Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guess Who Showed Up in My Bedroom?

Barb DiGi encountered an unexpected visitor in her bedroom. Quicktime Brianna's response: video


Karen Mayes said...

Oh man... bat? Ewwwww! But it is free and you are safe... whew!

I remember a squirrel getting into your house and that you took pictures of it being trapped in the window a few years ago...

I wonder what will be the next critter which will get trapped into your house? ;o) Certainly not a skunk! Hee, hee...

Dennis Bacon said...

Whoa, happy to see you alive. I had been dealing with bats many times during fishing times. In the bedroom was very rarely incident you had. We need you alive in Vlog life.

Sweet Lavender said...

Hi Barb,

My mother told me the story long time ago. We all visited my greataunt's house in Bullhead City, Arizona. Found the a baby bat on the shelf. How it came in? It must be leave there for a week. How how. The baby bat was dead. My greatuncle and greataunt were out a week. In Bullhead City (Colorado River) have the bats. I remembered that when I watch by the window and watched the fishman on the boat every morning. The bats always come out and fly around the dawn or dusk time. Interest me. Love to watch it. I will be scare when I see really one. ewwwwwww

Thanks for your share. Glad you are alright by time. Smile.

NightOwl said...

Wow Barb, What a scary moment and you braved the taping of it.

It would be funny if the VP was actually in your bedroom and the VRS operator would easily describe the scene to the 911 operator.

Last spring at my apartment one morning I opened one of my window blinds and there was a raccoon staring at me....I live on a garden level (halfway underground)

Anonymous said...

On the behalf of Casper's and I want to give you a biggest hug! We wish we could help you out!

You know Casper knows how to deal with your bat to go away! :-)

It's better than the Halloween night!

A big hug,

White Ghost

Deaf Pixie said...

Barb .. It is kind of crazy today

Earlier I check on your vlogger after my heart rate is too race.. because I was picked up the mail box. I check the vechile has not coming. but I walk about 4 time to step-walked.. but Jeep freak me out and the driver is stupidest 40-45 mph on 25 mph on road.All of the house. I know how you feel worry being bit by bat. I feel the same way to check Jeep. What is heck with driver are .. @#$%*&!
I did not have a heart attack. Thank god!

Really about 911 dispatcher is great for VP .. I often learn that it was not quicky to call 911 dispatch . I did not knew about new 911 dispatcher can connect with your IP. Good to information about VP.
I am ok right now and you are ok. Glad to know you are good taught how to use avoid the bat.. I learn something from your vlogger. I am really feel helpful with all of vlogger are so important to us.

Deaf Pixie

Gary Brooks said...

This is one of my favorite story!!!!! I personally love Bats! Bats are friendly creatures and thank you for letting my little friends out without kill it!

I am glad nothing had happened to you!

Gary Brooks

ASCDEAF said...

What a funny story! I had a bat in my room when I was a college student years ago. The poor bat was hanging on the inside of the screened window. There was no way to open the window until it moved...and then it flew wildly around my room. Luckily, my roommate helped me open the window and use a broom to get the bat out. I did read something later that said it's very traumatic for bats to be ushered out by broom - best bet is to open a window, close the door, and wait patiently for the bat to take its leave. I guess we humans need more patience! Smile.
Bats are really very harmless creatures and quite beautiful if you look at them closely. Our media has done a good job characterizing bats, snakes, spiders, and other creatures as dangerous and fearsome beings, when they are not.

Candace A McCullough

Anonymous said...


John Egbert said...


A good experience for you.

Next time, get a thick glove or mitten and just grab it and walk outside to let it go. I have done it.

I have a cabin on the island up near Ely, Minnesota and every time we go up there for the weekend, we always see a bat flying in the cabin when the sun goes down. We just leave the door open and they find their way out.

We never kill the bats as they are our best friends to get rid of the Mosquitoes. They really look awful and scary but they may be more scare of us.

And it is amazing how they can crawl into a tiny hole like your AC unit.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! It must have been nerve- wracking for you to have to deal with that bat after midnight! Bats have a knack of being able to squeeze in any narrow crack to get inside... Thanks for sharing the bat story to us so maybe you'd tell us the story about the squirrel incident!?

~ Just Deaf

Barb DiGi said...

Yes, bats are most misunderstood creatures. True, I could have waited but it was like 2 a.m. and frigid cold. When I found the bat behind the valance for the second time, it was upside down and it gave me the impression that it refused to move. I just wanted to see it out of my bedroom so I would know for sure that it was no longer in my bedroom instead of having all of those wild imagination when trying to sleep, ya know.

Deaf Pixie, glad you are alright!

John, me grab it with my gloves? I don't think so!!! I may not be as brave as you are!

Mark Maki said...

