Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Does Deafhood Mean To You? (Part II of II)

There are 17 Deaf vloggers (we had 21 in part I so that is 38 so far) sharing their points of views on what Deafhood means to them. These Deaf vloggers in part I and part II have embraced Deafhood as a part of their lives in a positive light. It is surely enlightening to watch!


Paul said...

Barb -

Very good mine was done August 27, 2007 - more than 2 years ago.

Keep up the good work!


LaRonda said...

Wow! Where have I been?! I didn't even knnow this project was going on. My head has been so into work. Bah! This was outstanding! Such creativity and clarity and inspiration! Great project Barb! Will there be more? If so, I wanna play! ha.

~ LaRonda

Barb DiGi said...

Thanks, Paul.

Aww, LaRonda! I know how it is when work sinks you in. I am willing to consider to do part III since there are others who also missed. Just make a 30-45 sec video (.mov, .wmv or.mpeg) and send it to me via by typing my email addy

Paul and LaRonda and interested participants, if you would like to participate part III, just put your creative cap on!

cnkatz said...

Left video comment in your youtube channel and then in English here.

Fantastic job everyone. Barbara for contacting people and putting everything together. People in the video for their awesome positive comments and technology saavy. Oddly enough, this video made me wonder about how would deaf people who do not sign would think of deafhood. It would be a good contrast (?) for the general public to view.

Wonderful with a big sign - THANKS.

Dianrez said...

It's a terrific feel-good work of art for us Deaf people. However, the people who can learn the most from it are Hearing people, especially parents, who don't know sign or have problems reading sign.

How about adding captions to this video?

Good work, Barb! Very positive!

Barb DiGi said...

Interesting question, Charlez. One thing I know for sure is that there will always be at least an experience of audism for every Deaf person unfortunately, even for those who don't sign and communicate orally. It is also their experience going through a journey of dealing with how they are treated as a DEAF person and how they react to circumstances.

Dianrez, I agree that the video needs to be accessible at some point. For now, I feel this message is a priority to the Deaf viewers so that they can process the concept of Deafhood first. It is time consuming for me but thanks to Don G., he will do the subtitles like he did for Part I. I shall will once again to broadcast it with subtitles in my blog and youtube in the future.

The more people understand the true meaning of Deafhood with a meaningful and positive light, the more support will be given to Deaf children to be bilingual.