Thursday, March 03, 2011

What May Happen If Governor Cuomo's Proposed Budget For 4201 Schools Has Passed?

Here is the brochure that I had developed with several teachers and eight students during the trip to Albany two days ago. It all started out when we were reviewing talking points to practice on what to say to the legislators. As I jotted them down,  it dawned on me about the idea of creating the brochure so that it can be shared with the legislators. When we arrived at the hotel, a parent joined us along with several teachers that we worked on the brochure until 2 a.m.! There were other 4201 school groups who visited their legislators' offices that more than 70 members were contacted on that day. It was an empowering experience for the students to speak face-to-face with them and tell them their reasons why this 4201 proposal should not be approved.  Please feel free to print from this link (print 2-sided and tri-fold it) and mail it along with your letter to NY legislators.

Need a template to write letters to your elected legislators? You may go to NYSUT that has a template and access to electronically send your letters or go to my previous post for more templates and information on how to reach the Governor Cuomo and the NY legislators.

Also please go to the petition site as more signatures are needed and please forward the petition to your family, relatives, friends, church, workplace, etc. It will continue for a month or so until the time the legislators vote (expected date is April 1st).

If you want to go to the rally in Albany on March 10th, RSD will provide roundtrip bus transportation for FREE for members of the community who are interested in attending.  Anyone-hearing and Deaf who support 4201 schools- can meet at Marketplace Mall on March 10th early AM. Please contact RSD by e-mailing to to let them that you want to go and they will provide bus transportation for you and they will tell you the steps.

Deadline: March 7th, Monday.

Please go to RSD website for more information and contact them NOW as time is running out!