Hi Barb,
wow scary! Iam so glad you are okay.
I remember I was a teenage and I visited my sister's apt she left for awhile. I was alone in living room watch tv. the bat flew over my head and sit in plant pot. I was so scared and I ran into her bedroom and shut the two door but the bat flew and crawed through the thin door at floor and I was sit on bed. the bat went under the bed. I was screamed and I could not open the door I know the bat will fly around. I sit on bed waiting for my sister finally she came and asked me what are you doing. I told her what happened. she did try broom under her bed and managed to killed it finally. she figured where it came from and she found out that her bathroom the wall I think something like vent or hole I dont remember but she took her landlord to court and broke her lease and she won and she move out because she report before but didnt fix it. whew I never forgot that what happened. I sure was freak out.

Deaf Pixie said...


Oh, I appprectice of your thought and think about what is important to know caution about Bat and 911 dispatcher are great adviced you for avoid to bit or let it go by itself.
I know what we are go through to scare to death.. I feel no matter what kind it could be bite you or injuries by jeep.. I feel like it is not my day!

Deaf Pixie

Anonymous said...

Casper suggested you to make your scrapbook of your bat.

So that way you can share these pictures and a video of a bat with your kids and grandkids.

Life is such a treasure, Barb.

White Ghost

BobRRR said...

Wow! That was an amazing experience you have! A long time ago, I went to Michigan School for the Deaf and a bat came inside our dormitory! Indeed, it was a DRAMA! Bat flying toward my face, I ducked my head down. I was so glad it missed me! Then a brave deaf MSD student grabbed the bat with his hand and wrapped a white towel around it. He showed it around many students. Some got real SCARED and SCREAMED running away. I didn't want to get too close too. Finally, the boy released it outside through window. I never never never forget this one like you will never forget it! WOW!

Deaf Pixie said...


Hey, Tell John Egbert to quit tease you.. I've idea for John.

I should've plant a bat in his home in Minnestoa and the bat bite his butt. ( heeheee)
Poor Barb, I pity you for something it was in your bedroom. It was so fright!

Deaf Pixie

Patty said...

Hehe, I'm so impressed that you took the time to have the bat immortalized forever in one of your vlogs while you were in the middle of the ordeal!

mule4350 said...

WHAT AN UNQUIE EXPERINCE ! If I am your shoe and I would be scary too but Good thing that you had doing well bec 911 dont come in Wow Experince Thanks for Share Damn Bat!!

John Lestina --- said...

Response to Barb DiGi: CLICK HERE

Longoman said...

Like a bat out of hell, time to move out of Rochester!
Be sure to take the kids with you!

John Critser said...

You mustered all your bravado and strength to face that bat and shoo it out, and I am glad the bat thought twice before flying out the window. What an incredible story. And the fact it possibly was in your room for a couple of days!

deb ann said...

It was so scary! I might have a heart attack! I praise for your bravey, Barb!

When I was at Gally (it was in 1986), my roommate and I tried to get a squirrel out of the window, but the squirrel ran really fast toward me and crawled all over me and then it got out of the window. I got two stratches on my arms, but I was okay!

michele said...

Hi Barb,

Wow! What an amazing vlog there! You had me there like watching a horror movie unfolding right before my eyes and not knowing how it would end but now it had a happily ever after ending! :-)

A thought came in my mind and I wondered if this bat had rabies so I had to check out and found a website. It says if you see a bat, it is best to capture it and take it to be tested for rabies because you don't want it to get to wildlife animals and pets.


Also usually, animal control will come out and help you. I'm surprised that the 911 operator did not direct you to get ahold of the animal control unit? As I read in papers, they have animal control reports about people having bats inside their houses and they come out and capture bats.

Anyway, this was an interesting vlog! Hopefully you don't have any more bats lingering in your house.

michele said...

And one more in the website, it says that usually people don't know if a bat has bitten them due to very small teeth. I thought that this information was interesting as I always thought if a bat bit you, you would know. Anyway, they recommend you to be checked out by a doctor to ensure that you weren't bitten by a bat.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are ok and I am sure that you never forget that moment with cute bat. :-)

I live out in the country and we see bats flying high in the sky almost every night in summer...can see its body shape (small and wings). They are friendly and do not bother us. They help eating hundred (maybe thousand) mosquites peer minute. My kids always hear them fly in sky.

At the mall square in downtown, we saw one bat sitting on side of the building as people walk and pass by by leaving it alone.

When I was in Minn. for Jr. NAD youth camp, we all went to town for a day. We saw many bats (my first time seeing bats) sit on roof by door as people come in and walk out. I freaked out but was brave enough and realized that they would not harm us as long as we left them alone.

I recalled watching morning show on TV (I forgot the name of show), a man was very expert in bats and showed some live bats (from small to large kinds) and explained each bat. Very interesting! That was how I realized that bats were harmless as long as you know how to handle them.


