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BI/CI Comparison? Why, sure! Deafhood Minions? Oh, Please!

This Anti-Deafhood priest and minions dissed people who support Deafhood and I have to tell you how much I have laughed so hard when reading that I couldn’t even take them seriously. Ok, just mock us all you want but my views stand based on the facts coming from FDA and no one can dispute that. Why of course, getting BI and CI is for a completely different reason although not life threatening but I have got news for you, there is a similarity, duh!

It is similar in a way that there are risk factors involved. Breast implantees and cochlear implantees even have to experience reoperations (including removal of implant) as a part of the risk factors. From the source, the overall cumulative cochlear implant survival rate was 91.7% for a period of 11 years. The main reasons for hard failures were design errors of the products and direct or indirect trauma to the cochlea implant site (especially in children) with consecutive breaks of the implant body or electrodes. As for BI, it is "likely that you will need to have one or more reoperations over the course of your life because of local complications from breast implants. Reasons for reoperations could include any of the potential local complications" (some are listed below).

Aidan has pointed out that there are people opposing to breast implants just like those to cochlear implants. Also she said that those who get Lasik has to wait until the age 18 (it goes the same for breast augmentation; 18 for saline and 22 for silicone) while for CI, babies as early as 12 months old can get it in spite of potential risks. It is not like she is trying to say that it is comparable for those to consider BI or Lasik for babies so stop twisting her words out of the content. I am just going to focus on the risk outcomes here since it is a no brainer to say that both of these procedures are not risk-free. This is what we have from the FDA webpage:

Reoperations of Breast Implants:

It is likely that you will need to have one or more reoperations over the course of your life because of local complications from breast implants. Reasons for reoperations could include any of the potential local complications above. Multiple reoperations to either improve the appearance of the breasts, to remove ruptured/deflated implants, or both may result in an unsatisfactory cosmetic outcome.

Of course, cochlear implant is not a cosmetic choice like breast implants are; however, they are both not life-threatening situations. Finally, what is common is that they both require invasive surgery that should be reserved for life-threatening situations, not simple life enhancements. CI is considered a tool that is interpreted by some on how it can enhance their hearing ability just like how BI enhances a woman's life by having increased self esteem or whatever the reasons are for them. So yes, these devices are life enhancing for some who need it but still not considered life threatening.

Reoperations of Cochlear Implants:

Among actions taken, at first pass it appeared that reimplantation was more common in the pre-1998 period, but it is important to note that the "pending" category in 2002 was large and accounted for nearly 30% of the actions taken. Therefore, it cannot be reliably stated that reimplantation was more common in the pre-1998 period. Furthermore, the high incidence of "pending" data makes reliable statistical analysis on these action data impossible. However, it is clear that for most of the adverse events described, surgical intervention, most commonly explantation or reimplantation, was the most common treatment.

Risks from the Surgical Cochlear Implant Procedure FDA Webpage

* Cerebrospinal fluid leakage --the brain is surrounded by fluid that may leak from a hole created in the inner ear or elsewhere from a hole in the covering of the brain as a result of the surgical procedure.

* Perilymph fluid leak --the inner ear or cochlea contains fluid. This fluid can leak through the hole that was created to place the implant.

* Infection of the skin wound.

* Blood or fluid collection at the site of surgery.

* Numbness around the ear.

* Reparative granuloma --this is the result of localized inflammation that can occur if the body rejects the implant.

* There may be other unforeseen complications that could occur with long term implantation that we cannot now predict.

Potential Local Complications and Reoperations for Breast Implants (narrowed it down to parallel to CI potential complications)

* Delayed wound healing

* Iatrogenic injury/damage (injury caused by medical procedure)

* Granuloma (is a small area of inflammation due to tissue injury)

* Inflammation/irritation

* Redness/bruising

* Scarring

BI and CI both have outcomes that leak, irritate, scar, inflame, bruise, and numb. Some may be temporary and some are permanent.

As for Lasik experiencing complications:

The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery has said that only about 3 percent of lasik patients experience complications, but other data and research suggest problems may be more common and long-lasting.

