Monday, September 17, 2007

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Welcome back to my new site! I surely had a most refreshing summer especially in August spending my time away from home and the computer as much as possible! It had been an amazing summer with the birth of Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC), signing performance at Fremont, California with a vlogger, Mike Schmidt, along with a live band including my boyfriend, Steve Longo who played the guitar (yes, he’s Deaf!, see video clip below), a week long trip in southern California with my family and giving a presentation with David Eberwein about DBC to a highly engaged audience.

You will get to see the presentation that will be posted sometimes on I am impressed with the active involvement of the Bay Area Deaf community seeing how much passion they have demonstrated by attending to the DBC presentation, discussing their perspectives and concerns and donating money to DBC.

Before that, I had to go through withdrawal symptoms when refraining from reading during my previous month-long vacation that I even sneaked in to take a peek in my sidekick pager! Then with multiple activities that required undivided attention to my family, I actually reduced my time with my pager and allowed myself to let it go even with my e-mails. The price I had to pay was to catch up with a thousand email messages and topics that intrigued me in that were a few weeks old.

I have just returned to my routine with mixed feelings of delight and sorrow.

The sorrow part is that the superintendent of the school, Dr. Harold Mowl, is going through multiple trips visiting his injured son, Kevin, who is suffering multiple fractures to his face, arms, legs and back as well as a severe head injury that was caused from an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle last month. He is now undergoing almost daily surgeries at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.

We are all in debt to Kevin for his service to our country and his efforts to protect America . For more information, please visit and please consider making a donation to help out his family during a difficult time in their lives. You can even leave your comments there and send your get well wishes.

What is so touching is that all staff and students surprised Dr. Mowl and his family to celebrate the life of Kevin by wearing duplicate T-shirts depicting Kevin's photo on a flag. We gathered for a group picture in the school's auditorium with a backdrop of a large flag that once flew over the U.S. Capitol. You can read more about it in the local newspaper website.

The delighting part is that I am starting the school year with my new job position, ASL\English Bilingual Specialist that has been created for the first time in history since 1876. We also have two ASL teachers! Before that there was an ASL specialist for several years then it stopped a few years ago. Thanks to the staff and community feedback, it is now made possible for a language planning team to exist in this school. I am psyched since this is my passion and goal to see students thrive in both languages.

I have exciting topics to share with you in my vlog this year. I will be talking more about updated studies about the myths on educating deaf children, bilingual education for deaf students, deaf history, follow-ups to some of my previous vlogs since some questioned about the results about “My Deaf Mom, the Cop and the Law”, “What kind of Deaf Education program is that”, “No ASL Left Behind (NALB)”, ASL personal stories and songs and some topics that touched my heart from my observations. About the video follow-up for signing performance, I am disappointed that it did not come out well enough for you all to see our signs clearly. I only included one video clip of Mike and me performing together. The signs are still hard to see but you could see us act at least. We had so much fun with that skit. The song was about a guy spotting a gal in the street and picking her up thinking all was easy but he was up for a surprise finding out what kind of woman she really was. You can read the lyrics on Allright Now. I surely had a kick out of this and Mike had been a good sport about this! If you want to see the rest, you may go to stevelongo at

Hope you all had a good summer as well and looking forward to see your blogs/vlogs if you will!


Oscar Serna said...

WELCOME BACK, Barb! You have no idea how much I miss your vlogs!

Glad you had fun during your summer vacation!

Looking forward to watch/read more from your brilliant mind.

My condolences go toward the soldier.

Beautiful new design of your site, BTW!

See you soon!

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

Welcome back, after all I keep thinking of what you would say more in this vlog, now I see bright and excited!

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Dr. Mowl:

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May your son who dedicated his duty to preserve the freedom for the Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults receive the best medical care that the United States has to offer.


Get well quickly and godspeed!

John Lestina --- said...

Good to see you again!

Domvera said...


Welcome back! I am glad you are conducting on deaf-bilingual education to teach deaf children and to comprehend between ASL and English. Congratulations!

My good friend in Rochester sadly informed me about Harold Mowl's son, Kevin, who got injured during the IRAQ war. Then I subscribe their daily notes. The daily stories gave me heartbreaken and anticipate for Kevin to heal gradually into the positive sights.

Keep vlogging more with new stories. What happened to the ASL/AVT majors in Missippii University?

Take care,

Nick Vera

DE said...

YAHOO! Barb's BACK!!! Yahoo!!!!

Had so much fun working with you last summer- you are indeed a gem to the Deaf community!

Will catch up on your vlogs in their entirety.


Anonymous said...

Hey Barb!

Welcome Back! Good to have you here!

White Ghost

Anonymous said...

Love your website's new look!!!! WOW! Welcome back, Barb!

Looking forward to more :)

Julie Rems-Smario

LaRonda said...

Hi Barb!

I love the new look of your blog/vlog page! I love your eyes down at the bottom! Cool! Much better than the hot pink before. (snicker)

I was glad to be one of the bay area people who got to meet you this year and I look forward to seeing you again on Sept. 29th at Deaf-Hope's tea Party fundraiser!

I look forward to seeing your vlogs in the near future.

~ LaRonda

Longoman said...

Thanks, Barb for the delightful stories on your journey in California and it was a pleasure taking you on some of that. It's hard to see the pain that Dr. Mowl is going through.
For those of you living near Philly, come and see us perform at Pah! festival next month!

Jean Boutcher said...

Hi Barb!

Good to @y@ you again!

How I love the new backdrop of your website! It symbolises
your RE-energy for 2007-2008!

Ella Lentz said...

So good to see you again in Cyberland! The Mowl family, my prayers go out to Kevin and you all. Barb, you are right, exciting and challenging times coming up and we are ready!! Was great having the time with you in California! thanks.

drmzz said...

Welcome back. What a summer eh? It was good to know you more in person away from vlogland and I enjoyed our time together with Steve and his band mates. Like u said, "Who knew our paths would cross like this?" And I also said, "OH MY GOD, I'm sitting right next to Barb Digi on the couch!!!" LOL. It's always good to meet a vlogger from time to time in person like I met LaRonda & other locals briefly too.

ASL Risen said...

Welcome Baaaaaack, BARB!!!!! Wow, thanks so much for sharing your news about Supt. Mowl's son.. I hope that Kevin Mowl will recover asap!! Thanks so much for sharing with us your wonderful experiences during the summer!

BIG CONGRATS on your new job position as Bilingual Specialist!! I cannot wait to see more of your sharing experience with us all. Good luck!! Big hugs, Shawn

Bobby said...

Hey Barb,
Everything sounds great and welcome back. Honestly, I have noticed that you are very clever because of your strong and honest comments on your vlog. Wow!! Your comments are wonderful. I am always interested in seeing your vlog. I like that you are serious and you fully support the deaf. That is very good. John ABC always makes me laugh and smile. Drmzz's comments are very interesting and cool.
Joeybaer is great and always has great comments about deaf education and I'm always very interested in that. I will look forward to seeing more of your opinions on your vlog anytime and thank you for sharing.
Bobby Lopez ;0)

Jessica L. said...


Congrats on dating with Steve. Hope you guys are doing very well :)

Take care,
J. Schultz