Friday, January 25, 2008

Guess Who Showed up at the Party? A Sequel to Guess Who Showed Up in My Bedroom


This is like speaking of the devil. Have you ever find yourself talking about someone especially that you haven't seen him or her for a very long time then all of sudden they pop up in your life unexpectedly? I am sure that it is common in the Deaf world to reunite with your old Deaf friends but in my case, the timing is fascinating. You see, I haven't seen this old friend for years and years since college when I talked about her in my vlog, "Guess who showed up in my bedroom?", who was a victim of having a bat entangled in her hair when diving in the pool. Only more than a month later, I got to meet her at a party unexpectedly and unplanned! The question is: Why did I get to meet her at that time? Why not meet her last year or next year or at a different time? This is giving me goosebumps!


Hello! Here I am at a New Year's Eve party and bumped into my old friend from college. Remmy that I explained how I put on my raincoat that covered most of my head? It was because I couldn't forget my friend's story how a bat snuck in her rear neck. Now that she is here, I am going to introduce you and allow you to hear the story from her hands.

Her name is Julie xxxx but I remembered her name as Julie xxxx which was when before she got married. This is a cool (in a funny way) story that I thought you would be interested to hear so here it is 'Bat Story, Part II!"

Julie: Hello! Now you have seen Barb's story explaining about this girl having a bat stuck on her and that was me! When I was a young girl, I went to my uncle's house in West Virginia. He had a swimming pool in the backyard. At nighttime, there were a lot of bats flying in the sky. My siblings who are hearing could hear them but I didn't mind about the bats. That time I had a very long hair. As I dived into the pool, my hair flung downward and the bat went right in the back of my neck. When I went into the water, I felt something jumping around there and I didn't know what it was. I immediately got out of the pool and ran in my uncle's house and cried out,'What is that on my rear neck?" My parents put beach towel around my hair and took me to the hospital. We still didn't know what it was until we got there and found out that it was actually a bat in my hair! So the bat was put to sleep then they cut my hair since it was so tangled.

Barb: This woman was the reason why I wore a hooded raincoat that covered my face and hair! She actually influenced how I think and it did actually happen! Heck, you never know! So Julie, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Julie: Sure, go ahead.

Barb: So you mean, when the thing got into your hair, you didn't know what it was?

Julie: That's correct.

Barb: So when you went to the hospital, you finally found out it was a bat?

Julie: Yes.

Barb: So you had received rabies shot? How many?

Julie: Umm, I am not sure I remember, I think I got 2 shots.

Barb: When you said the bat was put to sleep, do you mean it was dead?

Julie: I am not sure, I really don't know what happened to it, yuck!

Barb: When you found out it was a bat, how did you feel?

Julie: I was shocked, I knew that bats don't like water so I understood that this bat might be frightened and hung on into my hair.

Barb: Didn't you feel a bite in your neck?

Julie: I don't recall but I remembered having my hair being pulled by it.

Barb: After that experience, were you more cautious to swim at nights?

Julie: Not really, I overcame my fear.

Barb: Wow, you are surely a brave woman!!

It is funny how fate brought us together within a few months since my encounter with the bat. What a timing!


Hedy said...

That is a fate! Glad she is back in your life again and keep in touch! I enjoy your blog very much. Keep up good blog!

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Amazing how fate reunite!

mishkazena said...

That's so neat.

Barb, your bat story is one of my favs! You are indeed a good storyteller! :)

Deaf Pixie said...

Wow, I am so happy for both of you already reunited together since the decade.

That's wonderful for both to getting catch up for more than one decade?
I love Barb's story. It made me laughed so hard. I did not realized how bad it was probably bit on Julie's skin. Hate to get a rabies shot. I did not realized the bat hate water. I am learing alot from Julie. Thank you for your sharing with Barb's vlog.
Umm, It still not funny stories. It's kind of scary of bat.

Deaf Pixie.

GalaxyAngelz said...

Wha..a... ironic amazing your friend shown up your party..
Wow.. Glad you see her again!

Lovely story!

todos la vie said...

I got GoOseBuMps! I love these stories.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I see why you wore a hooded raincoat when you found out that the bat was in your bedroom. Good idea.

Lisa C.

B.A.D. said...

You know what my first thought/word is?? WOW!!!!!
Now that explains why you wore the hood!!
I thought you were gonna say you encounter with another Bat!! :-)

Stay in touch with your friend :-)

Deb Ann said...


Coach Creech said...


deafk said...

Hi, Barb!!

That is something! You got me chucked at this such. It is indeed fate!


Deaf Dreamer said...

Hi !

Haha, That is odd timing. Glad you got to see your old friend. Old friends are always good to catch up on.

Happy New years 2008

David A. Martin said...

Hello Julie,

Good to see you on VLOG. Another Marylander! Tell Cliff to get his face on VLOG too!

Good but scary story.

David M.

JunglelForest said...

That's wonderful to have your old friend had a surprised visit. Glad both of you spent time on a special night. She looks awesome! :-)

She was very lucky, didn't get a rabies.

Enjoy your humor memories story. Thanks for sharing her story with us.

IamMine said...

Wow, small world indeed!!!

Always good to see old friends! :)

Longoman said...

Yes, indeed! Fate brought them together. My apologies for so-so quality video which was taken on my digital camera. Like she said, it was unexpected and we had to video this.