Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thoughts on DeafSide

Sharing my perspective on DeafSide and questions raised for you to share as well.


Anonymous said...


DeafRead = Buffet

DeafSide (aka DeafCenter) = Gourmet

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb,

Thank you for your time to vlog once again! You always seem to find the middle ground in these things and create the aura for a happy medium at the crossroads! Your optimism is contagious!

I also had the same questions for Taylor and Jared and wrote personally re a next vlog with more clarification and details as you proposed.

GMTA! Great minds think alike!

Continuing on the Deafside stuff--are we going to let the crosstalking happen on the personal level? I am not interested in the proof of such a vlogger talked to a survivoring spouse or next of kin of a friend or respected individual who recently passed away. I suppose there could be a category for pieces of info to be shared like that in an appropriate respectful manner to the dead and their surviving family and relatives plus close friends, intimates, etc.

Where do those vlogs belong? In the public sphere? Is DeafSide going to become a gossip forum, especially unhealthy gossip!

Deafinitely, we could use guidelines or a distinct set of criteria that distinguishes Deafread from Deafside!

Last passing thoughts...history follows some of us. Is it to be repeated? Or create a new paradigm where safety for all involved is a criteria. When we meet up with criticism, it is important the reaction to the criticism and the presentation without getting emotional and personalizing the facts.

Those are my thots--and believe me one day I shall meantime, I beg your pardon that I ain't vlogging yet! I haven't caught up with the Deaf Smiths yet!

I agree.... Deaf culture and ASL are to be celebrated and cherised! One example was the fundraiser for DV in CA! and more....


Shel said...

Excellent vlog and questions! I was wondering about the criteria, too. However you didn't count on one side effect of your vlog. I'm now hungry and thinking of going out to a steak restaurant LOL

Great job!

Cy said...


Great analogy - DR = Smorgosbord
DS = Speciality

Personally, I feel DeafSPACE is better than DeafSide. If you wanna keep it ASL, change to SpaceDeaf...heh.

Jean Boutcher said...

Hi Barb, It is really good to see you again. It has been eons and eons since you have last vlogged! Tempus fugit! Smile.

Back to square one, I actually thought that the human editors would have reserved DeafSIDE for pure implantées who desire to strictly focus on AVT-cochlear implant, absolutely sans ASL and Deaf Culture, in that pure implantees are afraid to lose their acuity on AVT. Their concern is understandable and acceptable. But I am confuzzled that human editors have named the new aggregator as "Deafside" for ASL and Deaf Culture.

Are ASL and Deaf Culture are definitely a small "side" or "a 1/16 piece" of DeafRead as the name "Deafside" suggests. Au contraïre, the deaf history is vast and huge and has dated back to 1050 B.C. Therefore, I said to myself, "Deafside is such a sore misnomer."


I am glad that Patti Durr has made an excellent suggestion for the name of a new aggregator: either DeafCenter or DeafSpace. Therefore, I hope that human editors would come into full realisation and would buy a better name: DeafCenter or DeafSpace. ASL-CI could be in DeafCenter or DeafSpace as long they accept ASL -- different from AVT-CI bloggers who want absolutely nothing to do with ASL and Deaf Culture.

Deb Ann said...

Excellent vlog! It's good to see you again after a while.

As you know, they say it a lot on your comments. It's a great thought on the issue!

I'm so relaxed 'cuz I don't need to see the two most annoying blogs anymore! I respect most of the CI users like Abbie because they respect us as well. I still read their blogs. I like Sarah and Kim. They sound so nice and fun.

You're one of my favorite bloggers :)

Barb DiGi said...

Hello everyone, thanks for your warm welcome! It is great seeing your comments here like seeing my old friends again after a period of silence.

I believe there are more questions than I have presented and I think it is healthy for us to visualize what a "DeafSide" should look like.

SuzyB: You raised an excellent question as well when talking about a certain person who recently passed away. I would think it may be more appropriate if that person contributed to the ASL/Deaf community by remembering his or her work rather than a person who did not even contribute in this area. For example, Gil Eastman was noted for his work in the theater world so to write about his contributions to remember him is much more fitting, don't you think?

I think the bottom line is that DeafSide readers do not want to click into a page dealing with topics that focus on audiological/speech progress, technology stuff and "hearing" experience.

Looking forward to your vlog!!

Hey Shel, funny cuz I actually had a steak yesterday topped with shrimp and Italian cheeses..smacking my lips!

Agreed Cy!I realize there are different interpretations when it comes to the term "side" but IMHO it is a bad taste to use the term "side" when you compare it to a mass. For example, the meat of your plate is the steak but the side dishes are vegetables and potatoes. Naturally, the steak is the most expensive and valued portion of the meal that gives us the perception that DeafSide is not as valued as DeafRead. On the other hand, when we think of "side" in terms of West Side Story, that's completely different because it focuses on this side as a whole in the story.

Jean, there you go! You make so much sense! Unfortunately, it is the principle that DeafRead is not based on selective topics reflecting Deaf culture/ASL values only since no criteria addressing this issue was ever established. The guidelines were too general from the start allowing any sort of mumbo-jumbo stuff and the term Deaf is not restricted to the heart of the culture. Yes, the term DeafSide gotta go!

Well, I am not sure about ASL-CI since I have seen that it is not comfortable for some people to discuss about CI although ASL is included in "DeafSide". There are some not wanting to do with any CI topics in DeafSide. I seriously think we need to address this topic more.

Deb Ann..likewise! Not all CI users are alike as I can see that they respect Deaf culture and ASL. Being open to each other is important practicing tolerance. We need to look at who they are, not what they are. DeafSide is a place where rich cultural experiences and ASL-focused topics can be shared, not necessarily to reject one cuz of them wearing hearing aids/CI but their knowledge and experience that can be contributed to the heart of the Deaf culture.

Platonic's Eye said...

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Anonymous said...

just add one more feature
Vlog, Blog and Extra

Deb Ann said...

Very beautiful, Barb!