Thursday, April 09, 2009

Audists or Audism Behavior? (Part II of II)

Thoughts (not entirely a summary but reflections):

As we are in the process of discussing the meaning of audism and to describe, not necessarily to label with haste, the common situations that many Deaf people have experienced because of their deafness, situations arise such as thinking that Deaf people shouldn’t drive and shouldn’t be a head of an industry. It even happens at home when experiencing dinner table quiet moments with families that don’t use ASL or even any sorts of manual communication modes. This is when we can easily identify or describe a situation that is associated to audism.

It is true that we cannot communicate at all without some level of conceptualizing or labellings of the world around us. When I say the word 'audism or audists,' it covers an incredible diversity of different forms of situations. I am still only able to describe general features seen amongst that type of behavior, however, the label is not sufficient to describe an audist or an audism behavior (or in that case audist behavior).

Questions are raised to discuss different case scenarios whether if it is a case of audism.

Crucial elements to make it audism free for every Deaf child are also discussed.

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