Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beethoven's Nightmare Show: The True Spirit of Diversity

Beethoven's Nightmare

Beethoven's Nightmare Rocks Through the Timeline Video: Quicktime YouTube viewers, click here

Barb DiGi's vLog

Barb DiGi's vlog

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A newly-released, brief, rich documentary-style video with Beethoven's Nightmare's music that rocked for 30 years by Ed Chevy, Bob Hiltermann and Steve Longo. Aren't they amazing with their talents? Showing how they can make beautiful music with great signing and mime performers although they are Deaf. They will be playing at Seaport Museum in Philadelphia on October 19th and at North Star Bar on October 20, 2007 hosted by

Two weeks ago, it was my first watching their show when playing at Los Angeles. About 300 people attended and some of those who saw the show for several times said they were awed by their show which was the best ever. As for visuals, I loved to watch Max , a Deaf Russian born talented performer, who did an outstanding job doing mime as he blended in with the beat when creating his stories in action. C.J. Jones was the emcee and got to strut his stuff by playing African music. He was so funny! There were four signing performers, Deanne Bray (FBI Sue Thomas ), Lisa Hermatz (Prism West, Deaf West Theater), Lea & Koylee Ramos, an African-American and Latino/Asian couple who signs songs together. It was so nice was that there was a true diversity in the show. One thing I know for sure was that I could say that it was indeed a truly Deaf concert experience!

Here are the comments shared by the viewers:

I am writing to congratulate your group on a fabulous concert last Saturday. I am a student of ASL and I enjoyed the entire experience of music, mime, ASL, dance, and song. I stayed until you did your encore. I was delighted to hear your pleasant, melodic voice. I was also surprised that you didn't sing any songs during the regular part of the show. Could it be you are holding back because you are shy? (to Bob) It doesn't appear so. You have lots of personality on stage. Your main vocalist has a rather gruff voice. Sort of a Rod Stewart style. I would love to hear you sing a portion of the show for variety sake. Also, I think you have a lot to offer in terms of forwarding the reputation of your group as reaching out to hearing people as well as the deaf and hard of hearing. After all, if Ringo Starr can do it, why not you?

Looking forward to some Bob Hiltermann vocals,

Andrea Subject: Beethoven's Nightmare RULES!!

Hey, Steve! Great show last Saturday and we both LOVE it very much!

Your biggest FAN & Irishly yours ~ :-Stacey


I want to share with you my experience at your unique deaf concert last night at El Rey Theatre. Your Beethoven Nightmare Concert was extraordinary and exhilarating. It was the BEST concert I have ever seen.

I met one of my good friends who had attended all of your concerts in the past. That was his fourth. He said the fourth concert was by far the best with stage performers such as TL, Deana Bray, Lisa Hermatz, CJ, Max, Lea & Koylee. Max was the best stage performer and captivated the audience at all times. He has great talent. Thanks for having him on the stage. We truly enjoyed his performance.

Finally at last, my wife, Merry Jo, and I met and chatted with Rita Corey for approx. 30 minutes but other people interrupt our conversation. At first Rita didn’t remember us, which was okay. I understand many people love Rita. She is the role model to the deaf and hard of hearing community. I want to thanks Rita for her best choreography to make it happen.

My wife was fascinated and stared at your drumming beats from start to end. You were the BEST drummer with good facial expressions and vivid energy. She loves the way you rock the beat.

I have seen the faces of the audiences. They looked bright and happy. I have generated a verbal survey of what they think of your concert. I have received many positive comments via signing. They LOVE it and so do we. Everyone had a blast. We would like you and your band to considerate having it once every year. The rumor is spreading like a megaton. WRAD will definitely sponsor your band by publicizing it in our website and sending out an evite (electronic invitation) to draw a large crowd.

I love Ed Chevy. He has a dynamic personality. He remembered me very well when we first met at Duke University in the summer of 1980. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to chat with him because too many people asked him for his autograph to be signed. I felt the vibration of his vocal. He is truly a good singer. You and Ed have captivated the audience. Please rock lively and your legend will be carried there forever from generation to generation because it is the only deaf band in the world. Your band makes an indelible impression on others.


Yours sincerely,

Rey (Deaf Cuban)

Hi Super star!!


Enjoyed every beat!! I had to write this tonight because it is important that you know there was a guy in your audience that I was watching while you guys were playing. His name is Terry Breckner, Vice President from the Southern California Association of the Deaf Blind, I met him at school, anyway he was totally enjoying the concert tonight. He was dancing, raising his hands and clapping for you guys through the whole concert. When he left he was just as sweaty as you guys were from dancing. I watched him as he left and he was smiling ear to ear. I saw someone ask him if he had a good time he signed back to them yes he had a wonderful time. I just wanted you to know that because I think it was special that you guys did this concert and you love your fans the way you do.

Thank you again for the wonderful night.


It is so true about what they had commented. People there enjoyed their night so much as much as I did. I was floored when watching their show. There was a hearing guitarist who happens to be a dear brother of Steve Longo's and it was a beautiful thing to watch them playing together. There were fans jumping up and down with delight. It was the best scene to watch! After the show, we wanted more but good things must come to an end. As we scattered, I got to bump into a surprise vlogger, Mary Ruth at Todos la vie. We didn't need formal introduction and there was no one introducing us! We just recognized each other and gave a hug then chatted for a while. It was a cool connection like we have known each other as we got to discuss deep issues like that.

See picture below.

In closing, you gotta watch Beethoven's Nightmare! They are truly talented instrumental players even Ed as a singer (Bob could do so, too.). It would be a nightmare if you missed it! This is a living proof that being Deaf doesn't mean you can't play or enjoy music. This is indeed a Deaf rock of the night!

For more information about their band, purchase of CD and T-shirts, go to


todos la vie said...

I remember saying that I felt we were old friends, yet we just met. It was a fun night. :-)

IamMine said...

It IS my nightmare for never having heard of them until recently on some v/blogs and you mentioning them about your darling being in that band.

I am incredibly JEALOUS!!

Think they'll come to Detroit? Maybe pair up with D-PAN's Sean Forbes, as well as collaborating with other performers??

Ah, so you met Mary Ruth? Sweet! :D

I would definitely order that CD - maybe I can ask for an autograph in the mail? hehe! Just kidding – I’m not looking for special treatment here!!

I hope those who attended would share their experiences in their vlogs so I can live through them! Thanks for sharing the comments from those who were in attendance!

I can’t believe they’ve been playing for 30 years and I didn’t even know they existed. That sucks big time!! :( :( :(

I look forward to that CD!

Barb DiGi said...

Hi Mary Ruth! Yes, exactly!

IamMine: Don't feel bad. I learned about it a bit more than a year ago! They are more known in the West and Gallaudet so we are catching up! They were just mentioned in Through Deaf Eyes so words are coming out. The performance last weekend was exciting and it was a good timing to spread more awareness about this only Deaf band in the world that has already led to more request for booking!!

drmzz said...

Cool. Long history indeed. Nice pix of you and Mary Ruth. Did you perform?