Friday, June 05, 2015

ASL Spiderman (voice-interpreted/subtitles provided)

Here is my first movie using final cut pro and green screen technology. I even have an interpreter to do a voice-over and added sound effects for the heck of it (pump up your speakers to get a movie theater vibration effect).

It has been a lot of fun making this video and very educational for all of us. The Rocky Mountain Deaf School (RMDS) elementary students have been studying a variety of ASL grammatical features, and this video focuses primarily on the use of noun-verb pairs. After the students are familiar with the features, they get to create their movie scripts and storyboards. A lot of mini-movies have been made and it will be released bit by bit this month of June. Please go to RMDS ASL and subscribe to keep track of future videos.

It has been beneficial for the students to develop stronger ASL skills that they get to recognize how to use these grammatical features in their dialogue, and they have been given opportunities to polish up their lines to make themselves as clear as possible. Here is one of the sample mini-movies...