Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are Parents of Deaf Babies Fully Informed of Choices?

For the first time ever offered in the blogosphere, I have decided to try something different by offering a built-in transcript in my vlog since I wanted this one to reach out to the larger audience. I have offered two different types, one with transcript for Deaf Blind, international Deaf viewers and non-signers, and one without for ASL signers. I am experimenting this approach and let me know if you like it. This a research-based type of vlog so you will see research statements in both clips.

With built-in transcript: quicktime

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Without built-in transcript: quicktime

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Note: This was pre-taped in January.

By the way, this is my 100th post in DeafRead!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Barb

I like your original set up with your vlog and with the transcript at the bottom. I often watch you and then read your transcript. If I am too busy, I just read your transcript. And today's vlog embedded with the separate transcript is a bit distracting and time consuming. The transcript moves too fast.

IF deaf-blind people like today's vlog set up, then it is fine with me. I would like you to put the transcript in your blogsite like you have done in the past.

Thanks for hearing me out!

~ Just Deaf

DeafJoe3 said...

Hey Barb,

That's excellent vlog! Yes, it is absolute true. I appreciate for your information. Thanks

Thumbs Up!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey BARB!!!

Wonderful excellent vlog job!! Your's even much better than the other apathy vlog about Deaf Militancy!

GalaxyAngelz said...

Hey Barb,

Make sense your comment information filled blown understatement.
One thing,
Peoples are not focus Kyle 1994's and mostly focus on year of young 2002's and plus reason their way of techniques. That major problem.

Needs more pull up education issues bring enforcement about accurate information about kyle 1994's and ask for update information?

As far, My concern key is.. Professional/others may their own rights oppression faced the parents which have no empowerment speak it out as their best interest Deaf Child's future. Top the list professional tends say solution Cochlear implant and also nothing more further information resources.

Something hiding since they(professional) knew?

AslMan said...

Hi Barb,

I totally agreed with what you said, about Parent aren't recieving enough information about deaf child's needs. I'm a living proof of that. My parent first found out that I was deaf at 2 years, then ask the doctor what kind of communication access for me.
First thing the doctor told my parent is to find me speech therapy and find ways to provide means of hearing loss to be able to hear again. My parent thought it was the best solution because the doctor told them, unfortuntely i wish my parent do their homework of more research to provide more options for my needs.
Obviously they were unaware of it. As I grew older I did alot of research and finally told my parent about it, they realized and should've done that when they had the chance.
Those group of people or their system of higher education with degree that knows more about deaf needs are obvious belittle their clients of counseling to the parents. It's the parent and deaf child rights to have all the options they can find and have those access. We must educate the board of health medience and define all the options for parent's cause. I appreciated your topic excellent discussion.

Barb DiGi said...

Hi Just Deaf..thanks for your feedback..I intend to continue to do traditional post since it is much more convenient for the readers and for me. I wanted to see if people like this approach as well. Just trying new things, I guess

Hi is my pleasure and you are welcome! The more we know, the more we can point out the issues.

Hey Anon 1:12 back! I just believe on discussing issues that we need to focus on what is really the problem and how we, as a part of Deaf community, can do about it. I strongly believe that we can be activists by being more assertive in establishing stronger relationships with early interventionists and get involved as Deaf mentors. Will vlog about that soon.

Barb DiGi said...

GalaxyAngelz: Kyle's statement focused on the issue relating to "sign language and Deaf culture where it is argued that these are the child’s heritage and right, with visual language argued to be the child’s most accessible and natural language." It is a statement why it is important to have natural sign language exposed to Deaf babies and children. Even at that time, CI is starting on the rise but this statement of Kyle still stands since babies, both hearing and Deaf, have not yet develop strong auditory and speech skills until 24-36 months. You can see that the remaining information are mostly in early 2000's that applies to the CI years.

Yes, I agree that there are professionals out there dominating the choices mostly about how CI/AVT method should be recommended instead of balancing it out about natural sign language. Too often this information has been hidden from parents. This is what I am trying to point out in my vlog that it is still happening TODAY. It is up to us how we can get involved in the system.

Barb DiGi said...


Yes, this is a common dilemma for many decades. We need to make it a law that doctors are not in the position to give so-called professional advice and make referrals to trained professionals who are able to offer appropriate choices. What had happened to you, unfortunately, happened to many Deaf people. What is dismaying is that it is still happening today.

LS said...

This is eye-awakening information. So true about little or suppressing information for deaf children of both parents. We need to educate the professional and others.

Your message will carry all over the professional, educational and parents starting today.

Thank you for your wonderful and important message to share with us.

Rini said...

Excellent vlog. I really like the transcript between the time you signed. It allowed me to absorb the ASL and try to understand the context and then getting the transcript right after. I seriously think that this is the best solution, the only complaint I have is that the transcript was a bit too fast sometimes. It also worked well for my vision too, the black shirt/background helped me to focus only on your signs and your face expression. smile

As for the topic on hand, maybe it would be helpful in pointing the right direction on becoming a deaf peer for the intervention thing. Otherwise, excellent vlog on the issue.

Anonymous said...

I was surfing the Internet and I found Heather Whitestone McCallum's website. Click on Advocacy. You will see the list of websites. Those websites may be helpful to your cause.


