Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You don't have to hear to enjoy music (Barb's version)

Steve Longo, a deaf guitarist

Mike signs: Deaf

Barb signs: Progressivism

Here is a teaser of our last night's rehearsal:

It was a kick to meet Mike Schmitz a.k.a. drmzz in his Oh I See blog for the first time. It didn't occur to me that music was the reason to bring us together especially that we are deaf. Hey are we the first vloggers who meet through DeafRead to ever perform together? We both happen to enjoy signing songs and have been asked by Steve Longo who is a deaf electric guitarist of Beethoven's Nightmare, the only deaf band in the world. Steve currently plays with a local band that consists hearing players to keep up with his skills. He has been playing the guitar for more than 40 years!

We both will be signing songs individually but there is one song we are going to do it together called, "All Right Now" by Free. We laughed so hard when performing this song because it is too funny. We will not be only signing songs but acting like it is a story. This song talks about a guy finding a girl from the street and taking her home then this girl gives him a slap in the face. I even told Mike that he would have to land on his knees to beg me back. We will show you this after our Saturday's performance so stay tuned!

In case you are wondering how we follow music, we memorized the lyrics, the beat and the rhythm. I have a 90 dB loss in my left ear and use a hearing aid where I am able to catch the words. Deaf people still enjoy music with or without listening devices.

By the way, in the video clip, the song I did was called, "Sunshine of Your Love" by the Cream and Mike did "Can't Explain" by the Who. Here is the list of songs:

Barb's songs:

Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf)

Wild Thing (Clocker's own version)

Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry)

Sunshine of Your Love (Cream, Eric Clapton)

Proud Mary (CCR)

It's my Life (Animals)

We Gotta Get Outta This Place (Animals)

Bad Moon Rising (CCR)

All Right Now (with Mike) (Free)

Mike's songs:

Summertime Blues (The Who)

I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)

Feel Like Making Love (Bad Company)

Jumpin Jack Flash (Rolling Stones)

Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)

Cant' Explain (The Who)

Hard Day's Night (Beatles)

Love Me Two Times (Doors)

All Right Now (with Barb) (Free)

The Kids Are Alright! (The Who)

Old Time Rock and Roll (Bob Seger)


ASL Risen said...

Hands wave!!! Awesome!! Good to see you back on your vlog!!! Barb, you are so BEAUTIFUL mom!!!

ASL hugs, Shawn

Tamara and Dennis said...


Your boyfriend Steve is cute! :)



Mish said...

*beaming with pride* I am so proud of you all. You all really rock!

I have been in the dark over the years....never knew there was a deaf band! Really awesome! If you ever head out my way, let me know! (I am from Indiana)

Thanks for the comment on how you all follow music. I was wondering that myself. Pretty much the same way how I follow my favorite bands. I also use visual aid (the band's music videos to follow the lyrics then eventually able to follow along without the aid). I also rely on hearing aids (I am very deaf without them) to help catch the words, only if I know the lyrics.

Keep on rockin! Keep us proud!

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

ASL + Music = AWESOME!

***** 5 stars for each of you (Mike, Barb and Steve)

Neil said...

Oooh, very cool. Clapton is one of my favorite artists and I've often had difficulty envisioning how the often-psychedelic lyrics of his Cream-era work would translate in ASL.

For what its worth, I play the drums, have my own drum set although living in a townhome isn't exactly conducive to practice, I'd love to get together and jam with Mike Schmitz.


B.A.D. said...


(I will watch the video when I get home, work blocks VIDEOS grrr).

I just can't believe, ALL THESE years I thought I can't play the guitar because I must really HEAR the tunes. I've ALWAYS wanted to play the guitar, and I am in AWE that Steve played for 40 years? How did he do this? I wear hearing aids too, without them I am Deaf as well. I am not sure I can hear the tune? Does Steve hear at all? How did he do it? WOW!
I think I'm gonna go soon (this fall) to hit guitar lessons!!! See what they say...will keep you (all) posted!!


Jean Boutcher said...

WOW! Cool and hip! Please signsong more!

Go Go Go Go
Go Go
Go Go Go Go
Go Go


Anne Marie said...

Let's do a concert!!

Try do ASL lyrics instead of translating song? That is what I do. Will promise to feature one of my work soon.

PR said...

Groovy! :~D

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb!


Are you tricking to all of us by using the karaoke along with the captions?

Don't be fool with us! ;-)

Why don't you join the audition for the American Idol? I think you should! :-0

White Ghost

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just Jodi

Whhooooo hoooooooooo you guys ROCK !!!!!
Barb you did an excellent interpretion of the song..
I sure hope to see more of this type of thing later on..

Waving my lighter LOL


Deaf said...

Was Mike (aka DrMzz) having some seizure?


Hope you all turn out very well even though i am no fan of any music.

Good luck!

I have another identity but I withheld mine to see if you (and Mike) can catch me! :)

Jac said...

I wish I could see you guys there! Darn it!

Have a fun & blast Times!

Could not wait to see your video after Saturday!

C said...

Long live Rock n Roll n ASL! Great video!

todos la vie said...

Wow, good beats and sign-lip sync! I don't know any of the songs but I enjoyed watching you both sign with Longo strumming the guitar in the background. You guys are all intimate! Awesome!

Kelly - said...

Hey Barb -

Enjoyed watchin' you doing the song! Am lookin' forward in seeing more of them.

Your man is hot! ;) Love 'em bald men. In fact, buzzed my hubby's head yesterday.

Oh, OIC, he isn't too bad either! ;)

Kelly -

marisa said...

more please! especially more of your song signing, barb. i've seen mike's song vlogs before.... more barb the ASL rockstar!!!!

LaRonda said...

Oh! This was soooo fun!! Man! I'm in San Diego! Can
t be there with you guys - an you're in my own back yard! Grrrr!! Have a blast!

I love the song choices. These are songs from my youth when I was hearing, so I remember them well. VERY COOL!

It's funny ( and a little sad ) that these songs are now called "classic rock." These were songs from my day, but I don't feel "classic" yet. Ha.

Enjoy! I'm missing being there!

~ LaRonda

Bobby said...

Hey Barb,
I already fell in love you because you are very beautiful and song ASL.excuse me,I do not care about Mike song ASL because you are woman and very beautiful,;0) that sounds great.

Deaf Poet said...

Wowowow!!! That IS absolutely GREAT in what you all three did, playing music and signing ASL! I LOVE the ending, that was GREAT! I'm hoping you all are making a DVD for us to buy...so we can watch, sing along and this would definitely make all of us Deaf people happy! I love to sing and sign, like you I'm profoundly deaf but hear some with hearing aid, but without it, forget it.
I was surprised and grrrr at myself that you were in Fremont for this show, I was out in Oregon, Calif until the 10th! Waaaaah!! I hope you all will play again back East, for us to enjoy!
Thanks for showing us your clip! It was FANTASTIC!! Let's see some more pixs and video clips!