Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Barb's Kitchen Talk: Equality (subtitled)

This vlog describes some of the presentation topics shared by Dr. John Bosco Conama that he focuses on Equality of Condition and Deafhood and Affective Equality. His presentation talks about raising the bar of the status of natural signed language, rights rather than needs, and psychological effects of mainstreaming. There are a lot more topics that are not covered since he explained explicitly about the concept of equality of condition using Deafhood model rather than medical and disability models. Dr. Conama will publish his book and inviting him to present in your area is recommended.

Francois Grojsean's article called, "Bilingualism, biculturalism, and deafness".

"The misunderstandings concerning sign language are also numerous. For example, despite all the research done on the subject in the last 40 years (in the USA, England, Scandinavia, etc.), some still think that sign language is not a real language. And yet, it has been shown, over and over again, that sign language has all the linguistic characteristics of a human language. Another myth is that sign language will hinder the development of the spoken language in deaf children. As we will show below, the reverse is true; it helps the acquisition of the spoken language, directly and indirectly, in addition to being a natural means of communication for the deaf child. Finally, it has been maintained by some that if one defends sign language, one must be opposed to the spoken language. In fact, most of those who defend sign language want the deaf child to also acquire a spoken language to the highest level of fluency."