Barb DiGi said...

Hi Rini: Thanks for the feedback as it is good to know about your perspective. I thought the same since this kind of vlog requires a lot of thinking and processing allowing you time to absorb the information. Yes, indeed, I plan to focus on developing ways to be more active in your community that you can make a difference to reach out hearing families of Deaf babies/children.

Hi Ziggy, Yes I have checked out the website:
and it is evident that there is not even one link explaining about the benefits of bilingual approach and ASL. I agree that we should be developing such links where parents are able to receive support but it usually start with Early Interventionists. The Deaf Community needs to build a good relationship with them. DBC is planning on providing training about Deaf Mentors in future conferences. It takes a team to make this work.

Barb DiGi said...

Hi LS! Didn't mean to skip you! I realized that I overlooked your message so I am responding to you now..yes the more we know about the facts that the choices are not provided in a balanced way, the more we need to push for Deaf mentor's involvement with Early Interventionists and writing grants to establish Shared Reading Program. We all need to stop and wonder who are the EIs in your local area? Do they know enough about ASL, bilingual programs and so forth?

Jenny said...

Hi Barb,

I would strongly prefer that you add a traditional transcript in your blog post *as well as* whatever the community prefers. For example, I usually read blogs via pager, so anything on video is inaccessible to me for that reason.

Just my $0.02. :)

Rox said...

I have an idea... What if the NAD provided a one-year subscription to NADmag for free to all parents of deaf children. This would help parents get more information and to see that deaf people can succeed. Anyone agree?

OCDAC said...

The two pennies I left here earlier would be a lot less severe than my videoblog on this question if Barb decided not to trash it.

todos la vie said...

Barb, I'm a fan of the Journal of Deaf Studies Deaf Education as well. I really like your vLog on informed choices. This is a HUGE issue with parents and the community at large. It applies to everything, not just with languages, but with food, where to live, etc. When someone knows the sushi is bad in one store, they are informed and make a choice to go to another store. This applies also to deaf babies. When they see that there are other choices to be made, they are informed.

One other thing, you're right about deaf parents also needing to be informed. I work with a deaf child of a big deaf family in underprivileged conditions. He is in 4th grade, but has trouble reading. We need to educate deaf parents as well.

Thanks so much for your important message.

Barb DiGi said...

Jenny, yes very understandable :-)

Rox, it is absolutely a great idea. I believe it is something that can be done by developing pamphlets, CDs and online resources where parents are able to obtain information about bilingual and Deaf culture (Bi-Bi). We should take advantage of today's technology!

Richard, what two pennies that you left earlier? There are not even any comments that are even worth a cent coming from you. I am sick an tired of your senseless comments so don't bother coming back here unless you are willing to be a part of the solution than a problem.

Hi Mary Ruth! I love to read these journals since it helps me to be on the brink of what is happening out there. Love your analogy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb Digi,

You did great job on your POST as I almost did agree with you in about 95% but and those two that is "Religious" and all the "States law" do make the different to fight about solve the problem so that it is very impossible to do that. It tough. Because many Parents in that case got to do with influence all kind of mind our thought as like I said Religious and here all the states laws been stir it up many different way the Parents think.


Kryst said...

Hi Barb,

You did a good job posting your educational vlogs. I think that the CAEBER website should include blogs/vlogs similar to yours, because I guess that there are many teachers of the Deaf that are still unaware of current trends in Deaf Education, no matter whether they are deaf or hearing.

I agree with you that both deaf and hearing parents of deaf children should be provided with full information about a variety of choices for their children's education and social development. However, there are two important issues that concern me, although I am an advocate for the bilingual philosophy of Deaf Education. First, we know that about 90% of parents of deaf children are hearing. When they find out that their child is deaf, they are often unprepared to learn ASL or struggle with ASL. There are very few hearing parents that can communicate with their children and other deaf adults in ASL well. Second, not all states can afford to pay for intervention programs such as Shared Reading Program. As a result, parents of deaf children can not be provided with such educational resources.

ASL Risen said...

So very true! When my Deaf son was baby, there are no option about ASL education from the professionals! That was really painful not to find more friendly Deaf education!

Good and far out idea about your transcripts after from your each beautiful sign on your video! Never thought about it!

Parents should not FOCUS on the PUBLIC NEWS on negative education because they need to focus on their own individual child's early language development!

I totally disagreed with someone who used the video response to your vlog because I know that person do not have his own experience of raising a Deaf child in his lifetime! Deep sighs! Just ignore him as if he likes to make some Deaf babies and Deaf children more sufferer if they happen not to be benefit devloping their own early language! The parents need LEARN and know how to FOCUS by improving to grow their own love and caring on their own individual Deaf child who can be greatly benefit from more friendlier open minded ASL educators or professionals if they happen to see and know the fully informed of CHOICES!

Anonymous said...

When you talk about keeping parents informed about all options, do you really mean that, or do you mean only the options that YOU approve of? For example, are you as knowledgeable about Cued Speech as you are about ASL? Do you tell parents about Cued Speech, and how some deaf kids are very successful with it? Do you talk about different methods of speech and auditory training for those who are interested in that? Do you keep yourself educated on current research in these areas? If you do, that's great! I hope that the idea of keeping parents informed of ALL options really means just that.
Old Timer