Saturday, February 19, 2011


Thanks to a concerned Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD) parent, Paul Norris, who initiated the petition to oppose proposed budget cuts for NY 4201 schools and for allowing me to post this announcement on my blog, please take a minute to sign the petition. We need to show Governor Cuomo that this is a bigger deal than he may be aware of. 

RSD and all the other 4201 schools in NY state are under threat of serious funding changes which will negatively impact the schools that we need to show Governor Cuomo how many people care about this issue and maybe it will help him reconsider his budget proposal. 

We only have 10 days left to get as many signatures as possible (I want to submit the final list of signatures to Governor Cuomo by March 1st so he has it to consider before the final decision is made on March 3rd ) so please act swiftly and encourage others to do the same.  Participation is paramount -- that includes writing letters which is also critical to show Mr. Cuomo that we are involved and have a stake in the outcome of this issue.

And remember, signatures don’t have to come only from people who have a direct connection to RSD, ANYONE IN NY STATE can sign it because this affects funding in every school district that would have a student who needs a 4201 school.  So don’t limit who you reach out to – be an annoying pest if you have to!  I am!

After signing it, you will then receive an e-mail with a message that you can copy/paste into your Facebook posting.  When you post the petition on your Facebook page (you'll see the option to do that) which is critical to expanding awareness and getting more signatures, as well as links to other important sites in this fight.  Look for that e-mail.



Signing a petition is effective. A number of factors influence the effectiveness of a petition. The more a target organization is impacted by public opinion, the more effective your petitions. In addition, the Petition Site enhances the credibility of online petitions by centralizing signature collection, regulating signature data collection and output, facilitating communication of petitions via fax, email, etc. and by using fraud-reduction technology. The effect of a petition goes far beyond the actual list of signatures. Journalists write stories about petitions, signers get inspired to take additional action and other potential targets conform their behavior to avoid being a target.

Please note that it is more effective when it is signed by NY state residents.