As for CI experiencing complications:

From the over 200 patients implanted at the University of Michigan Medical Center, 6 patients with a complete and irreversible cochlear implant receiver-stimulator failure have been identified and treated. This represents a 3% failure rate.

Key Points to Consider

* Breast implants will not last a lifetime so wouldn’t a cochlear implant.

* Either because of rupture or other complications, you will probably need to have the implants removed.

* You are likely to need additional doctor visits, reoperations, or removals because of one or more complications over the course of your life.

* Many of the changes to your breast following implantation cannot be reversed just like residual hearing cannot be reversed (only you have CI, your residual hearing won’t come back if you decide to have it removed).

By the way, as speaking for myself as I have always been, I am not saying no to anything including a good debate because this is a free country. The only thing I would do is to justify the reasons for my opinions, that's that, so just don't try to draw a picture of me that doesn't look like me. Just quit calling me Deafhood Hand-Job Priestess or a minion for that I am not a follower. This is how I think based on my experience since birth not because of deciding to follow Deafhood based on a book or a workshop (by the way I haven't even read the whole book and never even went to one workshop!) Even if I went, so what! What's wrong with you people? Looks like all you like to do is to look for someone to mess around with, heh? I am only interested to express my opinions for what I believe in and oh isn't that what this particular blogger said in her blog, that she supported anyone who believed in whatever it is that they believed in? Talk about someone who is living a double standard. (**laughing with amusement***)

Oh, one more thing anti-deafhood priest, calling me an expert in male masturbation is so hilarious! Guess it is what you wish for but too bad you will never get to see this day.


Anonymous said...

FYI, is the BEST...

Barb DiGi said...

Yeah, this website was defintely in my bookmark.

Reading these events are awesome showing the wonders of what Deaf people are capable of.

Anonymous said...

They are just bunch of hypocrites who have nothing to do but to criticize and mock their own Deaf people. It is a shame, really.

They would surely learn a thing or two when attending a Deafhood workshop though! Amazing how they jump to conclusions and resemble it to religion. It is like they are reviewing a subject without reading the book. I have never seen such exaggeration going on in their blogs when it comes to Deafhood or even DBC. It is a shame for them not to support ASL for Deaf babies. For them to judge it without trying to understand tells me that they are close minded and immature.

You, Barb, have always exposed the ugly truths based on facts and they just fill in their blogs with mumbo jumos that they tend to gossip. Yep, that's what they are..gossipers...bashers...hyprocrites...troublemakers...and the like!

CheryL from MA said...

We are with you ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! keep fighting for our future Deaf babies/children!!! Don't let them walk all over us!! DBC forever \../,

Anonymous said...

Good for you to stand up to them! You get to say something and it is about time! They are the bullies picking on people like Aidan and you. What a disgusting pack of potatoes!

Anti-Anti-Deafhood priest blogger
( negative plus negative makes Deafhood positive! haha!)

Anonymous said...

"This Anti-Deafhood priest and minions dissed people who support Deafhood and I have to tell you how much I have laughed so hard when reading that I couldn’t even take them seriously."

Barb, I'd like to read the original post for myself, but couldn't find it. Is it on DeafRead? If so, would you please include a link? Thanks so much.

brenster- said...

It's funny that anti-Deafhood, anti-ASL and anti-Deaf proponents didn't even hesitate comparing CI with life-threatening surgeries and medical treatments, like heart surgery, cancer patients getting chemotherapy and radiation and others. For one, being Deaf is NOT life threatening.

Then those same people strongly object to CI surgery for non-life threatening purpose being compared with another non-life threatening surgery: BI! That must have really touched their nerve!

It is rather amusing to see how they go on and on with anti-Deaf-ASL-Deafhood stance that have become their obsession. They really have nothing else to talk about in their blogs. One bitter comment was left: "Get life!" What about themselves? GET LIFE!

Me wrong? Then prove it, talk about something OTHER than anti-Deaf-ASL-Deafhood subject!

Candy's suggestion: "Once you start saying NO to C.I., you invite others to say no to ASL" is amusing, because there ARE already TOO MANY people who are saying NO to ASL!

