Friday, February 28, 2014

Miss Nelson Is Missing!

     I was dressed up as Miss Viola Swamp on a book character day and decided to do the story while I was in the character. It was indeed so much fun! Actually, I have a little secret how to make this video in a flash and to recall the lines all in less than an hour. I didn't even have to write in ASL GLOSS or anything like that, nah.  If you really want to know, I am willing to give a training workshop for this one at your school. We don't need a pro to do it as you can do anywhere as long as you have the green backdrop and basic iMovie.

I recommend for young children whose primary language is ASL to watch the ASL only video version first. Story comprehension is encouraged to be discussed in ASL before bridging to sight words. The next video provides the sight words that the students would already have a solid understanding of the story in ASL, thus, making transition to English easier and enjoyable.

 This is an ASL and Sight Word version when making a link from ASL to English vocabulary. You can go to busyteacher cafe to gather more curriculum materials. Have fun!