit said...

Ewww. Good for you to vlog about this! I second Jean's comment, and if this email came from Yahoo, report it to Yahoo as well. They are very strict about spam and scam emails.

A Taste for Ideas said...

*collapses in laughter*

It's the Nigerian email scam, only Deaf!

Lantana said...

I used to receive this kind of stuff when I was using Yahoo Mail. 'Not with other email programs. I could usually tell right from the "Subject" line that it was baloney and always reported them as spam to Yahoo. Always. Now I do not receive many of them a few a week is all.

And yes, whomever it was who sent the emails via Yahoo Mail knew I was deaf and even knew what kinds of medications I take!

I would like to add (off subject a little) that alot of our medical billing is being done in INDIA.


HR said...

Judge, and everyone else, don't delete spam emails from your junk folders, but forward them to They need to hear from you to assist with reducing spam emails. Apparently, they're not getting enough of them, so they would appreciate your forwarding them spam emails.


Barb DiGi said...

Hey Judge I have a junk folder too but this one slipped to my mailbox!

ASLpride: Yup, con artists do exist but boy this must be a dumber one. Yeah, instead of just deleting it I want to show to the world what it looks like so that the scammers will not have any success because more people know about it.

Jean: Wow..they got your email just like they got mine from blogging..yes indeed will report to my isp alright!

Dennis: Yes, there were several attempts from Nigeria who contacted me years ago when being a member of the deaf single connection pretending to be this great looking man who begged for money for his sick mother with AIDS. He claimed that he is from United Kingdom. I am hoping that no more people will fall for it as this word comes out makikng them aware.

ADP: Thanks..the more we spread the word, the less likely this will continue. Looks like they have been successful since they are still continuing doing it you think?

ATFI: It can be from anywhere not limited to Nigeria. Like I had explained before I got an email who is from UK.

Lantana: Right on! Amazing how they knew your business sheesh! Scary huh!

Hetty: Thanks for the info..that's new to me. I usually forward to spam provided by yahoo and forwarding to is a plus.

The Critic said...

yeah, something similar like that happened to one person I know.
It has to do with DEAF women from Africa who posted in some singles deaf group. She contacted him via deaf singles. She actualy scammed that guy out of lots of money. Poor deaf guy did send money to her so she can fly to USA and have a relationship with him. But then there was always some problem that popped up and she kept asking for more money. Turned out it was a scam. Many of his friends tried to warn him but he didn't listen.

DeafMom3 said...

Thanks for sharing this awful spam - especially toward the deaf children. For me, adoption fraud is the cesspool of the humanity.

I do get the Nigerian bank and milionaires dying emails and even the personal letters in the mail! Reporting it to Spam, it seems to lessen lately.

We all need to be cautious of the 'free money' at all times.

Cy said...

I think a lot of us have received this email at one time or another. Like you said, it is quite obvious it is a scam, similiar to the Nigerian emails.

But it is good idea to advertise and reach the Deaf communities about this scam because there are some deafies who are not as worldy and do not realize the falsehoods behind the email.

Todd said...

Alarmingly, I have noticed a trend of these scams being perpetuated on the Deaf community. Is the recent activity more of an offshoot of the usual ip-relay scam calls? Where the scammers are now taking their crosshairs upon our community?

Recently, I've gotten 'targeted' emails/IM's along those lines. I have taken proactive action, such as removing all contact information on,, my blog, etc. The less information scammers know about my contacts, I'll be much more happier.

It is unfortunate that there are some Deafies falling for these scams, which only helps fuel their attention upon our community as a whole. The more education we do along these lines to stop such tactics will be felt and appreciated by all. Thanks for the video!

Aidan Mack said...

I laughed when you said, “Hello, we are not that stupid.” I love your attitude.

I received similar email like your e-mail at yahoo but not included Deaf children and Logo. I switched to Gmail from yahoo. They are good at putting scam emails into the spam.

It is unbelievable that they went too far by using Deaf children and Logo... That is screwed up.

They would think that we would buy this scam but this is getting old. Everyone knows about this. Oh man....


Blog for the Deaf in Georgia! said...

Oh I got many scam emails. They knew I am deaf and hope to take an advantage of me. I ain't stupid.
I just hope other deaf people won't buy the story that you got an email with Deaflife's logo.

Thanks for sharing your side!

Domvera said...

Hi Barb!

Indeed, I agreed with you about sickening of getting spam e-mails to attack our community.

Sometimes, I received spam e-mails in their folder, not going through inbox. The subject line states, "Hi" or "Hello". I thought it could be my old friends. Then open it up and read the note to beg for money or want to date with. It turned me off and deleted it right away into the spam folder. It always gone through the Spam Center to block them.

Nick Vera

Deaf Farmer said...

LOL I am not surprised about that. Sometimes I got some scam emails even I am a Canadian. I used to delete them quickly. They use to send scam emails to people who live in wealth countries like USA, British, Canada and others

Maybe they think us, Deaf people, are gullible and buy their story so they try to take advantage of us. Unfortunately we are not S T U P I D! Thanks for sharing with us!

Jaymie said...

Sigh.... It just continues. Those scammers are all over the place now. They are invading people's lives like hook worms! I have seen it plenty of times in the single dating websites. So many scammers would steal information and pictures from other people in other countries and create new profiles. Thankfully, my skeptical personality protected me right off bat. But, unfortunately, there are some gullible people out there that would end up losing a lot of money. I'm glad you did this vlog. Maybe a reminder vlog in a few months would be good too. Sigh...

FRED said...

Hey Barb!

Well said!

We're all in this crap ... those who try to "scam" their way into ourlives is nothing new, darn it. They're just getting harder to get rid of, even RAID doesn't work any more, why? Because they work harder to try to trick us into getting into our privacy.

I always tell my family, friends, to please do not forward any type of message with all the people's email addresses on the CC line, which is why scammers knew of a way to retrieve address, so best bet, send them BCC less likely being noticed, and also chain-letters, any other crappy messages, Aghhhh .. stuffs like that. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep up.

John Lestina --- said...

Response to Barb DiGi: CLICK HERE

Janus said...

I have noticed that Scammers tend to use their email addresses from yahoo.

mule4350 said...

Yeah I notice your letter as I remembered that I got almost similar letter as your! Except they said parents come from Poland but your letter show is unkown also amount is same as your also Last year age was same to your letter.
I warn you If U.K. send a cheque to a someone and at Customs would charge for tax fee, attorney fee and terriost fee as well. I can't believe your letter almost similar to my letter in email Wow Good thing is to share with you! Barb!

B.A.D. said...

Yeah - I usually hit "Delete" or "send to Spam". I even get "spams" on my pager, Once you OPEN the spam, the computer (whoever spams you), will notice it is a VALID e-mail and they will keep sending to you.
As for the "other countries/places" that requires to send money - you do have a view choices, delete/simply ignore/and there is an e-mail addy to send those letter to some government/investigation.
We must NEVER open any e-mail we feel don't know who, because like I said Once you open it, other spams will come in as a known valid e-mail addy.....Keep KEWL!

LaRonda said...

Good grief!

~ LaRonda

Jean Boutcher said...

John Lessina has raised up a good question about e-Bay and others. That is one of the possibilities. However, I have not ordered anything on the Internet. Our phone numbers are unpublished.Yet, my friends and I wonder how some scammers know our middle initials.
Is it possible that some employees in banks or in the Social Security Administration sell people's names and home addresses. We know that our suspicion is not negative, so we feel we should notify our legislators as well as consult NBC Dateline about this matter.

Just my two cents.