All in all, they are just hypocrites and troublemakers who enjoy bashing others, obviously to help with their self-esteem issues!

Barb DiGi said...

Added the links above.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Barb. Honestly, that person's blog entry was 100% satire and such a load of crap besides, it wasn't even deserving of the time you took to write a serious and thoughtful response. You shouldn't even encourage him by saying you thought it was hilarious and you laughed so hard! But thanks anyway for the information.

Barb DiGi said...

Hi Brenster! Well said!

Anon 12:05: Yes, I know it is which is why I am smirking. That is just my honest reaction that I thought it was hilarious the way I was labeled. For me to laugh it off is a way of telling that I am not taking it seriously. I only wanted to analyze the facts of the potential risks for all implants so my time is not wasted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your link. Have just read it. Can't believe that one of commenters has a deaf daughter at deaf school and a deaf son in mainstream school. What'd the daughter think of her mother's hostile comments when she grows up!

brenster- said...

I wanted to add another interesting point. I notice that every time we re-claimed negative terms, they came up with new terms intended to degrade us and to raise the flame.

For example, before it was "militant." Now, Deafhood priest/priestess and minions.


Jeffrey said...

Brenster makes an interesting and loud point when referring to the names they come up with.

I'm a minion.
I'm a militant.
I'm an extremist.
I'm an expert.
I'm an idiot.

Sure, go ahead and ostracize us!

I, for one, am happier without puppet-strings.

Their choice of words are only reflective of their ignorance and fear.

We needn't say more because they've said it all for themselves.

Shel said...


Brenster and Jeffrey made good points about the addition of new labels.

My perspective is this: When one starts labelling people with new names on top of old ones, it simply means they cannot think of convincing counterarguments against their opponent's position. They have simply lost ground, and thus the debate because they became so threatened they cannot think clearly. As a result, their credibility is lost.

Just my two cents.

By the way, I laughed just as you did... deafhood priests/priestesses and minions, eh? That is a new one.


Sojourner said...

You are brilliant!!!!!
I'm glad this post is up!

Thanks for all of your work,


RLM said...

Barb DiGi and other commentators in support of Deafhood and DBC,

*waving hands* Someone call you the priestess. That is kinda cool of the anti-Deafhood/DBC putting colorful label on you!

Many people do not know how independent-minded person you are! Let those people call and label you whatever. That make your our Joan of Arc (not hopeful for being burned at the stake as what I do not have in mind). Smile!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sojourner said...

Yes! I agree, Barb is indeed like Joan of Arc!


Joseph Pietro Riolo said...

I don't mind about making analogy, a word that I prefer over comparison, between cochlear implant and other things. But, the argument by analogy is very easy to be misused and can be misleading. That is why there is a fallacy called "Extended Analogy".

I use analogy every day in many different ways. But, when it comes to argument, the differences must be searched for and pointed out. That is, the differences must be taken into account in addition to similarities. The more differences there are, the weaker the analogy becomes. This will ensure that the analogy will not be misused during argument.

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful post! Many commenters made excellent points here as well.
I'd like to suggest that we keep claiming all the stupid names that they come up with. I'm proud to call myself a Deafhood acolyte. And if it's a cult, then I'm proud to be a Deafhood cultist. Lets come up with rituals!

Jerome Cain said...

Nice way to learn many words. I enjoyed read your blog. let you know that I pictured you in asl when i read your blog. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, those anti-bloggers annoy me, not amuse me. They sound like bitter deaf people who were not accepted by the Deaf community due to their superiority attitudes. (Ha-ha! Just messing with you, potato!) Those that agree with them make me uncomfortable because they might not know who and what they are supporting.

Keep on with your clear vision, Barb, and keep on supporting all Deaf people in developing positive outlooks.

brenster- said...

One person actually believes that s/he made a convincing argument in a few blogs about having CI's for Deaf babies. The reasoning was if it was OK to have heart transplants for babies with heart problems, why isn't it OK for Deaf babies to get CI's.

To refute that reasoning...

