Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A.G. Bell Association Is The Bully: Part II

This vlog is focused on the perspectives of Nyle DiMarco, AG Bell Association President, Meredith Sugar and multiple researchers. Transcript summary (Note that it does not reflect all of what was said in my vlog) and a copy of the chart available here.

Deaf individuals who grow up oral tend to end up to do what? Learning sign language as they discover the Deaf community or discover Deaf individuals who went to Deaf schools, have Deaf families and strong ties to the community. Learning sign language late is common and even their parents realize the importance of sign language as they may get to learn late.  This is still happening today even in my lifetime.

So I've taken the liberty to make a chart by listing what Nyle DiMarco said (mostly from the Reliable Source),  AG Bell President Meredith Sugar said in her response to the Washington Post and in Baltimore Post-Examiner and finally, the facts.

(same information is shown in the ASL vlog from this chart)