Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sharing Your Thoughts In Private vs. In Public

I know, I know...I am supposed to be on vacation but heck I am on vacation and this is something that I enjoy, v/blogging, that is. I read a magazine and the poll asked if we should blog while we are on vacation...82 percent said NO! 18 said YES so I guess I belong to the 18 percent of population who blogs on a vacation, oh well, guess you can't blame me for that.

Anyway, I can't help but join in the discussion about what v/bloggers say about respect. I would like to focus on expressing nasty, I mean real vulgar, thoughts in private versus in public. Naturally, my reaction when viewing Lois's vlog was like Huh? What the...? But I don't need to say more because if you don't have anything nice to say about someone then don't say it at all especially in public. I don't think I am alone in this that I do believe it is typical for most of us coming up with opposing thoughts about anyone who doesn't share our views, ideas, beliefs, etc. But I am not being a hypocrite here because I do share my vulgar thoughts to my trusted, loved ones and friends whom I can vent it out about anything or anyone. It is just a matter of WHERE your thoughts are shared.

When people say it is just a matter of respect, unfortunately, not all practices this ethical behavior when one gets provoked. It is a matter of controlling and refraining yourself from harming the others especially in this small deaf blogosphere. I am not talking about what I have witnessed in Lois's vlog but elsewhere and even mine. Name-calling is cyberbullying, folks but sharing nasty comments with your closed ones in private is sufficient if you want to vent it out. You may say it is a double standard but I believe that's how it is in human nature. However, I still encourage anyone to present their perspectives on why they disagree in a respectful way, not what he or she thinks of that person, especially when presenting your views in public.

When viewing vlogs or reading blogs, we may take it with a grain of salt, agree with what was said or defend for what we believe in and present our opposing views. My next vlog is going to discuss about the content of the origins of ASL and bilingual issues where I feel I need to clarify some misconceptions as told by Lois.

That is what America is all about where we are able to oppose any opinions but America is not about allowing name-calling, insulting remarks, and what-nots toward certain individuals. Why do you think the Congress passed hate crime and laws against libel and slander in the first place though?



Aidan Mack said...

Amen... I got several e-mails saying that they noticed the negativism had begun to take over the DeafRead. They admit that they missed the "old times". Some of them lost motivated in DeafRead because of bashers attacking people, some of vloggers/bloggers don't take their accountability, expose things that should be in private, and threatening people by posting about their lives if they do not what a vlogger/blogger wants. It is getting out of control. It turned off by many people.
I find it odd one of vloggers said it was not permissive for anyone to attack in the comment on the vlog then someone that the vlogger dooesn’t like and allowed other attack that person.
DeafRead is a great opportunity but it is up to people if they want to destroy it or to embrace it.

Good Post..


Karen Mayes said...

Smile... yup, you are on vacation!

Cyberbullying is quickly becoming old but is still painful, affecting all ages (not only young people.)

Anyway, a friend from Rochester announced on her Xanga account that RSD announced it would have a Bi-Bi program starting in the fall and I know that you played a large role in seeing to that it was set up... GOOD JOB.