1) There are risks with heart transplants, but having the transplants gives the babies a chance to live. If the babies with heart problems did not get the transplants, they could die.

2) If the Deaf babies didn't have CI surgeries, they WILL LIVE for sure. It's no-brainer!

Again, see what I meant! Another example of comparing healthy Deaf babies with babies with life-threatening medical conditions. Nothing new!

Nice try, though! ;-)

DE said...


I am getting to know you through DBC and I can say your heart, vision, and reasoning are spot-on, and that you actually represent the majority of Deaf America.

Just because the few anti-everything-good-about-the-Deaf bloggers are the loudest whoopers online, it doesn't mean they actually represent any more than 0.0000005% of the Deaf world.

They yell, whoop, bang on the table, and stab knives in our backs... that sure does get our attention, but only temporarily. That's the only way they'd get attention in ANY form.

I am so honored, humbled, etc. to be in DBC with you, Barb.


Deep Ears said...

DE is right. They are anti-everything-good-about-the-Deaf bloggers.

More than that, they are anti-everything-good about culturally Deaf people. They are bigots, plain and simple.

Barb DiGi said...

Brenster: Yeah, interesting, that!

Jeffrey: There you go!

Shel: Right on!

You know, I find it really interesting that the "thug" who started name-calling are the ones who are not strong advocates of ASL/Deaf Cultural values. Those who are don't even call them names. You all can decide who is the bully.

Ali: Thanks! I always like to know how the results are comparable.

RLM: chuckling..ok to put it at this way, I should be honored to be called that, heh? No one will ever stop me from crusading for the rights of Deaf babies to have access to ASL. There are wonderful strong-minded people out there advocating for them as well..thank goodness for them!! Joan of Arc made a lot of sacrifices and fought for what she believed in. We just keep our head high and keep an eye on the prize.

Joseph: I also want to make it clear that to compare and contrast is different than to make an analogy. I don't agree how BI or a Lasik should be an analogy to CI and vice versa. However, as evident from my research findings, the outcomes are almost similar (reimplantation at least in a lifetime, leakage, etc.) that we all should be aware of the consequences.

Sauniere: Haha, now I am tempted to dress in a robe to look like a high priestess of Deafhood for the heck of it!

Jerome: Glad you enjoyed it and that you have learned from our points of views. It is what I love about sharing our b/vlogs.

Anon 7:48: How true! Annoy is the word! It takes people who share the same belief to come together to make the vision stronger :-)

Brenster: Exactly! (I keep on nodding my head every time you write!). We cannot compare CI to Heart Transplant when it comes to justifying the reasons to have it. CI just like BI/Laserik are not a life-threating situation but a life enhancement. Thanks for taking the time to make excellent points!

Hi DE!! I am deeply humbled by your words. It is people like you keeping the fire going especially with your wonderful energy to aim for the big prize: paving the way for the rights of Deaf babies/children to have access to ASL. To be a part of DBC with you and others brought me nothing but hope and joy for the betterment of the Deaf babies and their families.

DeepEars: No matter how us activists take the time to make a positive difference in the world, nothing will please the anti-everything-good-about-the-Deaf. They will always find something to (in attempt to) humiliate or mock rather than finding ways to be a part of the solution. Now, isn't that sad?

I have noticed the amount of negativity on their part has been escalating acting like hens going amok rather than being productive to lay eggs.

Shel said...

"I have noticed the amount of negativity on their part has been escalating acting like hens going amok rather than being productive to lay eggs."

Barb, I have noticed this too. This tells us we are definitely going on the right track to attain our goals for the rights of Deaf babies and children to have access to ASL. The more results we create, the more they hop around like chickens with their heads off. Yum... chicken on the grill with mesquite sauce, anyone? LOL


Anonymous said...

It also makes me think: those annoying anti-bloggers (yes, I said that before) have both quit DeafRead. Why is that? Too much flak from the majority readers? Can't hack it?

Their contrary views might be a point of pride with them, and a few readers have oddly enough followed them all along.

