Monday, March 02, 2009

The Beast, the Project and the Shirt

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Thanks to your enlightening emails and requests for a comeback as time has been a very challenging task to find! Thanks LaRonda for your wonderful poem as it gave me a kick to vlog the updates.

I have been using my productive energy to hopefully make positive changes and impact about issues that concern me. Not that vlogging is perceived as unimportant as it is continued to be valued. Just that there has been a change of priorities and goals for the time being just like everyone else is going through. I just used most of my time since the fall focusing on my multiple projects on DBC, my film and my EHDI presentation. At last, these products are completed! I am just excited and relieved that it is over!

In the end of the video, here is a treat for you by seeing a snapshot of a T-shirt taken in Cabo, Mexico talking about Spanish that can apply to ASL as well.