Anonymous said...

where was Robin?... grin.. seriously a little bat like that wont harm ya. I am pretty sure he/she was more scared of you than you should be of it..

JFLMad said...


Did you check your neck to be sure there is no fangs mark left? haha

Yeah, John Egbert is right..just grab it with your glove or towel and let it go.

Excellent link of how to remove the bat in your house, attic, etc


Davy said...

Hummm make me wonder about your area in Rochester that near by does have Cave???
Boy! Yep you feel better now and sleep dream dream now heehee. Wheew!


Dianrez said...

That makes me nervous as I live in a wooded location and see lots of wildlife around!

One night the cat wouldn't move from its perch on top of the storage in the garage. I followed its stare down into a corner and realized from the smell that there was likely a skunk under there!

Yes there was! You could see part of its black and white fur sticking out the side...it twitched when I moved around the room. Tried blasting it with a compressed-air horn. All it did was freeze my hand and the air pressure was used up. Tried spraying it with water from a good long distance. No luck. Called the police. The policeman said he was afraid and to leave the garage door open. I asked what if more skunks came in? He said to try and see if that doesn't happen.

Took the cat inside. Left the garage door open a few inches. Went to bed. In the morning the problem was gone, whew. All the panic for nothing.

LaRonda said...

Eeek! Scary stuff! But I had to smile at your bravery and sense to turn on the camera so we could all see the little critter. You rock, Barb! WOMAN POWER!!! She gets the job done!!!

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...

Oh man! And you even took a picture? Never thought of it... your story is so funny but at the same time you were lucky.

I had a bat in my house growing up, I used a water gun to shoo it away. It was so cute but a pain!

Bats make me nervous when they come out at night and I'd walk so low... probably because of that same story you heard. Was it Julie from NTID? lol


Barb DiGi said...

Hey Suey!! Great to read from you!

Yeah, took a pic so that I could see it closely since I didn't want to get near it without knowing what I was getting myself into!

You used a water gun and it worked? Never thought of that!

Yes, that was Julie telling us that story and it was so bizarre. Never forget that story! That was why she kept her hair short for a long time, heh?

Joseph said...

Consider yourself very lucky because I remember that I once read an article about an old lady discovering over 200 bats hidden away in the attic...a place that she almost never visit. It was in a newspaper in Illinois...I believe the story was in Alto, Illinois.

Seek Geo said...

Oh noooo!!! I even cried a little cuz I was worried about you!

OMG.. that was crazy night for you! Wow.. I'm so glad nobody is harm especially you. I'm so shocked about having a bat in your room.. a BAT?! You are right, that is not something we'd see everyday.

What a great story to share for many years to come. Now, I can't sleep tonight.. all thanks to you LOL


Deaf Pixie said...


Yeah I remember that I watched the Discovery. The lady have a bat in her attic. she was bite since she was not feel right and went to see doctor and told her that your eye seem strange. so he referred her to see eye specialist. Eye Specicalist asked her if she have a bat in somewhere in her house or outside. she say it was in her attic. she was not aware when she bought a house.
she found out and had to rid of it.. but it already bit her. no rabies.

Thank you for brought up, Joseph.
and now you remind me about 200 bats. I dont know if same person that one you were talked about the lady?

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!

Rodent problem in home is common but a bat?

I grow up with bat problem. The half of time I thought it was bird but it was bat the whole time.

One night, the bat came in the house and I alerted my dad to help hunt down the bat.

We search and search. We couldn't find it.

The minute my dad turn around and I cautiously tell my dad the bat is on his back. It was on him the whole time. LOL!

We managed to catch the bat and let them go free.

Make an investment in net. It will help catch it humanely. Bat is our friend by reducing the bug problems.

Jean Boutcher said...


Eeeeek! Do you mean that the bat you were speaking of might possibly have gotten into the air conditioner? Can any bat get into an air conditioner? Aside from that, why not develop a DEAF vampire movie and sell DVD for Hallowe'en 2008. LOL.


Thank you for educating me about the harmlessness of bats.

OCDAC said...

You shouldn't have booted the sacred messenger out. It came a long way to you to deliver you a message. Choosing your room sends me a loud message.

Yes bats are sacred messengers from the Carpathian ranges. To be visited by one of these great messengers your room sends me an interesting message. And I don't want to spoil the surprise you'll be getting.

And you should'nt be frightened in the first place.


JungleForest said...

I could see a cute fuzzy bat hang on your curtain. Did you give the bat's name? *grins*

I was a kid, my family had a bat as a pet once.

Thanks for a post-Halloween story. :-)

Grant Laird Jr said...


You got few video comments including one from me at DeafVideo.TV



ASL Risen said...

