Saturday, January 05, 2008

What an amazing 2007 year in the v/blogosphere!

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I actually don't have a specific date to celebrate for my one year anniversary of v/blog since I started in both areas on different dates. My first entry was published on November 5, 2006 on my Deaf Progressivism blog but it was published in the previous month as a DeafRead guest blogger. I had been blogging only until February 1, 2007 when I finally got my first vlog entry published about Deaf Education. Since most of the b/vloggers tend to review their postings this month, I took the liberty to join the bandwagon by including my multiple brief video clips of 2007.

The most focal areas of my vlog are about ASL/Bilingual issues, Deaf Educational issues, Deaf History and Deaf politics. When I said it was an amazing year, it was not because I had talked about a lot of topics but it became a reality. What I meant about reality is that it affects me positively about gaining networking, working together collaboratively, and being actively involved in Deaf politics.

What are the major accomplishments of my vlog posts? Well, I believe these posts that tend to include research facts are what made it accomplishing. My favorite one was when a Deaf mother used my vlog, "No ASL Left Behind: Chapter One" in a mediation hearing that helped her win the case when being challenged to have her Deaf son out of the school for the Deaf. The other one was when playing sleuth to find out about the sign (EAR-MOUTH) was used at first before the sign (EAR-CLOSE) since there was no published truth about this one.

Remember how I targeted Deaf Education Teacher Preparatory program in several of my vlog posts? It had drawn the attention of the University of Southern Mississippi director of the program where we ended up having a dialogue about the importance of bilingual education courses for the Deaf children in our private e-mails. It eventually led me to be asked to give a presentation. I also discovered the so-called unbiased truth (not) about AG Bell in my vlog and became involved in fighting for the rights of Deaf children by providing invaluable research video clips (i.e. The Right of a Deaf Child to Grow Up Bilingual) and being involved in Deaf Bilingual Coalition.

My most emotional vlog was when producing Grandpop's Last Word since after making it, I broke down in tears. My most memorable moment was attending to Deaf Hope event and meeting awesome female vloggers. It was a kick making The Deafy Bunch vlog together!

I also do personal stories to balance my vlog since it can be tiring when discussing about those heavy issues. I considered the most bizarre story was "When the Contractor insisted me to..." and the most scariest (but funny) one was "Guess Who Showed Up in my Bedroom." It was fun producing a family vlog along with my Deaf children when doing a critique on "Though Deaf Eyes" when participating in the DeafRead contest that we won in first place. I realize that there is a lot more that I have done but it will take forever to make a list. I think that viewing the recent vlog post on the review of 2007 will be sufficient for now and feel free to click on the archives on the right in my blogspot column.

I am very grateful to DeafRead human editors for making this possible, the commenters for presenting their points of views, and the wonderful audience for their support. Thank you!!


B.A.D. said...



Loved your little friend..."Mr. Bat" LOL!!! That story is still going around here and there! LOL!!!

You Rock Barb, and I enjoy your b/vlogs...keep it up and have MORE!!

LaRonda said...

The Bat video was the best! Ha! It was so funny to see you all dressed up and sweaty in that yellow suit! I won't forget that one!

great v/blog year, Barb. You going to the DeafRead v/blog awards? See you there?

~ LaRonda

drmzz said...

You did a lot. Time's fast true biz. Yeah, I agree with above commenters 'bout the raincoat bit in bat vlog! Oh yea, your other vlogs still do mean something. Cheers. :)

Aidan Mack said...

Barb: You are one of greatest vloggers.. You are one of my favorite vloggers. You are great person with a great heart.. I am so glad that you participated in vlogland. With your knowledge and research really raise the bar in the Deaf community. I feel so honor and proud that I know you.. You Rock! You go to DeafRead conference? I hope so! Aidan

Ella Mae Lentz said...

amazing what you have done in much! and so much GOOD! Thank you.
Now 2008 is here...what shall it be for your blogsite? What shall it be for your life? What shall it be for your children? I can imagine it is going to be another AMAZING and BUSY and WONDERFUL year for you and all who surrounds you!!

