Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Gift from Dr. Lon Kuntze's Class from Boston University For New Yorkers

Thanks to Dr. Lon Kuntze's brilliant idea! He is a director of the Programs in Deaf Studies at BU that comprise an M.Ed program in Deaf Education, a BS program in Deaf Studies, and ASL program, and he came up with the idea to assign his graduate students to write letters to the governor instead of assigning his typical project.  In Dr. Kuntze's literacy acquisition class, they just completed a section of the course on the context of learning and development. They believe strongly that the real issue to come to term with in deaf education is that of context of learning. We need to resolve for each child the kind of context that will support optimal learning and development; only then will we have the basis for figuring out the kind of placement that will provide such a context.

(excerpts are provided in between clips to convey what was written in these letters, subtitles coming soon) by Sarah Godwin Kira Bell by Morgan Lee   by Geoffrey Hall  by Micaela Long (unknown) by Jon Henner by Jennifier Kline  by Kira Stewart by Colleen Ward

The remaining two students have not given me permission yet about publishing their names but if they let me know soon, I will add their names as well.

Thank you Dr. Kuntze for coming up with this special project. Thank you to all of you students for dedicating your time to write powerful letters to the Governor and giving your permission to share your letters as templates that any of the New Yorkers can copy and paste with their signatures.

Please New Yorkers, let's bombard the Governor and other designated government officials with these letters! It will take you less than five minutes to do it :-)

Suggestions to write to but not limited to: Senate Majority Leader Skelos, Assembly Speaker Silver, Senate Minority Leader Sampson and Assembly Minority Leader Kolb (he supported 4201 schools and spoke at the rally), Dr. Judy Cort