Thanks Barb for sharing your thrilling story! I hope Brianna check on your neck to make sure there are no fangs marks because you did slept for 2 nights without knowing it!

Glad that you are STILL ALIVE!!!

Lisa C. said...

How romantic!

Have you noticed if your fangs are starting to become longer? Dentist will tell. (chuckle)

Anonymous said...

Oh no. You should pack bat and mail it to AGB headquarter to drink all of blood there. LOL

Davy said...

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That tell you who am I ...... That me DAVY wear read and white Hawaii shirt and enjoy our video Scuba Diving. Hope that will help your dream better that BAT! heeehee

Have Fun!

B.A.D. said...

Hey Barb!

1st of all - I LOVED your Vlog, what you did, created, and made it FUN!! I laughed how you did the slow motion/reversed etc.

2ndly - WOW!!! A BAT?? Am glad you finally got it out !!

I had a bat in my old apartment years ago, how it got there? I have NO IDEA!! But went to neighbor (I admit - screaming!!), called police, came they got it out for me! :-)

I'm surprised in NOV a bat was still around??? Don't they usually hide in warm areas to stay warm? WOW!

Last...make sure the bat didn't have any babies... ;-) JK!

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb!

Sorry to say this but I did howled with laughter!

You are a brave, brave lady. I know that if it was me, I would have bloody screamin' like a little girl runnin' around in circles!

My husband has told me that he sees bats all the time at the railroad. At one point, one of the bat managed to get into ladies bathroom. The lady, whom my husband worked with begged him to get in and get the bat out. My husband did get it out with a shirt that he was wearing by grabbin' it. He said that everyone was outside waiting for him to do the dirty job.

Glad you were able to get "rid" of the bat and make sure that it doesn't come back for a visit next fall! :)

Kelly -

mishkazena said...

Barb, you do have a knack of telling a good story. I am impressed that you would vlog yourself in that raincoat and also the bat, too, even though it flew at you. Even though you were scared, you showed bravery.

Overall, it was a very amusing story. Maybe some day you will look back at this and laugh.

Jodi said...

Barb.. at first I thought maybe you had a small HORNED OWL,, then i realized u said a fuzzy creature,, ahhhhhh a BAT,, I would probably have done the same thing, thought of VAMPIRE movies hee hee.
All ends well :-)
You were quite brave,,glad that lil guy is outta your room.

Phillip said...

Lol I had over 40 bats in our attic recently. Had to call Animal Control to come and get rid of it. Smile.

Deaf Pixie said...


You must be hot!! Almost 800 viewer see your story about the bat. Wow! you are the best vlog!

Hope that The bat never go back to your house,again!

Deaf Pixie

Bobby said...

Hey Barb,
You are a hero! Wow! I am glad that you didn't hurt the bat in your room and finally got it outside free,bingo. sorry,I was laughing at you because you wore a yellow rain coat and worst, I was laughing so hard at JohnABC video in your Vlog. That was a very good joke for you. not joke, I want to tell you so I think that My wife and I want to buy a new bat house for outside in the back big yard because bats can eat MOSQUITOES. Texas is always hot and humid so the mosquitoes are still living. I want bats to eat up the mosquitoes. Texas School for the Deaf is near the congress st where the bats colony sleeps in the Day, Austin has the world's largest urban bat colony. Lots of People always come out to watch and wait for bats til dark. There are many million of bats outside , but the bats won't hurt people. You can check Web (www.batcon.org) and (http://austin.about.com/cs/bats/p/bats.htm) for Austin,Texas for bats The Bats migrate to mexico when Austin gets cold in Dec. Cool, I think that The Bats should be go into AGB Headquarter,Thumbs up. yes, that is disease and rabies.
Thanks for sharing,
Bobby Lopez.

Anonymous said...


Your vlog was absolutely hilarious as well as mesmerizing -- you go, girl! I gotta echo the others in being in awe about your supreme bravery and level-headedness in sharing such an incredible moment with us all.


jatrusock said...

Barb, I m glad you are okay. If the bat is in my house, I will call you to help me to get rid the bat LOL!

kw said...

Wow!! Creepy story!! I live in the woods too and have had critters enter my house, but never a bat. You were BRAVE!

Deaf Poet said...

Oh my goodness!! Your vlog was great and I had a good laugh...with your raincoat on and broom in hand...you sure were brave to make the time to film it! I would freak out and wouldn't even think of filming it...good thinking cuz it's memorable! I shudder to experience that tho!
I freak out when I see a mouse...don't know how I'll react when I see a bat.

A friend of mine experienced seeing a bat, it flew right by her head, of course she freaked out...couldn't find it for about 1 week, then found it under a tarp, keeping itself warm and in the dark...finally someone else helped by covering it with pillowcase, brought it outside and let it go. It was an experience they will never forget.

Thanks for sharing this vlog, it sure made our day!