Karen Mayes said...

Hee, I have to agree with the commenters... I think your vlog about the bat in your bedroom is the winner ;o).

I enjoyed viewing your vlogs and reading your blogs, seeing that the blogs are soundly researched and backed up with the bibliography notes, which I like, since it shows you know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

The bat thing is the best story you could have.

You are truly, committed professional person who dedicated of your time into the bilingual thing. Be a role model.

Why don't you go back to school to pursue the Ph.D? I am behind you all the way.

White Ghost

IamMine said...


I'm still laughing about that darn bat! ;)

I haven't had the chance to see that video, "Roll over, Beethoven's..." yet but I hope to get around to it when I have more time. I'm always in and out with busy and heavy schedule! :S But I've GOT to see that one!!!

Hey, I ordered "Turn It Up" maybe about a month ago and still waiting... waiting.... *taps foot*

Nice ring, btw! :)

Jean Boutcher said...

I love your v/blog. Some bloggers throw v/blogs like a machine as if readers were the walls, ignoring their questions. You courtesously and respectfully respond to commenters's questions.

For my major in English and World Literature, I took four courses in writing and learned that in ANY form of expression like letter, newspaper, lecture, book, TV, a writer's duty is to be able to explain; otherwise, he should not write at all if he is incapable to answer to commenters' questions.

Nominate Barb for one of the best
2007 v/blogs!

Domvera said...

Absolutely, I vote for the best episode of "The bat" that excited me. HA!

Happy New Year to you and your family also hope you all have a prosperous year ahead.

Thank you for showing me including others with your reflections vlogs of 2007.

Nick Vera

Bobby said...

Hey BarbHero,
I worship you. The first time I saw your Vlog was last summer and I've been checking it out ever since. I enjoy looking at your Vlog and learn about Deaf Education,etc. I've noticed that you always focus on your support of Deaf Education. I agree with you 100%. It is wonderful.
You are better than Fox News Show.
I used your name when I commented in The ear of my heart (The 10 Great Traits of Deaf Leaders). I hope that you will check her Vlog.
Thumbs up!!!
Thanks for sharing,
Bobby L.

Barb DiGi said...

Hi B.A.D. or W.O.W.!! LOL..thanks for your sweet comments! I certainly hope that Mr. Bat is flapping freely away from my home!!

LaRonda: Just wait until you see Part II about this girl who influenced me to wear my yellow raincoat!! I found her at the party after all those years! What a timing heh? About the conference, it looks like the odds are against me, sigh!

Drmzz: I am not the only one who did a lot..why, you too!! Together we just bring up interesting topics to make this vlogosphere more colorful!

Aidan: So are you!! You are a strong willed vlogger who is not afraid to speak your mind. Thanks for your kinds comments!

Ella: Together we rock the world making the year 2007 amazing. I know it is just a beginning but I look forward to go beyond the limits!

Karen: I guess it is my hobby doing it and a great way to keep a visual record where I can share with people whenever a topic I talk about. Most of all, I enjoy it!

White Ghost..where were you when the bat was in my room? I think Casper and the bat will get along well, heh? Thanks for you comments. I am considering pursuing Ph.D someday..thanks for your confidence in me.

IamMine: Darn that bat! We both know how it feels when dealing with it in our homes but we had overcame! Hmm, I will bring this attention to Steve! I hope someday we will rock at their band!! You will love it for sure!

Jean: You are one of my favorite commenters. Why? Because you always put in a great deal of thoughts and I have learned new things from you. What you have described about me reflects you as well!

Domvera: Nice to see you back! Nothing like a live scenario, heh? Thanks for your wishes and it goes the same for you!

Bobby: (blushing) I am glad you learned a thing or two from my vlog. Yes, I have been involved in Deaf Ed so long that I wanted to improve the quality for Deaf children.

To y'all, thanks again for your warm comments! Have a great new year!!