Monday, February 04, 2008

What did CNN and the others say about Pepsi's Bob's House?

When watching the CNN news that talked about Bob's House, I asked Brian Riley if he was able to provide the transcript and he gladly volunteered to type it up. Thanks Brian for being so helpful allowing us to see what they actually said about the Pepsi Bob's House commercial.

Here is the link.

Transcript by Brian Riley:

JOSH LEVS (reporter): This is a big-deal ad about the deaf community. This was actually designed by deaf employees at Pepsico, playing on a joke in the deaf community, that if you can't find which house you're going to just honk your horn a lot and the one that doesn't turn on their lights is the one--the house that you're going to.

BETTY NGUYEN (anchor): Ooh...

LEVS: When I first--you know I spent a month once at Gallaudet--when I first saw that, I was like, Is that rude? Are we saying deaf people don't mind waking people up in the middle of the night? But apparently, since it's already a joke in the community...

NGUYEN: It's a joke.

LEVS: They like it.

NGUYEN: Yeah, yeah

LEVS: Yeah.

I find it interesting about Josh Levs's inquisition whether if it is rude or that Deaf people don't mind waking people up in the middle of the night then quickly pointed out that it is a joke. It looks like that his experience at Gallaudet for a month helped him understand that it was a joke in the Deaf community.

In addition, I checked if this commercial made the top ten of best and the top ten of worse on the MSN Web Page, and it turned out that it did not make the rank in any of these top ten lists.

I haven't seen many comments talking about the commercial so I imed my neighbor if the commercial was an attention-grabber?

He replied, "Nope, not an attention-grabber. Cut and all. But just ok."

Then I replied, "Oh ok. Just thought that with no sounds, you would wonder what is going on?"

He said, " In my honest opinion, the deaf community could have done more with the 6 million bucks that the commercial cost like money for schools."

So I replied, "It was not the Deaf community's decision though since it falls under the hand of Pepsi and that the purpose of this ad helps spread awareness about the Deaf using ASL. It goes the same for all commercials using that money for their own purposes to market their products. So why is it that when it comes to a Deaf related commercial, that you think about how the money that should be used elsewhere? It goes the same that the rest of the commercials should use the money to feed the poor, to research about curing types of cancers, etc. But we know that is not the case."

However, I am not opposing his idea for companies like Pepsi to do more for the Deaf community by giving out support to raise more awareness about ASL and Deaf culture. He has a point though but remember that this commercial was broadcast for the interest of Pepsi to market their products. I just find it funny that they support the inclusion of the disabled and ended up not captioning the other two Pepsi commercials during the Super Bowl.

Anyway, have you asked your hearing family members, friends, neighbors, etc. about their opinions of this commercial? If so, please do share.


Brian Riley said...

I think it's great for companies to spend money on advertising in this way. It is money that is very well spent, because it raises awareness.

The gain in awareness all over America is worth much more than the money they spent on the ad. I think it was a great investment, not only in increasing goodwill for their company, but also enhancing hearing people's understanding of the deaf community.

The money will bring many more returns over the years.

drmzz said...

Some people...eyes rolls. Also typical of some people to impose guilt trips on Deaf people. It's like we have Deaf actors in commericals 256 days a year. Not. Thanks to those who recognize the JOKE.

Anonymous said...

What kind of good will does it promote when the company can't even be bothered to caption the REAL Superbowl commercials? This was just a pre-game show commercial. The other Pepsi commercials weren't captioned, and I find that insulting. So, I guess their idea of respect and inclusion doesn't carry over to the real ads that are shown during the SuperBowl, the ones that everyone is talking about? Pepsi lost my respect big time.

DE said...

Thanks for providing the transcript, etc. Missed the CNN segment, so this is greatly appreciated.

tomwillard said...

Interesting topic here and you might want to check the post I just put up at my blog titled "If I Were President of the NAD."

LaRonda said...

Hi Barb! First, how cool to be communicating with Brian Riley! Wow!

Next, by making this commerical of Bob's House, Pepsi probably just increased their market by bringing in Deaf buyers who appreciate the use of deaf actors and a culturally deaf joke. Deaf people have been known to be loyal to certain brands of products out in the world.

Perhaps the Deaf community and Pepsi will see value in one another and support each other in numerous ways now.

Let's hope!

~ LaRonda

Cy said...

From what I understand, pregame commericals are not incluced in the awards. They are divided up into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter categories. Apparently pregame commericals don't count for much - yet they spend so much on pregame commerical production and on air time?? It is a weird world...

No matter - I am glad they made the aired the commerical. Although it is an old joke that most of us deafies get, it could be percived differently by others, especially AGBell! I am atonished the hearing community thought the commeerical insulting to the deaf community! They need to be made aware the deaf suggested the old joke made into a commerical.

Jean Boutcher said...

Out of my curiosity -- Who suggested that "deaf joke" be used
as a Pepsci commerical. Was it NAD?

Karen said...

My husband asked his co-workers the same thing and most of them didn't really understand the commercial so I think the joke was "lost" on those who aren't familiar with it.

I did pass on an email to a friend who works at Pepsi about the non-captioned commercials-- I do hope that ALL of the commercials will be captioned next year...

Jodi said...

Hi Barb and all,, this is what my hearing sister sent to me via e mail, as I was not able to see the actual commerical here in Holland:


Did you see the "Deaf" Superbowl Commercial that Pepsi had on yesterday?

There are some mixed feeling towards it. Some people thought it was insensitive to the deaf community, but think you would find the humor in it. A lady who works with the hearing impaired, said that most of the deaf people she knew, thought it was funny and that it was from an old joke???

Let me know what you think of it.

Love Sis

she then gives me the link to you tube to see the actual commerical( which I have seen posted by so many other deafies,,)

Ok granted Pepsi wanted to raise awareness ,, thats all fine and dandy.. but couldn't they have found something that was a bit less RUDE( even tho we the deaf knew it was an OLD JOKE ),, and a bit more " oh I got it " to the hearing community,, but heck I think its great cos they actually USED DEAF performers,,(hurrah)

any way just wanted to share my feedback that I got from one of my hearing family members :-D


Jodi Hamilton-van Keeken

Donna MS said...

this Deaf Commerical gets the deaf community with American sign language out of years of the dark under audism, a term used to describe discrimination or sterotypes against the deaf.

I strongly believe that commerical will help to educate the hearing community that the deaf and hard of hearing are otherwise normal and will help stop audism.

Now it is time to stop improper prejudice from hearing people who never met a single deaf person. We must give parents of newly diagnosed deaf children proper information on the deaf community and encourage them to learn sign language ASL.

Otherwise we disable the deaf with inferiority, a lack of language development and a limited vocabulary and condemn them to unecessary surgeries.

Ken Davis said...

Hi Barb,

I already send a file - deafnewspaper_ken.jpg to you at gmail.

Ken Davis
Deaf Newspaper, LLC

Deaf Pixie said...

Brian Riley,

I also want to say tha all of Deaf Community to be involved with any of type commerical ads as such likely Pespi Co is really honored to be involved with hard of hearing or deafness to share with other kind of disable.

Today, I learn alot about hearing loss can influence your lifes. I am really aware of many different catergogy of deafness.

Thank you for sharing with us which mean you brought and willing to support Hearing Loss or Cohlear Implant, etc.

I am think Pespi Co deserved to be encourage and educated hearing world meaning about Deafness and Hearing loss are similiar as Hearing person. One problem that Many companies likely Nike, Inc did provived me to hire a Data Enty before A.D.A Law.

Sort of things Commerical Ads can teach hearing people to awareness about Hearing loss or Deafness specifically.