Certainly they have their reasons for criticizing, but the way they go about it is SOOO negative that it cancels out their message. That is the tragedy of it all--they write so well but have such thinly disguised hostility.

Too bad. We will have to wait for better bloggers to come along and point out our shortcomings in a more constructive way.

Anonymous said...

TO: Anon 4:27 PM

Don't try to change the terminology. The term is "anti-everything-good-about-the-Deaf blogger," not "anti-blogger."

It looks like you are trying to take a very useful term and change it. An "anti-blogger" can be anyone who misuses a blog. We were specifically talking about anti-Deaf bigots.

Joseph Pietro Riolo said...

One of the definitions for analogy is comparison with the intention to show the similarities. This is what you were doing. You started with comparison between cochlear implant and other things and you looked for a similarity between them. The similarity that you found is that they have some risks. This comparison became analogy. It is still not clear to me what is the point in making the analogy. I am restraining myself from making any conclusions.

Analogy is very useful, at least for me, in understanding the world. I use it every day. But, when it becomes a basis for discussion or argument, it can become problematic. I will give a fictional example to illustrate how analogy can be problematic.

Say, there are two mothers and each of them has a deaf baby who is around 6 months old. They happen to meet in a park and they start talking. They learn that their babies are both deaf. The dialogue goes like this.

Mother A: That's nice to know you. How are you going to do with your baby?

Mother B: I have scheduled her for cochlear implant surgery in few months. She went through evaluations and she is eligible for cochlear implant.

Mother A: I see.

(A brief silence.)

Mother B: How about you? What are you doing with your baby?

Mother A: I am learning American Sign Language, ASL in short, and everyone in my family is also learning ASL. We are learning how to communicate with my baby.

Mother B: Oh, that's nice. I also want to communicate with my baby.

(A brief silence.)

Mother A: I don't mean to get in your way but... Are you aware that cochlear implant may not work for your baby?

Mother B: I am aware of this. I read and read and read so many articles. I think I am comfortable with the chance. Do you also know that ASL may not work for few deaf kids?

Mother A: Yeah, I am aware of this. It is not often mentioned but it could happen. Like you, I will try my best.

Mother B: Also, don't try it on your own. You need a lot of support from your family, friends, teachers, professionals and even people from the Deaf culture.

Mother A: You also do likewise. I read articles that the success improves greatly when you have a lot of support.

Mother B: How true!

Mother A: I guess we are in same boat.

Mother B: I agree.

(A brief silence.)

Mother B: I am wondering… Can I have your phone number? Maybe, you can come over to my house so that our babies can play together.

Mother A: I would love to do that. Here is my phone number. I would like to have your phone number. I want you to come over to my house.

Mother B: Great! See you later.

Mother A: See you later!

They part and go on their way to home.

Through my fictional example, I make an analogy between ASL and cochlear implant by showing three similarities: 1) ASL and cochlear implant are tools to improve communication with deaf babies. 2) ASL and cochlear implant are not foolproof, meaning that they may not work for few deaf kids. 3) Both ASL and cochlear implant require a lot of involvement from family members, teachers, professionals and members of community.

I am not doing just comparison looking for both similarities and differences. I am only looking for similarities between ASL and cochlear implant.

Is my analogy between ASL and cochlear implant reasonable? Why or why not? Likewise, is the analogy between cochlear implant and other surgeries reasonable? I leave these questions as exercise for the readers. :-)

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

Barb DiGi said...

Hey, Shel..sounds good to me!! Love the sauce!!

Anon 4:27: "Thinly disguised hostility" that's a good way to put at it!

Anon 5:12: Point taken!

Joseph: Ok, you are right..since analogy is synonymous to comparison so let me put at this way. I am not making an analogy on the reasons to get a CI, BI or a Lasik but an analogy on the risk outcomes.

Your example to make an analogy between ASL and cochlear implant is way off base to what I am referring to. Your statements involve opinions whereas mine involve facts. Anyone can say: It is not a fact that ASL is a tool but a language. It is not a fact that ASL does not work for a few kids. The point is not all people agree with that. For my part, I provide the scientific proof that there are some similarities relating to the outcomes.