Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A.G. Bell Association Is The Bully: Part I

Transcript Summary:

In the beginning of the video: Showing a variety of historical segments of Barb Wifi (a.k.a. Barb DiGi) depicting her thoughts and experiences with AG Bell Association who had disrespected her rights, her job, her Deaf daughter, her immediate family, and her community ties from 2007 to 2011.

(please note that capital D is not to divide the Deaf by labeling them with a big D or a small D. A capital D refers to all Deaf people regardless of their involvement in learning a language or culture. Using capital D reflects an ethnic group just like we would capitalize for any other ethnic group.)

Now fast forward to 2016, there is a recent appalling wave of reaction by the Deaf community in regards to AG Bell's response to Washington Post's "The Reliable Source". AG Bell had accused Nyle DiMarco of dispelling the myths about deafness. Ironically, the spokesperson is by a hearing person, Meredith Sugar, who is the president of AG Bell Association, that she arrogantly decided that Nyle DiMarco, a Deaf person who was born and raised in a Deaf family, and in a Deaf cultural environment enriched with ASL and bilingual education, and a winner of American's Top model and currently on Dancing With The Stars, is telling the myths about deafness.

First and foremost of all, to associate ourselves to "deafness" is not what we define as we just simply call the Deaf or Deafhood in that matter rather than deafness. Anyway, what do they, hearing individuals, really know as they don't grow up and experience as a Deaf person? Why does it have to be hearing individuals who think they are speaking for the Deaf community? Ironically again, there has never been a Deaf spokesperson for AG Bell Association who declares Nyle DiMarco dispelling the myths about deafness.

Get this, many, many Deaf individuals who have grown up in oral environment tend to turn to signing when they get older. Why is it always like that? Simple answer...it provides them a natural opportunity to communicate in sign language that is 100% accessible to them and to interact with other Deaf peers.

AG Bell Association thinks ASL is a such option whereas it is a human language right for the Deaf.

AG Bell Association thinks ASL is declining whereas ASL standards and curriculum for Deaf children is on the rise.

AG Bell Association thinks signing will impede speech whereas sign language accelerates the acquisition of speech by stimulating areas of the brain that are associated with speech and language.

AG Bell Association thinks hearing families are choosing listening and spoken language for their deaf child whereas an increasing number of hearing families are taking ASL. The data in North Carolina doesn't reflect the whole USA population; According to Kimberly A. Weaver and Thad Starner from http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED530818.pdf, "we have interviewed members of our target population to gain understanding of their motivations and needs when learning sign language. We found that the most common motivation for parents learning ASL is better communication with their children."

AG Bell Association thinks most of the Deaf children develop language much as children with typical hearing do whereas the majority of deaf children with cochlear implants do not achieve "listening and spoken language skills similar to hearing peers (e.g. Lund, 2015).

AG Bell Association thinks deaf children are better off without sign language that they go through a full immersion in spoken language whereas children with cochlear implants who learn a sign language actually develop better speech skills than those who do not learn a sign language. (e.g., Davidson et al., 2014; Hassanzadeh, 2012).

AG Bell Association thinks listening and spoken language is much shorter than the window in which ASL can be acquired whereas neuroscientists and linguistics have known that the language acquisition critical periods are the same for any language, spoken or signed. (e.g., Mayberry et all., 2011).

AG Bell Association thinks the number of children who have a need for ASL has decreased dramatically whereas there is an increased of children who have grown up needing ASL.

AG Bell Association thinks that what it means to be "deaf" has changed whereas Nyle DiMarco is representing today's Deaf right now in the media.

So whatever AG Bell Association thinks, it spells with myths as proven above. 
Nyle DiMarco is the living proof of his accomplishments and his views do not perpetuate a myth. 

My vlog/blog links relating to AG Bell's oppressive actions as seen in the beginning of the video: