Monday, December 31, 2007

Celebrate Deaf Rock on New Year's Eve!

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While there are musical concert showings in T.V. programs on New Year's Eve, here is a treat for you to enjoy this post-view of Beethoven's Nightmare concert given back in October. I finally got around to edit and compress these two video clips. The first one you will see the whole post-view of the show by combining almost all signed songs in a five minute clip. The second one features Rita Corey who is a renowned performing artist whose brother is Ed Chevy plays the bass guitar. She demonstrates her beautiful ASL song titled, "Roll Over, Beethoven!". Enjoy this Deaf Rock show on the New Year's!

Have a prosperous, peaceful New Year!

Oh, one more thing...while typing this post, it dawned on me that Beethoven's Nightmare should be playing on New Year's Eve so can we make it happen for 2008?


LaRonda said...

OH FAROUT!!! Rock on man!

Happy Rockin' New years Eve!

~ LaRonda

Suey said...

That is cool! Deaf Rocks!

You did a great job putting this together. I would love to see them play live. They should look into doing a show in Seattle!

Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoyed your New Years... Here's to 2008!

Jean Boutcher said...

Ouuuut of this world! Rita Corey rock! I can feel the vibrant music from her sign language and body language! I hope to see her perform in Washington, D.C.

Both Rita and Ed (known as Chevy)
are talented. I had Ed play in my
music program for The Deaf Way in
1989. Everybody was crazy for him
and Steven Longo! A genetic thing
from their father.

Barb, o say can you come to DC to play music? :)

Karen Mayes said...

Enjoyed watching your vlogs ;o) My son got an Ipod Nano and he is dancing to it, and signing the songs to his sister (mostly High School Musical songs) and my sister injecting in to shorten his signs to ASL lines... good teamwork, when they are not fighting :o)

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

When Rita was singing in ASL, I was rocking along with her. WOW! Hard to resist and sit still!

Wonderful job you all including Barb for making this video clip.