Friday, October 05, 2007

That's the way we all became the Deafy Bunch!

What a hilarious Deafy Bunch scene where us b/vloggers got together at the Deaf-Hope Tea Party. Here is my reflection of the awesome weekend. Play Quicktime Play YouTube

Check more vids and pics out at:

List of b/vloggers who came to the Tea Party: Kudos to Deaf Hope dedicated leaders:
  • Kate Kovacs, Chair
  • Amber Hodson, Vice Chair
  • Natalie Williams, Secretary
  • Ken Arcia, Treasurer
  • Wanda Witczak, Member at Large
  • Amy Enshelman, Member at Large
  • Judy Alexander, Member at Large
  • Julie Rems-Smario, Executive Director
  • Jane Whitney, Advocate
  • Brian Berlinski, Youth Program Coordinator
  • Luncheon provided by Hildy Licht and Trinia Licht
Trailblazer Award: Mabs Holcomb


Anonymous said...

I'm curious...

How were these particular women chosen for this event?

What criteria or what reasoning was used for selecting the individuals who were invited to attend this event, and thus become part of "The Deafy Bunch" ?

LaRonda said...

Hi Barb! Another perspective is always wonderful. It brings out the whole breadth of the event.

I enjoyed the little skit with you. Thanks for inviting me to play along. It did have a deeper meaning behind it. You are indeed a wise mock-turtle. ;)

The Brady Bunch song is still stuck in my poor brain. Sigh. Guess I'll have to start thinking of a new song to replace it, like "Wild Thing!"


~ LaRonda

IamMine said...

Very cool, Barb!

I'm glad DeafHope did well with fund-raising and I'm really impressed with Julie Rems-Smario and the wonderful people she worked with!

Truly amazing!

Thanks for sharing and glad you had a great time! :)

JABParis said...

Thanks for sharing with us. I loved it so much.

I would love to see all of the Deaf Domestic Violence agencies all over the US will follow the footstep into doing the awesome fundraising events by inviting vloggers and bloggers, as well as encouraging more Deaf women into vlogging and blogging and/or doing the cool ideas of the fairytales into fundraising such as Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty and others.... This events would bring all Deaf women in walks of life together.


DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Loved it!

Virginia L. Beach said...

Am I missing something here? I get the impression there is more to this video than what I got...

I am having a very difficult time with Quicktime videos, so I tend to click on Youtube instead because Quicktime just gives me a headache.

But when I clicked the Youtube link, all I got was this quick 45 second film of the eight of you in your boxes, a la Brady Bunch. Nothing more than that.

As far as any "perspective" or "skit" or whatever, I didn't see that. When I tried to click on Qucktime, it gives me an error message denying me access...


Barb DiGi said...


Eegads! I must have uploaded the wrong file that is on Deafy Bunch video only. That's what happens when you don't think right when doing it during wee wee hours. Let me re-upload it within a couple of hours when I get home. My apologies but thanks for brinigng to my attention!

Perhaps try downloading quicktime since I have done that in my PC and it works. No headache is needed here!

Barb DiGi said...

Response to Curious,

Actually I don't think there was an official criteria. We were recognized as early female vloggers who started almost a year ago. Most of us are in the business of raising awareness or issues, are regular vloggers or well known who have made an impact in the Deaf community.

Bobby said...

Hey Barb,
Looks like you had a good time. It was interesting to hear about your gathering. I am very proud of your deaf group and hope wonderful things for your future. Congratulations, I applaud you. I wonder if you are part of sorority from Gallaudet? Seems like a great sisterhood. Keep up the great success of your group. Thanks for sharing your memories and thoughts. --Bobby Lopez

B.A.D. said...

Hiya Barb!!

WOW! Thanks again for the more explaining other things, and your feelings and how the other vloggers are...that's really cool. I am really happy that everyone was happy, meeting, enjoying and having fun & in between all working on the funding for Deaf-Hope!

Barb DiGi said...

LaRonda: You rock!

IamMine: We are anticipating to expand female vlogger circle and you all know that you can be a part of the group. Let's get that story of yours to share us through vlogging!

JABParis: There is one in Rochester that serves Deaf women in DV. For women to do vlogging is empowering and may inspire the others to stand up for themselves.

DeafKathy: Thanks!

Ocean: It is all set now!

Bobby: Yeah, good time is in our vocabulary! It is like a great sisterhood weekend and as you said like a sorority. I was involved in a sorority in NTID :-)

Hey B.A.D. ! We look forward to have it expanded and perhaps someday we will bump into vlogging gathering!

C said...

There is a great need for DV advocacy in every state. While I know there is one in some states but, the need is great to ensure that there are services available in every state and to make it known to everyone. Also, there is a need for services for men and elderly since DV does not always happen to women and children.

I hope Deaf Hope spreads out to every state in a strong force.

Kudos to you all